What is Tuning fork: Definition and 56 Discussions

A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork with the prongs (tines) formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal (usually steel). It resonates at a specific constant pitch when set vibrating by striking it against a surface or with an object, and emits a pure musical tone once the high overtones fade out. A tuning fork's pitch depends on the length and mass of the two prongs. They are traditional sources of standard pitch for tuning musical instruments.
The tuning fork was invented in 1711 by British musician John Shore, Sergeant trumpeter and lutenist to the court.

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  1. C

    Speed of sound from resonant length of tube vs tuning fork wavelengths

    The graph is, I do not understand why how it is possible to find the speed of sound from the gradient for this graph. Can someone please help? Many thanks!
  2. K

    I Help Designing a Resonance Box for Tuning Forks

    I got these tuning forks from someone. However, I do not have the resonant box for amplification of the sound. I decided to get it made so that I can experience the fundamental frequency (and other harmonics) more clearly. I am planning to provide this design. In summary, the box would be...
  3. PainterGuy

    Tuning fork frequency equation

    Hi, I was trying to see how the frequency equation for a tuning fork is derived. It looks like it's based on the equation of cantilevered beam. In other words, I'd say that historically the equation for a tuning fork was derived somewhat in a similar fashion as was done for a cantilevered beam...
  4. C

    Standing Waves Homework: A Tuning Fork, a String and a Hanging Mass

    Hi guys, so I am struggling on the Standing Waves concept. I understand that these are waves that move in place but I don't know how to attempt this problem. Can someone set me on the right track?
  5. M

    Helmholtz synthesizer experiment

    Hello all! Inspired by the Helmholtz synthesizer, I am experimenting with electromagnetic excitation and tuning forks. http://www.sites.hps.cam.ac.uk/whipple/explore/acoustics/hermanvonhelmholtz/helmholtzssynthesizer/ How can I determine the size and charge of an electromagnet in order to...
  6. T

    Tuning Fork Crystal question

    I would like to understand the reason that tuning fork crystals have the negative parabolic temperature coefficient shape. Is it the material, the crystal cut or how its mounted. What is the physics behind that. Thank you
  7. EF17xx

    Tuning fork standing wave in a water pipe

    Homework Statement The question is as follows: The distance between the two positions of maximum loudness is x What is the wavelength of the sound emitted by the tuning fork ? A. x/2 B. x C. 3x/2 D. 2x the correct answer is answer D. Homework Equations Pipe with two ends open λn=...
  8. H

    How to find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork?

    Homework Statement 1) find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork (cm) 2) what's the vertical distance x from the top of the pipe to the antinode above the pipe (cm) 3) find the frequency of the tuning fork (Hz) Homework Equations velocity = wavelength . frequency for pipe closed at...
  9. L

    Resonance box with tuning fork, standing wave

    Homework Statement There is a resonance box with one end cloesd and the other end open. The box reinforces the sound of the tuning fork. That sound has frequency of 440 Hz sound velocity is 340 m/s a.) What is the basis of the phenomenon in question? b.) define the shortest possible length of...
  10. harini07

    A problem on tuning fork.

    Homework Statement 2 tuning forks A and B, when sounded together produce 4 beats. when B is loaded with wax, the beat frequency remains same. if frequency of A is 212 Hz, then frequency of B is? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution since the beat frequency is 4 and frequency of A is...
  11. M

    Does the presence of a sound box affect the duration of a tuning fork's sound?

    Homework Statement I was doing a question about resonance of sound box connecting to a tuning fork. It asks why the sound lasts for a shorter time with sound box than if the tuning fork is struck identically without the sound box. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Is it because the...
  12. kostoglotov

    A tuning fork measured by a police radar gun

    A police radar gun emits radio waves at 10.5 GHz, and measures the beats between this frequency and the returned waves to determine the speed of an object. It registers a tuning fork as "traveling" at 24.6 m/s. What is the frequency of the tuning fork. I can get the answer, but I don't...
  13. S

    Frequency of string and tuning fork

    Homework Statement can someone teach me on this question? i really don't know how to start with it. the ans is 0.38m and 4.1N Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution the working is in the second photo
  14. S

    Tuning Fork and Air Column

    The apparatus looks like this (see attached): I understand that in order to resonane with the tuning fork the air inside the column must be vibrating at the same frequency as the fork. In addition, I understand that varying the amount of water in the tube increases or decreases the...
  15. B

    What causes the sound to become louder in a tuning fork experiment?

