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Total Resistance, originally published in German as Der totale Widerstand: Eine Kleinkriegsanleitung für Jedermann ("Total Resistance: A Guerrilla Warfare Manual for Everyone") is a seven-volume guerilla warfare manual.
It was written in 1957 by the Swiss army officer Hans von Dach to prepare the Swiss population for an occupation of Switzerland by Warsaw Pact forces, an eventuality then considered possible in the context of the Cold War. The book has been republished as pirated translations in dozens of languages in numerous countries abroad, and notably found use by left-wing terror groups in the 1960s and 70s.

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  1. StarlitVarsh

    Need help with a question on potential difference

    So far, here's what I have: Taking the parallel-connected resistors alone, 1/Total effective resistance (R) = 1/3ohm + 1/6ohm = 1/2, so R = 2ohm Replacing the 3 and 6 ohm resistors with a 2 ohm resistor, the total resistance will be 2+4 = 6ohm Using V=IR, I (current) = V(potential...
  2. C

    Can't find total resistance in a complex star circuit

    [Thread moved from the technical forums to the schoolwork forums by the Mentors] Hi i have this assignment for homework: There is only one battery for the circuit, E=10V, R=4 Ohms and L=1H it asks me to find the time constant of the circuit. i know that a time constant in a RL circuit is t=L/R...
  3. Dr-LucienSanchez

    Calculate the total resistance by integration using the conductivity equation

    (i) Dividing the rod into thicknesses of dx we get discs of area A with lengths=dx so using (****) we have the resistance of a typical disc (between point x' and x'+dx) as: (1) ##R(x'dx)=\frac{dx}{g(x)A}## (ii) Using (1) and (*) and the integrating from a to b of the entire rod we get...
  4. F

    Calculate the total resistance

    Homework Statement Homework Equations [/B] The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Could anyone check my answer please ?
  5. lbwet

    What's the total resistance in this circuit?

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/3H3pCkD R is the resistance of each resistor, determine total resistance in the circuit. (see the image in the link above) Homework Equations R=1/R₁+1/R₂+1/R₃+... (in parralel circuit) R=R₁+R₂+R₃... (in series circuit)The Attempt at a Solution I'm...
  6. D

    How to calculate the resistance in a combined circuit

    Homework Statement Work out the total resistance of a combined circuit. https://gyazo.com/935b96ff63689e2bff852f29ea48bf90 - picture of circuit layout Homework Equations Rt=R1+R2+Rn... R=V/I 1/RT=1/R1+1/R2+1/Rn... The Attempt at a Solution RT=R1+R2 =100+150=250Ω for the resistors in series...
  7. D

    How to calculate resistance in a combined circuit using V&I

    Homework Statement I am not sure how to calculate the resistance of the circuit and each resistor using voltage and current. I know how to work the resistance out in series and parallel but am 100% how to work it out in combined. Homework Equations R=V/I, 1/Rt=1/R1+1/R2 The Attempt at a...
  8. D

    Why is my calculated resistance higher than the resistor used

    Homework Statement Why is my calculated total resistance of the circuit higher than the resistor used in series and the theoretical total resistance? In a series circuit I used a 100Ω resistor and measured the current at 1.0v intervals from 1.0-5.0v. At 1.0v the current was 8.70mA using a 100Ω...
  9. P

    Need to Find the Total Resistance

    Given the circuit, I am supposed to find the total resistance, but I am unsure of what to do without having a voltage or current source with an internal resistor.
  10. V

    Total Resistance of Parallel Circuit Calculation

    Homework Statement R1= 9 Ohms R2= 17 Ohms R3= 18 Ohms what is the total resistance of this arrangement? Express answer in ohms, correct to one decimal place. Homework Equations I used the Parallel circuit formula 1/r1 + r2 + r3 The Attempt at a Solution I got 4.0 Ohms, apparently, it is...
  11. AdrianMachin

