1. R

    Self-inductance of a toroid with a rectangular cross section

    I have found answers on how to calculate the self-inductance of toroid of rectangular cross section, however my question says that "The winding are seen as a thin homogeneous currentlayer around the core" (excuse the translation). What does that mean for N? Does it mean N=1?
  2. Ryan Doucette

    A Nuclear Fusion: Electron Thermal Transport Terminology

    I am an undergrad physics major in my final semester currently taking Intro to Thermodynamics. As a final project, each student must choose a topic related to thermodynamics that is more advanced than what is covered in the curriculum and write a paper and present our findings to the class on...
  3. M

    I Movement of a iron ring inside a toroidal solenoid

    What happens when you apply power to a toroidal solenoid with a iron ring inside? Does the ring move? Does the speed of movement depend on the amount of power? Sorry if this is too easy, I have no education in physic.
  4. S

    Electromagnet magnetic field strength

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations ##\oint_{C} Bd\ell = \mu I_{enc}, B_{normal}## continuous across boundary, ##H_{parallel}## continuous across boundary 3. The Attempt at a Solution $$\oint_{C} Bd\ell = \mu I_{enc} \rightarrow B = \frac{\mu NI}{2\pi r}$$ Any help much...
  5. T

    Total internal confinement of magnetic field

    Hi, I heard it was possible if you symmetrically wind a toroid that you can get near total internal confinement of the magnetic field in the axial plane inside the toroid. How is this possible? I imagine a section of a closed loop of wire on the face of the toroid core, yet I still imagine those...
  6. A

    Calculating the B field in a small gap in a toroid

    1. Homework Statement Take a steel core (K_m = 2500) electromagnet, bend it into a loop with a small air gap, and determine the B field in the gap. The cross-sectional area of the toroid is 4cm^2, and the air gap is 2.5mm. The current through the coil's 120 turns is 15 amps. The radius of...