light emission

  1. spareine

    I Plasma ball, energy levels of neon and xenon

    I was wondering about the filament colors in a plasma ball that I have got. The main part of each filament is blue, but its end part is pink. Possibly the gas is 95% neon and 5% xenon, the pink part is light emitted by neon, and blue part light emitted by xenon. Using a hand spectroscope I...
  2. R

    B Black body radiation

    So, if frequency(max) of light emitted from an object proportional to temperature in kelvin, how can sun have max frequency around the yellow region while blue flames are much less hot?
  3. A

    How are the color of an compound and it's constituent elements related?

    Suppose the color of some elements is red and blue but after the reaction between them a new compound formed with yellow color .so on what factor does the the color of compound depend??? I think it may depend depend upon the number of electron transferred and the remaining one...
  4. C

    Hydrogen Emission Spectrum, Electrons, and Quantized Energy

    I understand that the result of the hydrogen emission spectrum experiment was that only certain wavelengths of light were emitted and that led to the conclusion that electrons emit light when they relax and that they absorb light when they get excited. How does that prove that the energy for...
  5. 1

    What is saturation in terms of wavelength?

    could it be possible, to make a, for example, and lens that has a special texture, or colour and putting it on would make the pictures more saturated? or maybe make a pair of glasses for people who can't produce as much cones as others? my questions is cuz i can't really think of it, but what...
  6. afcsimoes

    Trigger the emission of light by an atomic electron

    What does trigger the phenomenon of an atomic electron losing energy through the issue of a photon? (I know how an atomic electron absorbs light and changes to a more energetic level but I never read an explanation cause-effect of the inverse)
  7. S

    Light emission and energy of states

    1. Homework Statement The emission spectrum of thermally excited sodium atoms practically consists of a single intensive line at 589 nm wavelength. What is the energy difference (in eV units) between the excited and ground states of the sodium atom? 2. Homework Equations E = hc/lambda, we...