What is Ray diagram: Definition and 23 Discussions

In chess, the term X-ray or X-ray attack is sometimes used as a synonym for skewer. It can also refer to a tactic where a piece either:

indirectly attacks an enemy piece through another piece or pieces, or
defends a friendly piece through an enemy piece.

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  1. L

    B Does light ever go from the eye to the image?

    You can see from the picture that the teacher has circled the arrows which shows light coming from image to the eye, and drew it in the opposite direction saying the light goes from the eye to the image. The marking scheme of this paper only says the correct direction does not specify which is...
  2. Ozen

    Ray Diagram for an Experimental Lens Systems

    Hello, I wanted to confirm a suspicion with how the Aimpoint optics work, but to do that I need to do some ray diagrams. I only ever did them with simple convex, concave, and spherical systems while at college. From what I already know of how reflex sights work, the LED is placed at the focal...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    B Which ray diagram is correct for a Compound microscope?

    Here are two ray diagrams for compound microscope, the first one proposed by the book, and the second one recommended by the teacher: In the first image, the light rays form a real image A'B', which becomes the virtual object for the eyepiece. See, the original rays are carried forward to...
  4. C

    Ray diagram diverging lens both object and image virtual

    Homework Statement Draw the ray diagram of the case of a diverging lens where both object and image are virtual, that is ##f<0## , ##p<0## with ##p<f## Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I did not find this particular case of ray diagram in any textbook so I would like to know where...
  5. javier meraz

    B Angle of vision for a real image

    Hi there, i want to know as much as possible about this situation. I want to know the angles of vision for a real image, where can one see the image, the location of our eye to see it. Which factors determine this angle Thank you so much :D I hope this isn't a dumb question, thanks.
  6. Eveflutter

    Help! Confused on Ray Diagram for Exam Question

    Fairly simple question I'd like someone to help with please. My teacher has me confused so I figured I'd turn to the forums for help. 1. Alright, so in an exam we had a ray diagram to draw. "Complete the ray diagram shown in Figure 6" they said (I sketched a replica * thumbs up*...
  7. S

    Concave mirror: Reflected rays do not meet at one point

    I have drawn a diagram of the incident and reflected rays of an object by the concave mirror. Red color shows the incident rays, black color shows the normals drawn from the center of curvature, while green color shows the reflected rays. Shouldn't all the reflected rays meet at one point. Any...
  8. Z

    Lens Question for Design of an Infrared Spotlight

    Hello All. I'm working on a project to build an infrared spotlight which will hopefully light up a distant object so that I can see it on an IP enabled night vision camera. The lens problem seems very straight forward, but I could use some help. Per the attached diagram, I want to focus the...
  9. B

    2 very difficult light ray diagram questions -- help please

    Homework Statement Hi please help me with these 2 ray diagrams... the questions is as stated in the attachment..i have no idea where to start drawing and whatever i have drawn is wrong for both qns.. thanks a lot experts! Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  10. Z

    Parabola incoming ray not parallel to axis

    If incoming light to a parabola is parallel to the central axis the light is reflected through the focal point and the back to its source. What about light coming in not parallel to the central axis. What path do these rays take?
  11. M

    Compound Microscope, Ray Diagram Mistakes.

    I noticed that the ray diagram for the "how the compound microscope works" and "how the telescope works" is wrong in my government sanctioned physics textbook(and countless other books and websites!) The diagram printed was this- Name: Physics Standard XI Printed by: Maharastra State Board of...
  12. O

    Coinciding of 2F and C in ray diagram of lenses

    Hello All, Guys in my recent lecture I discussed that unlike the focal length of spherical mirrors which is half the radius of curvature, the focal length of lenses depends not only on the geometry of lenses but also on the refractive indices of the media, and that here the relation f=R/2 is...
  13. J

    The rays of my ray diagram are not lining up

    Homework Statement I am given the object distance and height, and the focal length of the mirror and I must draw the ray diagram. Although this was drawn by a computer program that I programmed, I thought it would be more relevant in this forum, because I believe that the rays are correctly...
  14. M

    Ray Diagram: Small Bulb & Convex Lens

    Homework Statement A small bulb is placed in front of a convex lens. a) Suppose that the bulb is placed as shown. Using all three principal rays, draw an accurate ray diagram to determine the location of the image. Label the image location...
  15. L

    Sound reflection & controversy in ray diagram of concave mirror

    I've two questions here:- 1) Sound reflects it is said using laws of reflection of light.So,it means we hear max. sound when angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection,right?& if not equal then what do we hear or not? I guess we hear lesser than max.sound when the angles are not equal...
  16. N

    Extremely Hard Physic Question (Ray diagram)

    Homework Statement http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/7010/78614537.jpg [Broken] o= student The position of the teacher is (d) from the mirror. mirror is 6m a) Calculate the maximum distance(d) of the corridor from the mirror b) Trace the diagram. Draw the ray diagram to support your...
  17. P

    Spherical Mirrors an ray diagram

    Homework Statement When an object is located very far away from a convex mirror, the image of the object is 18 cm behind the mirror. Using a ray diagram drawn to scale determine where the image is located when the object is placed 9.0 cm in front of this mirror. Note that the mirror must be...
  18. P

    Concave Mirror Lens Ray Diagram

    Homework Statement A person 1.62 m tall wants to be able to see her full image in a plane. a) What must be the minimum height of the mirror? b) How far above the floor should it be placed, assuming that the top of the person's head is 15 cm above her eye level? Draw a ray diagram...
  19. L

    Understanding Optics: Exploring the Inverted Ray Diagram with 2 Lenses

    I need some help with the 2 lens inverted ray diagram. Like i need someone to describe to me what it looks like or could show me an example of 1. thxn
  20. G

    Ray Diagram for Concave Mirror: Image Position & Height

    A 1.0 cm high object is situated 11.0 cm in front of a concave mirror that has a radius of curvature of 8.00 cm. Using a ray diagram drawn to scale (the mirror must be drawn to scale): (a) measure the location of the image: 6cm (infront of the mirror) (b) measure the...
  21. A

    Optics - complete this ray diagram

    Homework Statement For an optical microscope, complete a ray diagram for an objective lens and relate the relate the relative distances to the lens equations. If you want to increase the magnification, should the objective lens have a shorted or longer focal length (illustrate this on the same...
  22. L

    Draw Ray Diagram for Converging Lens w/ 25cm Focal Length

    A converging lens has a focal length of 25cm. A 1.00cm tall object is placed 15.0cm in front of the lens. Find the image location and size, and describe it. Draw a ray diagram. Ok so I get 1/p + 1/q = 1/f rearranged for q=pf/p-f which equals -37.5, so the object is 37.5cm behind the lens. and...
  23. S

    Lenses - drawing ray diagram

    Hi i have a question about a lens,im not sure if this is the right place to ask but il ask anyways...please help I am really stuck! Question: An object is placed 24cm infront of a concave mirror of focal length 18cm. Where is the image formed and what is its magnification?Include an...