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New High Performance Ultra-wide Angle Lenses

Note, unless otherwise specified, all focal lengths are in terms of the 35mm image format. Recently, there has been a flurry of new high performance ultra-wide angle lenses introduced to the consumer market. The imaging properties of these lenses are very different from other photographic lenses; the technique used with these lenses is also very […]

Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide: Tripods

  A tripod holds a camera still while the shutter is open, preventing motion blur.  The tripod must be able to maintain this stability in the presence of uneven ground, wind, ground vibrations, etc. Generally, tripods are most easily characterized in terms of the size (weight and height) and maximum load it can support.  Usually, […]

Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide: DSLR

  I’m ready for a DSLR! A: These cameras were originally designed for professionals.  Users of these cameras are expected to already understand basic digital photography techniques, and the in-camera electronic imaging processing should be viewed as enhancing good technique, not compensating poor technique. One key distinction between a DSLR and bridge camera is that […]

Advanced Astrophotography Tips

  “I’ve tried astrophotography and want to know how to improve.” Here’s where I assume you are contemplating purchase of a tracking mount- a motorized tripod. Far from being an afterthought, “A mount must relate to the telescope tube like a clockwork to the hand on the clock.” Purchasing a tracking mount represents a *significant* […]

Intermediate Astrophotography Tips

  Level 2: I know how to use a camera, what do I need to know for astrophotography? Image processing methods used to reduce background and noise become much more important. Also, it helps if you understand some basic optics: f-number, Seidel and chromatic aberrations, angular field of view, airy disc; and have some familiarity […]

Introduction to Astrophotography

  For this Insight series (3 total), my assumption is that either you are using a camera (with an attached lens) or you already know how to attach your camera to your telescope. If you have a telescope and want to buy a camera, see the ‘camera buyer’s guide’ insights. If you have a camera […]

Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide: Bridge Cameras

  I’ve never owned a camera, but I want to get a ‘real’ camera (that doesn’t cost too much). I’ve owned an entry-level camera already and I want to take the next step. A: Usually called ‘bridge cameras’, ‘prosumer cameras’, or ‘micro cameras’, these cameras will allow you to have manual control over various parameters: […]

Digital Camera Buyer’s Guide: Introduction

  First, congratulations! Camera technology has advanced to the point where a complete novice, using an entry-level camera right out of the box, can take photos that (under certain circumstances) appear identical to professional photos. Regardless if you only use your camera on the ‘automatic’ setting or if you explore the art of photography, the […]