    Finding the absolute error for equation of total resistance

    Homework Statement Prove the equation for ΔRC. (See the first attachment with the circuit schematic inside) Homework Equations (The equation for RC, in both attachments) The Attempt at a Solution You can see my attempt at a solution in the second attachment. I'm stuck at the step shown in the...
  12. K

    Calculating total resistance of a combination circuit

    Homework Statement Find the total resistance of the circuit Homework Equations Parallel resistance: 1/Rtotal = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + ..., Series resistance: R1 + R2 + R3... The Attempt at a Solution The 1470 ohm resistor is parallel to the 50 ohm resistor and the 1000 ohm resistor, but there is...
  13. Kara386

    What is the Resistance Between A and B in a Circuit?

    Homework Statement In the circuit attached below, what's the resistance between A and B? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I'm finding it difficult to interpret this thing. Are resistors 1 and 2 in series or parallel? What does the loop above 1 and 2 actually do, in terms of how much...
  14. M

    Engineering Need help finding total resistance in a circuit.

    Homework Statement We need to find the total resistance of this circuit but I'm not sure whether the circuit will shorten or not. (I don't even have any idea on where I should start cause it looks so different from the other ones.) Can someone also give me tips and tricks in simplifying ladder...
  15. A

    How to make total resistance of 1 ohm?

    Homework Statement We have 1Ω, 2Ω, 2Ω, 4Ω, 5Ω and 6Ω resistors. We have to make a circuit with all of them and total resistance must be 1 ohm. Homework Equations Parallel: 1/R1+1/R2=1/R In series: R1+R2=R The Attempt at a Solution I have only made a circuit from 4 resistors: 1 ohm and 2 ohms...
  16. M

    Total resistance in a circuit question

    Homework Statement Assuming the wires have negligible resistance, find the equivalent resistance between the terminals A and B. Answer to 2 significant figures. Homework Equations [/B] 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 ... + 1/Rn R = R1 + R2 + RnThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] I have drawn a more...
  17. L

    Simple problem calculate total Resistance parallel

    Homework Statement I made this problem on my own. resistors are 10 ohms 30 ohms 15 ohms they are in parallel connections between A and B points Voltage across A and B = 12 volts calculate Rtotal Homework Equations 1/ R = 1/ R1 ´+ 1/R2 + 1/R3 The Attempt at a Solution 1/R = 1/10 +1/30 +...
  18. D

    Thermodynamics: Calculating total resistance of window

    Homework Statement A triple glazed window consists of 3 clear glass panes of 3 mm thickness each, separated by air cavities of 12 mm each. The window area is 1.0 m2 . If the thermal conductivity of the glass panes is 0.8 W•m-1•K-1 and of the air cavities is 0.028 W•m-1•K-1 what is the total...
  19. Z

    How do you calculate the total resistance?

    Homework Statement What is the Total resistance in Question 38. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I tried drawing the circuit again splitting up the series and parallel but i got the wrong answer. The answer is 92. Like i know that the 60 is parallen to 15 and the 15 is parallel to...
  20. A

    How to calculate the total resistance in this circuit?

    Homework Statement How to calculate the value of total resistance RT in the shown circuit? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I used Kirchhoff` first law: i1+i2=I where i1, i2 and I are the current passing through R1, R2 and the total current in the circuit, respectively. similarly...
  21. K

    Total resistance in the circuit

    Homework Statement It is known that total resistance of the circuit is dependent on the position of the wiper in potentiometer ##R##. Find the biggest and the smallest possible total resistances of the circuit. Potentiometer resistance is ##R=9r##. Homework Equations Ohm's law. The Attempt...
  22. T

    Resistors in parallel with a capacitor, total resistance?

    Hello, I am not quite sure how to work out the before and after charging values for resistance and current. This is the circuit I am working with: So, when there is no voltage then the capacitor can be technically not considered as part of the circuit. So for the resistors, would R = 1/R1...
  23. A

    Calculating Total Resistance Without Prefix

    Homework Statement a. What is the net resistance of the circuit connected to the battery in the figure above? Each resistor has the same resistance R. Give your answer as a number times R b. What is the net resistance if the diagonal resistor between nodes A and B is replaced by a...
  24. Sampad Saha

    What will be the total resistance of ideal voltage source?

