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  1. R

    I This linear system has a solution? (Gauss' elimination)

    I don't know the terms so I'm sorry if the informations at summary above is unclear. But I add a detailed photo of my calculations below. I use Gauss' Elimination laws.
  2. L

    Setting up a matrix from a linear equation

    Homework Statement I need some help with a question on my assignment. It asks to set up a matrix from the linear equations, y=25x+70 and y=35x+40. Homework Equations How do I set this matrix up? The Attempt at a Solution I think that I have to rewrite it as 25x-y=-70 and 35x-y=-40. But then...
  3. amerikantech

    Linear equation, point slope conversion

    Homework Statement convert: Y − 200 = −4 (X − 15) to X = −0.25 ⋅ Y + 65. with a given Δy/Δx = -36/4 Homework Equations point slope, slope intercept The Attempt at a Solution I understand point slope, slope intercept, and standard form, I understand how to convert one to the other, but I...
  4. TheBlackAdder

    Ax+by=c is a straight line. When b=0 then it is // to y-axis

    Am I forgetting some critical basic knowledge? It says: In the plane (identified by R^2) a linear equation ax+by=c is a straight line. If b=0 then this straight line is parallel with the y-axis; in the other case it is a straight line with slope -a/b. A (2 by 2)-system linear equation. Why is...
  5. J

    Atwood Machine Lab

    Homework Statement I am given the equation (m1 – m2)g = (m1 + m2 + I/R2)a and the experiment is to validate this equation. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution After following the lab guide, it tells you to plot the weight difference (m1– m2)g against acceleration and determine...
  6. patrickbotros

    Is this equation linear?

    (1+y2) d2y/(dt2) + t dy/dt +y = et
  7. END

    How do we define "linear" for single and multivariable?

    In my multivariable calculus class, we briefly went over Taylor polynomial approximations for functions of two variables. My professor said that the second degree terms include any of the following: $$x^2, y^2, xy$$ What surprised me was the fact that xy was listed as a nonlinear term. In...
  8. 22990atinesh

    Meaning of linearly dependent equations

    How the system of equations ##y=-2x+1## ##y=x+1## ##y=2x+1## are linearly dependent. In wiki its written for the above system of equations "one equation linearly dependent on the others"
  9. P

    Conservation of linear, angular momentum and energy in a collision

    Homework Statement Mass 2 collides with mass 1 as shown in the image, mass 1 is attached to the stick and it is initially stationary. Consider that the stick is massless and can rotate around the point O. The entire system is on a frictionless table. Which magnitudes are conserved in the system...