    Homework Statement This is the final part of an experiment involving a tuning fork - the instructions say to cut a hole in a piece of cardboard (half an inch wide by the length of the tine) And then it just asks to strike the tuning fork and move it over the opening. We need to describe what...
  16. K

    Tuning Fork and a Tube of Water - Check My Work

    Hi everyone, just me doing my regular Thursday Physics homework and looking for someone to check my work. Homework Statement A tuning fork with a frequency of f=528Hz is placed near the top of a tube. The water level is lowered so that the length L slowly increases from an initial value of...
  17. C

    Algebra - Quartz Tuning Fork Watch

    Algebra - "Quartz Tuning Fork" Watch Homework Statement Many modern watches operate based on a small quartz tuning fork which transduces a mechanical oscillation into an electrical signal. The frequency of the tuning fork is inversely proportional to sqrt(l), with l being the length of the...
  18. A

    Q of tuning fork; resonant and natural frequency

    Homework Statement A musicians tuning fork rings at A above middle C, 440Hz. A sound meter level meter indicates the sound intensity decreases by a factor of 5 in 4 seconds. What is Q of the tuning fork? Homework Equations Q=\frac{\omega}{2\beta}...
  19. K

    Max & Min Frequencies from Tuning Fork Revolution

    Homework Statement A tunning fork with frequency f = 512 Hz is held by someone who swings it vigurously in a circle in the horizontal plane. The radius of the circle is 1.0 m, and the frequency of revolution is 3.0 rev/s. (a) What are the max and the min frequencies that a second person...
  20. A

    Tuning Fork Homework: Intensity & dB Level

    Homework Statement A tuning for, fork A, is struck and rings with a frequency of 1000Hz, emitting a power of 4x3.14159 x10^-6 a)what is the intensity of the sound, in w/m^2, that would be measured 1.0 from the tuning fork? assume that the tuning fork approximates a point source? b)...
  21. S

    A man strikes a 460. Hz tuning fork and moves away from you

    Homework Statement A man strikes a 460. Hz tuning fork and moves away from you and towards the blackboard at a constant velocity of 3.80 m/s. What beat frequency do you hear if the velocity of sound on that day is 340 m/s? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Since...
  22. C

    Resonance - Tuning fork volume

    [SOLVED] Resonance - Tuning fork volume Homework Statement A narrow plastic pipe is almost completely submerged in a graduated cylinder full of water, and a tuning fork is held over its open end. The pipe is slowly raised from the water/ An increase in loudness of the sound is heard when the...
  23. M

    Tuning fork and resonances

    Homework Statement A tuning fork is held over the top of a graduated cylinder that is slowly filled with water. Resonances are noted when the water level is 56.5cm and 17.5cm below the rim. Note that there is an end correction , meaning that the effective length of the air column is longer...
  24. D

    Tuning fork frequency

    Homework Statement A tuning fork of frequency 512 Hz is used to generate a standing wave pattern in a closed pipe, 0.850m long. A strong resonant note is heard indicating that an antinode is located at the open end of the pipe. frequency = 512Hz length = 0.850m a - What are the...
  25. D

    Solving the Frequency of a Tuning Fork with a Herschel Tube

    Homework Statement My teacher did NOT tell us how to do this. A Herschel tube is used to determine the frequency of a tuning fork held at the inlet. The temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and the initial path lengths around each side are 75 cm each. The right hand side is now extended as the...
  26. L

