equivalent resistance

  1. L

    How to find the equivalent resistance of this electric circuit?

    Summary: How to find equivalent resistance of the electric circuit? I need to solve the following problem: Calculate equivalent resistance of the circuit (figure1), if all six resistances are the same: r1 = r2 = r3 = r4 = r5 = r6 = 100 Ohm. True answer: 66.6 Ohm. I tried to solve this...
  2. R

    Equivalent resistance with a capacitor

    Homework Statement So I need to find the equivalent resistance for the following RC circuit to calculate the time constant, but I got stuck in terms of finding out the equivalent resistance. Homework Equations V = IR The Attempt at a Solution So the thing im not sure on is how do you...
  3. H

    Calculating Resistance

    Hello! I've took a course about Electrical circuits and Networks at the university, and i found out a problem which is uploaded by my professor, and i think he made a mistake! this is the solution i think that the equivalent resistances are wrong (beside Rab), for example if you look at...
  4. G

    A cube of side L=2 m is made of a cooper cable with 2mm^2

    Homework Statement A cube of side L=2m is made of a cooper cable with 2mm^2 of cross section area. 1) Find the electric resistance of one side of the cube. 2) Find the equivalent resistance in between the points A and B.
  5. sammyqw

    Adding resistance in parallel

    Homework Statement Find total Resistance Homework Equations 1/Req= (1/R1)+(1/R2)... The Attempt at a Solution Can someone please explain me how 5 ohm R and 3ohm R are in series and then in parallel with the 2ohm R? Thanks
  6. S

    Calculate R1 and R2 given equivalent resistance

    Note: I have come up with a solution myself, but I am trying to understand a different approach to the problem. My textbook solves it in a different manner, and I am having trouble following along. Homework Statement The last part of the problem "determine R1 and R2 such that Rin = 200k". I am...
  7. kostoglotov

    Need some insight into an inverting op amp example

    Currently working through a chapter on op amp circuits, fundamentals. Came upon this practice problem in the section on inverting op amps imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/2DrQLXk.png imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/7KRKzKC.png A working of this problem is not given. I got the correct answer...
  8. Domenico94

    Equivalent impedance

    Homework Statement Hi everyone, I'm just having a little trouble with equivalent resistance in a bridge, in the image I attached. The textbook says that the way to solve this is to put R3 and ZL2 in series, that series is in parallel to the short circuit in diagonal, and then at the end we...
  9. hdp12

    Engineering I (short circuit) Question

    Homework Statement I'm in a lab and we have this circuit & question as part of the pre-lab The Attempt at a Solution I began trying to use nodal analysis to get Va & Vb & to then use Vab to get the voltage and then the current but after doing what you can see above, I stopped because I...
  10. T

    Engineering Circuit (equivalent resistance)

    Homework Statement Find the equivalent resistance Homework Equations Req(series) = R1 + R2... Req(parallel)=(1/R1+1/R2...)^-1 The Attempt at a Solution I'm having problems understanding how to simplify this circuit. There should be parallel and series "loops" to simplify but I'm having...
  11. A

    Calculation of equivalent resistance

    Homework Statement : [/B]Given the circuit diagram, find the equivalent resistance between points P and Q. Homework Equations : [/B]ΔVloop = 0, ΔIjunction = 0 and V = IR The Attempt at a Solution : [/B]Eliminating the wires with no resistors and solving for resistance gives me the...
  12. S

    Calculate the equivalent resistance

    Homework Statement Ignore the internal resistance of the battery and assume it is merely a battery. Calculate the equivalent resistance of the circuit. Homework Equations 1/Req = 1/R + 1/R ... (parallel) Req = R + R .... (series) The Attempt at a Solution I know this is fairly simple but I...
  13. arpon

    Equivalent resistance

    Homework Statement Calculate the equivalent resistance between A and B.[/B] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I solved this problem by using wye-delta transformation. Is there any other method to solve this? The speciality in this circuit, I noticed, two of resistances are 0.[/B]