What is Linear velocity: Definition and 50 Discussions

The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference, and is a function of time. Velocity is equivalent to a specification of an object's speed and direction of motion (e.g. 60 km/h to the north). Velocity is a fundamental concept in kinematics, the branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of bodies.
Velocity is a physical vector quantity; both magnitude and direction are needed to define it. The scalar absolute value (magnitude) of velocity is called speed, being a coherent derived unit whose quantity is measured in the SI (metric system) as metres per second (m/s or m⋅s−1). For example, "5 metres per second" is a scalar, whereas "5 metres per second east" is a vector. If there is a change in speed, direction or both, then the object has a changing velocity and is said to be undergoing an acceleration.

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  1. S

    Calculating Average Linear Velocity: 1.66m/s to 1.73m/s

    First i need the average linear velocity 100L/min = 0.1m3/min 0.00167m3/sec Cross Sec Area = Pie r2 =pie(0.0175m)2 9.61x10-4 m2 0.0016m3/s / 9.61x10x-4m2 = 1.66m/s But my notes say this should be 1.73 m/s Once i have the average linear velocity i can calculate Re. Help appreciated
  2. D

    MHB Linear Velocity Calculation in Low Earth Orbit

    Can someone please check my work to this? The reflecting telescope is deployed in low Earth orbit( 600km) with each orbit lasting about 95 min. use the linear velocity formula to solve the problem. I did 300 * 95 min = 28500. Can someone check my work please? if someone could check it today...
  3. P

    Angular and linear velocity question

    I have a question, let’s say I’m holding a long piece of wood such as. 1’ x 6’ plank and I’m rotating it in a circle by spinning around with my hands extended, I suddenly let go, what happens to the velocity of the wood since every point on the wood that is a different distance from the center...
  4. S

    Is Constant Linear Velocity Possible in Rotating Particles?

    If talking about a particle rotating around an axis away from it by r. if the particle is moving with constant angular velocity ω. is the linear velocity constant or no? Now what I know is that since we have Vt= ωr, so r doesn't change, as well as ω, so Vt is said to be constant. but I think...
  5. Wale

    Motor driven hydraulic cylinder design

    I am trying to design a mechanism which has a hydraulic cylinder driven by a step motor. The motor shaft is connected to the hydraulic cylinder piston via two rods of lengths r and L as shown in the below figure. I want the cylinder's piston to be driven at constant velocity v, so I am trying to...
  6. M

    Charge moving with a constant linear velocity....

    Charge moving in constant linear velocity does not produce magnetic field... If not, please provide an explanation...
  7. W

    How does linear velocity of a spinning object affect its rebound

    Consider the case where a basketball rotating about its center of mass strikes a wall head-on. The velocity given it parallel to the wall due to the spin is caused by the friction between the wall and the ball as the ball is sliding against the wall during the collision. Friction is proportional...
  8. F

    MHB Find the diameter of a circle given linear velocity?

    [SOLVED] Find the diameter of a circle given linear velocity? Hello all! I need help with a certain type of problem. I do not know how I can find the diameter of a circular object given it's linear velocity. Here is an example problem, and I would love any explanation you could give me! Thanks...
  9. B

    Filter HCL with limelayers

    Dear Sir/Madam, Im in my final internship for my bachelor mechanical enginering. And i have to design the filter system of a cremation proces. The fluegas is filled with toxic concentrations. Such as mercury, PCDD/PCDF, HCL, NOx The mercury and dioxine i will filter using activated carbon ...
  10. mmcsa

    Determining linear velocity of pendulum

    Hello, I'm trying to develop a pendulum to test protective equipment so I want to work out the length I'll need to generate a desired velocity and the necessary mass I'll need for a specific moment of inertia. I know there are multiple ways to solve for linear velocity with equating Ek and Ep...
  11. Z

    How to derive linear velocity from position and angular vel.ocity

    Hello! I'm trying to derive the linear velocity vector from the position vector and the angular momentum vector. I've seen on the internet that V = W x R (V,W and R are all vectors and x is the cross product) but I cannot for the life of me derive it! I've tried doing it by writing out the...
  12. xpell

    B Relativistic tips of a propeller

    Hi! Yes, I know that faster-than-light travel is impossible. But please stay with me for a while to help me understand this. Let's imagine we take some unobtainium and build a 12-km-radius propeller, attached to an engine able to accelerate it up to 250,000 rpm (like a turbocharger, or not a few...
  13. Jamesan89

    Nominal Linear Velocity Gas flow

    Hello, thanks in advance for your help, I am not a physicist, however have a fairly good grasp on mathematics, also this isn't homework or an assignment but a real world problem. Currently trying to create a system with a nebulising gas at a linear velocity of 350 m/s. The calculations...
  14. B

    Linear velocity equation for a object trown vertically up

    Homework Statement The velocity of an object thrown vertically up in the air is given by V(t)=64-32t a) What is the average velocity during the first second? b) What is the average velocity between t=1 and t=3?The attempt at a solution a) displacement X1-X0 is given by the integral of v(t)dt...
  15. P