    What is the frequency of unknown tuning fork

    Homework Statement A tuning fork w/ frequency of 256 Hz sounded w/ another tuning fork w/ unknown frequency produces 30 beats in 10 seconds. Then, one tine is covered in plasticine and sounded again w/ the unknown frequency tuning fork and produces 20 beats in 10s. What is the frequency of...
  27. R

    Tuning Fork - Simple Harmonic Motion

    This topic has proved itself to be a hard one in, in terms of looking it up online. I'm interested in simple harmonic motion, in specific that of a tuning fork vibrating between two electromagnetic devices, a microphone ad a detector. My main interest in it is to write a lab report about an...
  28. T

    Calculating Frequency of a Tuning Fork & Exploring Its Resonance

    A tuning fork oscillates with simple harmonic motion described the equation: x = 0.00150cos(2770t) (where t is seconds) a) calculate the frequency in Hz of the tuning fork b) Suggest why only this tuning fork (taken from a set of 10 forks) gets louder when held above a glass bottle full...
  29. M

    Tuning Fork Problem, Please help?

    Homework Statement Sally and Tim are using a closed air column to determine the speed of sound in the classroom. They hear a resonant length 51 cm from the top of the tube then another one when the water is 68 cm from the top of the tube by vibrating a 1024 Hz tuning fork over the column. What...
  30. C

    Finding the possible frequencies of a tuning fork

    Homework Statement A 0.0120 kg, 2.05 m long wire is fixed at both ends and vibrates in its simplest mode under a tension of 202 N. When a tuning fork is placed near the wire, a beat frequency of 5.10 Hz is heard. What are the possible frequencies of the tuning fork? (enter the smaller...
  31. V

    Solving for Unknown Frequency: Tuning Fork Beats

    Homework Statement To check the frequency of an unknown tuning fork, it is struck with one that vibrates at 256 Hz. While they vibrate together, beats with a period of 2 seconds are heard. What are the two possible frequencies for the unknown fork? Homework Equations f1-f2 = beats...
  32. W

    Tuning Fork (Sound/Frequency)

    1. A tuning fork has a frequency of 440 Hz. If another tuning fork of slightly lower pitch is sounded at the same time, 5.0 beats per second are produced. What is the frequency of the second tuning fork? 2. change of f = absolute value of f2 - f1 3. change of f = absolute value of...
  33. K

    Resonant Frequency of a tuning fork

    Homework Statement Name the two lowest resonant frequencies of a tuning fork; each tine is 18 cm long. Speed of wave is 420m/s... ignoring metal thickness. Homework Equations F= Velocity/Wavelength; l= wavelength/2, l= wavelength, l= 3/2wavelength, l= 2wavelength, l= 5/2wavelength...
  34. H

    What is the Wavelength of a Tuning Fork with 1000Hz Frequency?

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find the wavelength of a tuning fork with 1000Hz frequency. Then they give you two consecutive resonant lengths which are 25 cm and 76 cm. The way they measured the resonant lengths is by placing the tuning fork over a tube that has 1 end open and 1...
  35. R

    What is the frequency of the tuning fork?

    Homework Statement A 40 cm long tube has 40 cm long insert that can be pulled in and out. A vibrating tuning fork is held next to the tube. as the insert is slowly pulled out the sound from the tuning fork creates standing waves in the tube when the total length is 42.5 cm, 56.7 cm, and 70.9...
  36. A

    Water Waves and Tuning fork

    Homework Statement 1. Water waves in a lake travel 4.4m in 1.8s. The period of oscillation is 1.2 s. a) What is the speed of the water waves? b) What is the period of the water waves? 2. A group of swimmers is resting in the sun on an off-shore raft. They estimate that 2.0m separates...
  37. Shackleford

    Calculating the Frequency of a Tuning Fork Using Resonance Tube Method

    6. A tuning fork is heard to resonate over a resonance tube when the air column is 48.5 cm long and again when it is 68.7 cm long. What is the frequency of the tuning fork if the temperature is 26˚C? I couldn't figure out how to work this. I thought it mattered if it were in a closed or open...
  38. Z

    Asymmetric tuning fork, and fender rhodes

    Hi all, First of all, thanks for the great forum ! Second, the question I am about to ask is not homework, but due to my poor level in physics, I thought this part of the forum would be the best. I am a computer scientist, and I would like to make a physical model of the Fender Rhodes piano...
  39. K

    What is the frequency of the tuning fork?

