What is Math for physics: Definition and 21 Discussions

The Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by IOP Publishing. It is part of the Journal of Physics series and covers theoretical physics focusing on sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. It was established in 1968 from the division of the earlier title, Proceedings of the Physical Society.
The journal is divided into six sections covering: statistical physics; chaotic and complex systems; mathematical physics; quantum mechanics and quantum information theory; classical and quantum field theory; fluid and plasma theory.
The editor in chief is Martin R Evans (University of Edinburgh).

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  1. D

    A Are there any hypercomplex time values?

    Are there any mathematical models which operate with physical time as with hypercomplex number? If yes, are there any related experiments?
  2. D

    Convergence of a series with n-th term defined piecewise

    Homework Statement Test the series for convergence or divergence ##1/2^2-1/3^2+1/2^3-1/3^3+1/2^4-1/3^4+...## Homework Equations rn=abs(an+1/an) The Attempt at a Solution With some effort I was able to figure out the 'n' th tern of the series an = \begin{cases} 2^{-(0.5n+1.5)} & \text{if } n...
  3. Pushoam

    Comparing Lag Between f(x,t) and g(x,t): Homework Equations and Solutions"

    Homework Statement We have ## f(x,t) = cos(kx - \omega t) \\ g(x,t) = cos(kx - \omega t + \epsilon ) ## How to find out whether f lags behind g or vice -versa? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I took, x =0, g (t') = f(t) ## - \omega t' + \epsilon = - \omega t ## ## t'...
  4. jaskamiin

    Programs Math minor, double major, and elective classes advice

    There's a lot of questions that float around like "I'm an EE major, should I double/minor in math?", "What math classes should I take as a physics major?", etc. After I typed in the title, this already started to show. Maybe you will disagree with some philosophical points I make, but I think...
  5. P

    Other Math Books Required for Physics

    I am self taught, and would like to know more about physics, and engineering, the biggest issue I have been having is that for most physics courses, and textbooks I read, I do not understand the math behind. My highest math education was calc ab ap in high school. I was wondering if you all...
  6. F

    What is the electric field due to hollow sphere at R=z?

    So I derived the E-field of a hollow sphere with a surface charge σ at z and I got: E(r)=\hat{z}\frac{\sigma R^2}{2\varepsilon _{0}z^2}\left ( \frac{R+z}{\left | R+z \right |}-\frac{R-z}{\left | R-z \right |} \right ) at z>R, the equation becomes: E(r)=\hat{z}\frac{\sigma R^2}{\varepsilon...
  7. Mwett

    Career advice -- How much math for physics?

    Good evening, I'm currently a high school student and I will have to make a decision for my studies very soon. I'm quite interested in physics and often watch documentaries / read books about it (especially about cosmology, quantum mechanics,...). But I wonder if the math wouldn't be too...
  8. F

    Difficulty of question asked in PGRE exam

    Hi friends , I am an electrical engineering student , interested in applying M.S in physics program in Europe . So i have started preparing for this , when i searched the web how to study for PGRE , most effective and common suggestion is go through the recommended books for each subject and...
  9. M

    Math courses beyond undergrad requirements

    I'm a first year physics and astrophysics double major. My schedule has me taking Differential Equations next year and Linear Algebra the following semester(or vice versa, I haven't asked my advisor which to take first). After that there are no required math courses to complete my degree. What...
  10. DamienBR

    Programs Switched careers, physics major advice

    Hello. I am a student in Germany, about to start my major in physics, namely in three weeks' time. I'm really excited about it because I've been wanting to study physics for about two years, but I just didn't have the courage to do it I've just turned 27 and before wanting to study physics I'd...
  11. J

    Legendre Second Kind: $Q_n(x)$ Functions

    Legendre functions $Q_n(x)$ of the second kind \begin{equation*} Q_n(x)=P_n(x) \int \frac{1}{(1-x^2)\cdot P_n^2(x)}\, \mathrm{d}x \end{equation*} what to do after this step? how can I complete ? I need to reach this formula \begin{equation*} Q_n(x)=\frac{1}{2} P_n(x)\ln\left( \frac{...
  12. A

    Does lack of rigour cause problems in Physics?

    Does physics need rigour?My problem lies with the fact that if a physicist makes a mathematical error he may not be able to identify it due to his lack of understanding of the rigourous mechanism which the mathematician is aware of.
  13. rmoh13

    How do I use math to back up my theories in physics?

    Because I'm only in pre-calculus right now (I'm still not in ninth grade yet), I haven't been able to find a way to back up my theories on physics which are mostly based off of reason and logic (I know this is a bad way to back up my theories, I just want to know what you think of them and how I...
  14. Y

    Math for Physics: Essential Calculus for 1st Year Physicists

    Hello, I need some book which covers all the essential mathematics(especially calculus) required for first year Physics. I am not sure whether I should first study the math rigorously or just concentrate on applications. Any advice is welcome.
  15. M

    Where do I start in math for physics comprehension?

    I am looking to work my way through classical physics and into more complex modern physics topics. I try to learn from a combination of internet resources and textbooks, but on the internet I find them often using terminology which is too mathematically advanced for me. Some examples are...
  16. F

    Proof based math for physics student

    Hello. I find myself struggling in my first proof based math class, number theory. I have taken math up to linear algebra and differential equations. It is elementary number theory so it really should not be that hard. It was probably the easiest class available that was proof based. However...
  17. R

    Programs Math for Physics PhD: Preparing for Top 10 PhD Programs

    I'm currently a second-year university student considering applying to a PhD program in physics. I'm leaning towards theoretical physics, although I haven't really experienced enough to make a clear decision. I'm beginning to be involved in research with a theorist this semester, but I was...
  18. L

    Math for Physics | Learn to Interpret the Physical World

    I have a degree in electrical engineering, but of some years ago. For my own simple enjoyment, I wanted to learn the math of physics - specifically for cosmology. Key to my interest is the interpretation of the math in the physical world. In summary, what is the track in math topics?
  19. H

    Math Needed for Physics: How Much is Enough?

    From what I understand the math required for physics majors isn't extremely rigorous (except for the most theoretical of branches). I have also gathered from this forum that the reason for this is physicists use math as sort of "tool" and don't study it as a science (this may not be the...
  20. G

    Understanding Math for Physics: What You Need to Know

    What are the levels of math you need to know to go into quantum physics, or astro-physics, or any physics for that matter?
  21. W

    Math for Physics: Learn Beyond Basics Books

    I was wondering what math I need to teach myself in order to progress in learning physics after the point of the basic books such as Stephen Hawking's The Universe in a Nutshell and Michio Kaku's Hyperspace. I have learned some from those but I want to know more advanced things now so I need to...