    If we connect a single resistor in the circuit of ideal voltage source then what'll be its total resistance? ? Isn't it zero? As shown in image .so is it possible that the total resistance of a circuit is 0 Although it has 5ohm resistor!?
  25. STEMucator

    Find total resistance in a network

    I can't get this last problem in the chapter. I am asked to find ##I_x## in the following network: My first hunch was to apply KCL to the node above the ##2I_x## source: ##10 + 2I_x - \frac{V}{2} - 3 + I_x + \frac{V}{5} + \frac{V}{10} = 0## Where I have assumed the voltage ##V## is across...
  26. Y

    Help finding total resistance in a circuit

    Homework Statement I attached the question. We have to use superposition to find the value of Vo. Homework Equations Rt = R1 + R2 + R3 + ... + Rn in series. (1/Rt) = (1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + ... + 1/Rn)^-1 in parallel. Current divider = (Rx/Rt)*Is Voltage divider = (Vx/Vt)*Vs The...
  27. M

    Total resistance of a hard tyre rolling in an angle

    Hello, My problem refers to hard tyres, so assuming none or very little lateral deflection. For a particular tyre on a particular floor there is a rolling resistance against the movement when the tyre is rolling. In a simplified case the resistance can be approximated as a rolling resistance...
  28. P

    Finding total resistance without using delta-star.

    I just managed solving this question, so thread might as well be closed.
  29. A

    Calculate the total resistance of the circuit

    Homework Statement Here is the circuit - Calculate the total resistance between A and B. ( All resistance are in ohms) Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution The wire which runs across the diagonal from upper left to lower right WITHOUT crossing the other diagonal wire is the...
  30. M

    What is the total resistance of this circuit?

    Homework Statement 9.15 a) Each box has the restistance 1 Ohm. Find the total resistance between 1) A-B 2) A-D 3) B-C b) Find I (electric current(?)) from A-D if you put a battery from B-C c) Find I on the Ammeter and the direction (the lower picture)...
  31. D

    Finding Total resistance in a circuit.

    This is my first engineering course of many to come and I was hopping someone can shed some light on how to add some of those resistors in this network. Homework Statement See attached image, I must find the power of the 10 ohm resistor. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  32. S

    How to wire given resistors to yield a total resistance?

    Essentially I have been given five resistors of strength 180 kΩ, 220 kΩ, 270 kΩ, 330 kΩ, and 390 kΩ and have been told to devise a way to wire these to produce a total resistance of exactly 206.421 kΩ. I have been working on this simply using a guess and check method and have had no luck...
  33. M

    How do I find the the total Resistance?

    Hello, This is a little basic I know, but I'm a little confused on how I would calculate the total resistance for this circuit... this circuit was actually to find I0 using mesh analysis, but I was trying to figure out the resistance to obtain I0 using ohms law. I am not sure how to...
  34. W

    Calculating total resistance of a combination circuit with a diagonal resistor?

    I have been given this problem, I've simplified it down to a total resistance however I'm unsure on whether I have done it correctly. Any pointers would be nice, thanks. First of all I added the two resistors together in the top right as they are series. I then used that product with the...
  35. R

    Resistors in a circuit/ Calculate total resistance

    I'm having problem trying to calculate total resistance in resistor arrangement like this one: http://o3xn.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/different.png Before I go into any more detail with the original problem, I just want to say that whenever I get this "closed" type of circuits, I like...
  36. H

    Finding the total resistance of a complex combination

    b]1. Homework Statement [/b] Find the total resistance of this complex combination of resistors. [ Homework Equations R(total)= (Rr)/(R+r) The Attempt at a Solution resistance of r(2) and r(3) = 20Ω resistance of the combination of r(1) and the resultant 20 Ω(ie r(2) and r(3) )...
  37. F