    Homework Statement A tuning fork is set into vibration above a vertical open tube filled with water, as seen in the figure below. http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/5817/dgian1686mm6.gif The water level is allowed to drop slowly. As it does so, the air in the tube above the water...
  40. L

    Tuning fork and harmonics

    Homework Statement The frequency of a tuning fork can be found by the method shown in Figure 13-24. A long tube open at both ends is submerged in a beaker of water, and the vibrating tuning fork is placed near the top of the tube. The length of the air column, L, is adjusted by moving the...
  41. L

    Helium and a tuning fork

    Would a tuning fork in an atmosphere of Helium sound different than in air? I know the speed of sound is much faster and the fork (100Hz) would have a different wavelength but how would that affect sound?
  42. J

    Assignment Question Help - Tuning Fork/ frequency

    [SOLVED] Assignment Question Help! - Tuning Fork/ frequency I've talked to numerous people who can not figure out this question, so if anyone has any ideas on how to do this question please help me!:confused: A tuning fork is struck and held next to a vibrating guitar string, and beats of...
  43. Y

    Frequency of a Tuning Fork

    Homework Statement A 40-cm-long tube has a 40-cm-long insert that can be pulled in and out. A vibrating tuning fork is held next to the tube. As the insert is slowly pulled out, the sound from the tuning fork creates standing waves in the tube when the total length L is 42.5 cm, 56.7 cm, and...
  44. P

    Tuning Fork Physics: Impact of Wax on Vibration Frequency

    Question- when wax is applied to the surface of a tuning fork, will the number of vibrations produced per second: increase, decrease, or remain constant? Explanation would be accepted gratefully
  45. F

    Natural frequency of tuning fork

    Homework Statement Using a highly sensitive parabolic sound collector, Sara records the frequency of a tuning fork as it drops into the Grand Canyon. She drops the vibrating tuning fork form rest at t=0. She records a frequency of 1783.0Hz at t=8.590s. What is the natural frequency of the...
  46. B

    Simple Harmonic Motion (tuning fork)

    Q. the end of on of the prongs on a tuning fork that executes simple harmonic motion of frequency 1266 hz has an amplitude of 0.4944mm. find the speed of the end of the prong when the end has a displacement of 0.2037mm. okay i know that you use the v(t) equations and all but where does...
  47. S

    Air Temperature Affects 512HZ Tuning Fork Resonance

    Homework Statement a 512HZ tuning fork held over a bottle receives its 1st harmonic when the level of water is 17cm from the bottle opening. what is the temp of the air Homework Equations sound equation The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea where to start.
  48. L

    Tuning fork, sound q

    A tuning fork generates sound waves with a frequency of 246 Hz. The waves travel in opposite directions along a hallway, are reflected by end walls, and return. The hallway is 47.0 m long, and the tuning fork is located 14.0 m from one end. What is the phase difference between the reflected...
  49. L

    Resonance and Sound Waves: Calculating Speed of Sound and Phase Differences

    Hi all, I'm working through a sample midterm and I managed to get everything correct except for two, which I am a bit stuck on. Here is the first one: A 1024Hz tuning fork is used to obtain a series of resonance levels in a gas column of variable length, with one end closed and the other...
  50. H

    Finding the Original Frequency of a Vibrating Tuning Fork

    A vibrating tuning fork is held above a column of air [...] The shortest length of an air column that produces resonance is L(1) - 0.25 m. The next length that produces resonsnace is L(2) - 0.80 m. 343 m/s is what I will use for sound. How can I find the original frequency of the tuning fork...