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rotational mechanics

An Example of Servo-Constraints in Mechanics

Servo-constraint was invented by Henri Beghin in his PhD thesis…

Basic Kinematics in Classical Mechanics

There is an interesting thing in teaching of Classical Mechanics.…

Presenting a Rare Kinematic Formula

Here we present some useful kinematic fact which is uncommon…

How Does an Airplane Wing Work: a Primer on Lift

Many people ask how an airplane wing works, and there are…
errors springs

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Springs

  1. Springs in Series "A spring of constant ##k_1##…
kinematic errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Kinematics

  Kinematics is the subset of dynamics…
mistakes moments

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Moments

 The term "moment" is used in various ways in Physics…

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics - Friction

  1. Direction of the normal Definition: The normal…
forces mistakes

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Forces

 Notation: In this page, a circumflex signifies…