    How to Find Total Resistance in a DC Circuit

    Homework Statement Breakdown, and find the total resistance for this circuit. Homework Equations V=IR Parallel Circuits - 1/Rtot = 1/R1 + 1/R2 ... Series Circuits - Rtot = R1 + R2 The Attempt at a Solution http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/4176/centralkootenayj2011122.jpg...
  38. T

    Calculating Total Resistance in a Series-Parallel Circuit

    Homework Statement I am asked to calculate the total resistance of this circuit Homework Equations 1/rt =1/r1+1/r2+1/r3...etc - parallel RT=r1+r2+r3...etc - series The Attempt at a Solution 1/rt = 1/2 +1/2 +1/1 rt=1/2 then i tried adding 2 to it (from the top two resistors...
  39. S

    Total Resistance of Transmission Cables

    Homework Statement A mining company use an electric pump with and operating voltage in the range 1.25kV - 1.5kV. There is only a 240 Vrms supply available. A transformer is used to step up the output voltage to 1.5 kVrms. The secondary winding of the transformer has 2000 turns of wire. The...
  40. M

    How to calculate total resistance?

    Homework Statement Find the total resistances of the arrangement below. Diagram: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution For first diagram: add 6ohm and 1.5ohm then calculate total resistance through parallel For second diagram: calculate total resistance for...
  41. C

    Total Resistance b/w A & B = 60 Ohms

    Homework Statement R=50 Ohms Homework Equations Calculate the total resistance between points A and B. The Attempt at a Solution 1/Req = 1/2R + 1/3R 1/Req = (3R+2R)/6R2 Req = (6/5)*R = (6/5)*50 = 60 Ohms
  42. D

    How Do You Calculate Total Resistance in a Diagonal Battery and Resistor Setup?

    I tried finding this same problem somewhere in the forums here but I couldn't find a similar one, its getting the best of me! I have a problem with a square and a line going diagonal from corner to corner, with a 1.5v battery on the diagonal and on the top side a 4ohm resistor and 6ohm resistor...
  43. P

    Find total resistance in mixed circuit

    Homework Statement http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/9321/photo2100.jpg R1 = R2 = R3 = 5 ohms R4 = R5 = R6 = 10 ohms R7 = 20 ohms Homework Equations 1/Rp = 1/R1 + ... +1/Rn (parallel) Rs = R1 +...+Rn (series) The Attempt at a Solution Here's what I've got so far. I need...
  44. F

    Total Resistance: Solving for 3ohm | Homework Help

    Homework Statement Asking me for total resistance The Attempt at a Solution I added the one in parallel first which is (1/5 + 1/5)=2.5ohm Then added 9ohm + 2ohm + 2.5ohm = 13.5ohm( which i think it is the total resistance) but the right answer should be 3ohm.
  45. I

    Engineering Combined Circuit Total Resistance

    Homework Statement OK so I have calculated the total resistance for the series and parallel part of the circuit. Now I just need help with the total Homework Equations Experimental Results: Bulb 1: Volts = 3 Current = 0.46 Resistance1 = 3 ÷ 0.46 = 6.5 Bulb 2: Volts = 3 Current = 0.46...
  46. P

    Total Resistance: Calculate 8Ω Circuit, Don't Get It?

    If all the lightbulb in pic have resistance of 12 \Omega, What is the total circuit's total resistance? And the answer supposed to be 8 but I don't get it how it got 8? Please let me know
  47. K

    Finding total resistance in parallel circuit

    Homework Statement This is a 3-part problem of which I have solved 1 and 2. I've included here just so you can follow the problem. A 50-watt lamp, a 20-watt, a 75 watt lamp, and a 100-watt lamp are connected in parallel to a 110-volt circuit. Calculate a) the current through each lamp; b)...
  48. E

    Calculating Total Resistance in a Circuit - Tips and Tricks

    I'm wondering how to work out total resitance of a curcuit. The curcuit is made up of Kilo ohms. 25k Ohms 15k Ohms 50k Ohms 40k Ohms 20k Ohms + 10 V