    Earth's Rotational Velocity: Find Linear Velocity

    Homework Statement Find the linear (or tangential) velocity of a point on the Earth's equator in the frame of reference about a stationary rotational axis as it spins over the course of one day. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I do not understand what the frame of reference is?? If...
  16. Prashant91

    Calculate Linear Velocity: Aircraft Direction Vector

    1.A aircraft leaves base and travels west at a speed of 100km/hr for 25 minutes, then turns right and travels north at a speed of 25m/s for 1000 seconds, then turns right and travels east at a speed of 75 km/hr for 10 minutes. The plane is asked to return to base. Determine the direction that...
  17. H

    Angular and linear velocity propeller

    Homework Statement You are designing an airplane propeller that is to turn at 2400 rpm (Fig. 9.13a). The forward airspeed of the plane is to be 75m/s, and the speed of the tips of the propeller blades through the air must not exceed 270m/s. (This is about 80% of the speed of sound in air. If...
  18. P

    Calculate Linear Velocity: 180 deg/s & 0.5 m

    Homework Statement What is the linear velocity of the foot if the angular velocity of the dynamometer was 180 degrees/s and the distance from the knee joint to the foot is 0.5 m. Give your answer rounded to two decimal places in m.s-1. (Do not include units in answer). Homework Equations...
  19. rpthomps

    Help Needed: Deriving Linear Velocity AE in Paper

    Good afternoon, I am making way through this paper and I am having trouble "seeing" how the linear velocity AE is derived at the top of...
  20. A

    Linear Velocity vs Uniform Velocity

    I was hoping someone could help clarify. Does uniformly increasing velocity also mean linearly increasing velocity? I found terms where it used uniform exponential. So I'm confused as to whether the word "uniform" used alone would also refer to a linear change.
  21. S

    Linear Velocity and Angular Velocity Point of Intersection

    So, I have been studying angular velocity and linear velocity--and I want to use this information determine if a ray intersects a plane. linear velocity = dp/dt angular velocity = dΘ/dt thus for linear velocity, you have a point in space: the intersection point could be described as I...
  22. C

    Angular and linear velocity of a rigid body given a force.

    Hello, I'm trying to prove a simulation of mine is working correctly. the simulation has a cube of sides 1, mass 1 and c.o.m. position at (0,0,0.5) ie sitting on the xy plane. i have a force along the x-axis of 10. Is there anyway given those two, that i can work out the resulting ω and v of...
  23. U

    Minimum linear velocity attained by sphere

    Homework Statement A sphere of mass M and radius R is moving on a rough fixed surface, having co-efficient of friction μ, with a velocity v towards right and angular velocity ω clockwise. It will attain a minimum linear velocity at time (take v>ωR) The Attempt at a Solution Since v>ωR the...
  24. B

    Angular and linear velocity

    First of all, I very much thank you for reading this. I was asked the following: 'The wheels of a tractor have different radius. Is their angular velocity equal or different? And the linear velocity?' I thought that, due to the fact that the smaller wheels take less time to spin 2π rad tan the...
  25. S

    Measuring linear velocity of a toy car

    I want to measure the linear velocity of a toy car.. i had a thought over it.. i m thinking of using a optical mouse to do so , i need to process the usb output , how shud i do it ?.. and can there be any other cheap way of doing it..?
  26. S

    Falling Rod / Linear velocity

    A long, thin rod of mass 9.65 kg and length 10.18 cm is standing stright up on a table. Its lower end rotates on a frictionless pivot. A very slight push causes the rod to fall over. What is the speed of the tip of the rod as it hits table? What is speed of center of mass of rod? 1/2 m...
  27. E

    Linear velocity of rigid body with vectors

    Homework Statement A rigid body is rotating with angular velocity 2 rad/s about an axis in the direction of the vector (i + j + k) and passing through the point Q = (0, 1, -1) on the body. Find the linear velocity of the point P = (1, 0, 1) on the body. (You may use the result v = ω x...
  28. T

    Linear velocity of a spring with mass

    Homework Statement why does the velocity of an small spring element will be in linear proportion to the distance from the fixed end? Homework Equations v(x)=\frac{x}{l}V_{0} Thank you very much, Tomer
  29. A

    Relation between angular and linear velocity

    v=rω.here , what does v(linear velocity) refer to?tangential velocity or radial velocity.further which velocity is responsible for centripetal acceleration?
  30. G

    Angular + Linear Velocity problem

    I kno this is pretty simple and the answer is probably staring me in the face, but I'm lost for some reason. Our teacher gave back our tests so i have the answer, but I'm not sure how to get it. I haven't had a chance to speak to my teacher yet, but i intend to tomorrow if no one helps me first...
  31. A

    Angular and linear velocity

    5. A roller 0.44 m diameter rolls down a slope starting from rest. It takes 12 seconds make 6 complete rotations along the sloping surface accelerating uniformly as it moves. Calculate the following: (1). The angular velocity at the end. (2). The linear velocity at the end. (3). The...
  32. K

    Linear velocity of a cylinder

    Homework Statement A cylinder of radius 20cm and mass 100g rolls down an inclined plane of height 60cm without slipping. the linear velocity of the cylinder at the bottom is?? (g=980cm/s/s)
  33. T

    Finding linear velocity

    Homework Statement If you suddenly cut the string, the rod will swing down. Find the linear velocity (V) of the point P just before the rod hits the wall (the momentum-of-inertial I=(1/3)ML^2 if the rod rotates about the end point Q. L is the rod length and M is the rod mass). The rod...
  34. M

    Linear Velocity: When to Use S/t or R*w

    Linear Velocity... Homework Statement When do I use v = S/t OR v = R*w s= arc length w = angular velocity t = time Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  35. A

    Linear Velocity, linear momentum, and agular momentum

    A cylinder of a mass M and a radius R starts at the top of a hill at a height h, and rolls to the bottom. At the bottom of the hill, what is its linear velocity, linear momentum, and angular momentum?
  36. C

    Converting angual velocity to linear velocity

    Homework Statement An astronaut is being tested in a centrifuge. The centrifuge has a radius of 10m and, in starting, rotates \theta=0.30t^{2}, there t is in seconds and \theta in radians. When t=5.0s, what are the magnitudes of the astronaut's (a) angular velocity, (b) linear velocity, (c)...
  37. G

    Angular, linear velocity & centripetal acceleration

    Homework Statement A washing machine's two spin cycles are 328 rev/min and 542 rev/min. The diameter of the drum is 0.43 m. What is the ratio of the centripetal accelerations for the fast and slow spin cycles? Homework Equations ac=v2/r linear velocity: v=rw (w is really omega) angular...
  38. D

    Linear velocity at equator with respect to the sun

    Homework Statement What is the linear velocity of a persion standing at the Earth’s equator with respect to the Sun, when the Sun is just at the Eastern horizon? Homework Equations Not sure, I used to v=d/t to solve for a person's linear velocity at the equator, just not sure how to handle...
  39. D

    Find angular velocity from constant linear velocity

    Homework Statement A rotating disk of 2.50m in diameter serves tu connect a counter weight to a mass through a massless rope. The rope does not slip on the disk so, there is no friction on the rim. What angular velocity in rpm must the disk turn to raise the elevator at 25.0 m/s...
  40. R

    Linear velocity of a rotating body

    Homework Statement A flat rigid body is rotating with angular velocity 3 rads-1 about an axis in the direction of the vector (i + 2 j + 3 k) and passing through the point (1, 1, 0) on the body. Find the linear velocity of the point P = (1, 0, 1) on the body. (You may use the result v =...
  41. V

    Linear Velocity and Acceleration

    Hey guys, we have just finished Chapter 10 (Rotation) and I have some questions regarding some of the concepts. For an object to rotate about some axis, any given particle at point P at some radius "r" has a linear velocity (tangential velocity) and linear acceleration (tangential acceleration)...
  42. A

    (just joined) I with my pre ap precal; angular and linear velocity)

    1.(okay just to let anyone know, I have a lot of this left to do, and I don't understand much of it, like when to use certain equations and such.) pulley problem: A small pulley 6 cm in diameter is connected by a belt to a larger pulley 15cm in diameter, the small pulley is turning at 120...
  43. D

    Linear Velocity at Top (Rotational Kinematics)

    1. A bike is moving at X m/s. Its tires are .60 m in diameter. How fast is a point at the rim of the top of one of the wheels moving relative to the ground? 2. v = r omega, C = 2 pi r (?) 3. At first we thought he just wanted angular velocity. Then when we realized that his given...
  44. K

    How do you convert rev/sec to a linear velocity?

    how do you convert rev/sec to a linear velocity ex. m/s or in/s or ft/s?
  45. G

    Linear Velocity Problem

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. You'll probably think it is easy, but oh well :rofl:. begin to explore aspects of angular velocity/and linear velocity and how tires affect them. Car Type Tire Type Tire Diameter-inches...
  46. C

    Angular momentum to linear velocity

    Im stuck on this problem and I've gotten to the point where I am just staring at my computer, so I figured Id give you guys a go at it. I got Part A which was fairly simple. But I've tried everything but can't seem to get Part B. I must be missing something. This is one of those online...
  47. B

    Angular and Linear velocity

    Please could I have some help with the following question: A driver wheel, which runs a drive belt has a diameter of 600mm and can run at a maximum speed of 750rpm. If the belt has a static coefficient of friction of 0.9 and a dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.87, calculate: a) The...
  48. S

    Calculating Linear Velocity for Volleyball Spike: Any Help Appreciated!

    Below is a question I will need to know well for my exam coming up. I don't even know where to start or what the steps are? I am very overwhelmed here...:eek: A volleyball spike begins with the arm overhead, the shoulder and elbow are flexed and the wrist is hyperextended. The upper arm...
  49. S

    Rolling with slipping and linear velocity

    This was a question on a test that I couldn't figure out. You have a hoop, mass M, moment of inertia MR2, and an initial angular velocity ω. It is dropped onto a plane with kinetic coefficient of friction μ. What will be its linear velocity when it stops slipping and rolls away smoothly if it...
  50. Loren Booda

    Maximum rotational vs linear velocity of thrown ball

    For a thrown ball of constant density, what is the maximum possible rotational/linear velocity ratio?