What is Morin: Definition and 25 Discussions

Morin is a surname of Dutch origin, and the name comes from the ancient Celtic tribe of Morini who once inhabited Gallia Belgica or modern day Belgium. The Gaulish ethnonym Morini (sing. Morinos) literally means 'those of the sea', that is to say the 'sea people' or the 'sailors'. It stems from Proto-Celtic *mori 'sea'. It may refer to:

Morin, flavonol and yellow chemical compound.

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  1. C

    Morin classical mechanics differential equation problem

    I was reading the oscillations chapter which was talking about how to solve linear differential equations. He was talking about how to solve the second order differential below, where a is a constant: In the textbook, he solved it using the method of substitution i.e guessing the solution...
  2. bigmike94

    How much SR is needed for Purcell and Morin?

    TL;DR Summary: How much special relativity Is needed for Edward M. Purcell & David J. Morin It clearly is needed to fully understand this book and I have what seems like a good book that introduces relativity (A.P. French) But I am not wanting to start it yet and it’s around 300 pages long...
  3. bigmike94

    Advancing to Higher Level Electromagnetism: Is Purcell & Morin the Solution?

    Hi I am coming up to the end of first year electromagnetism using the book University Physics. I will be honest there’s a lot of information crammed into a few hundred pages and it was my first ever exposure to EM. I never did it in school. I feel like its give me a good overview but i don't...
  4. Adgorn

    Morin's mechanics problem 2.3 (motionless chain)

    In his solution, Morin solves the problem as the hint suggests: cutting the chain into small pieces, taking the component of the external forces along the curve (which is just the component of gravity here) and summing up an in integral, obtaining 0. He then claims that because the "total...
  5. Father_Ing

    Falling and sliding stick (David Morin)

    In the solution for question ##(a)##, it is written that the equation of translational motion for the center of mass is ##N-mg=ma_y## Why ##N## is also included inside of the equation? In my opinion, the rail does not exerting force (N) to slow down the mass' acceleration. Instead, the purpose...
  6. Rikudo

    Why is the tension in a falling chain not equal to ρgy?

    Firstly, There is something I want to clarify. When the system starts moving, parts of the chain that still lies on the table, which have mass ## \frac {(L- y_0)M} {L}##, will be pulled by the force that the hanging chain's weight exert,right? If yes, then : As far as I know, the formula ##F=...
  7. aspodkfpo

    Baby Morin book -- Is this book really meant to be this difficult?

    Homework Statement:: n/a Relevant Equations:: n/a I have been going through the baby version of the Morin Intro to Classical Mech book, "Problems and solutions in introductory mechanics." Each question, even some/quite a lot of multiple choice, is making me think upwards of 5 minutes and...
  8. John100861

    David Morin classical mechanics Problem 2.6: Disk held up by a massless string

    The first part is easy, we have 2T= Mg T= 0.5 Mg Now for the second part where I'm having trouble understanding Morin's solution: I take the normal force on a small circle arc to be N, we know that the y component of the normal force must be balance with Mg for the whole disk, therefore Ny =...
  9. warhammer

    Classical Classical Mechanics: Kleppner-Kolenkow vs David Morin?

    Hello, I am confused between the two books. I am looking for a text that would provide sufficient theoretical insight into the topics and provide a good set of problems that would help me understand the topic well enough. What would be your suggestion? PS- Taking a cursory look at both the...
  10. almarpa

    Morin's explanation about the work done by friction

    Hello all. In his books on classical mechanics, David Morin claims that when computing the work W = F Δx done by a contact force that don’t involve any slipping, we can equivalently say that Δx is the displacement of the thing that is applying the force. Later, when analysing a wheel rolling...
  11. U

    Field along vertical axis to hemispherical shell

    Homework Statement A hemispherical shell has radius ##R## and uniform charge density ##\sigma##. FInd the electric field at a point on the symmetry axis, at position ##z## relative to the center, for any ##z## value from ##-\infty## to ##\infty##. The Attempt at a Solution Let ##\theta## be...
  12. B

    Prob/Stats Is Probability by David Morin a good book?

    I had taken probability before but not in depth and I want to learn it again. Is David Morin's book good for a intermediate learner ? I don't want to waste time on easy stuff. The reviews are good but popular science books tend to omit proofs instead they just state the theorems and have easy...
  13. O

    I Velocity Addition Example: Morin's Confusing Use of Equation

    Ok, so here's another example Morin did in his book: Ok, so the thing that confuses me is when he used the velocity addition equation: Note:4c/5 and 3c/5 are their speeds relative to the ground. Where v2 is the velocity of the S' frame, and v1 is the velocity of the object moving in the...
  14. L = K - U

    Infinite Atwood Machine (Morin Problem 3.3)

    I could've peeked at the solution manual and end with it at that. However, I'm trying to change this nasty habit and solve this problem myself. I might be too ambitious. Here goes. Homework Statement Consider the infinite Atwood's machine shown. A string passes over each pulley, with one end...
  15. Eagertolearnphysics

    Classical Which is better Morin or Taylor on Classical Mechanics?

    I am a second year physics and I want to study CM in more depth than that of the general textbooks
  16. almarpa

    I Morin's Rocket Example: Chapter 12, Page 606

    Hello all. In Morin's classical mechanics book, chapter 12 (relativistic dynamics), in the axample about the relativistic rocket, we have a rocket that propels itself converting mass into photons and firing them back. Here Morin takes dm as a negative quantity, so the instantaneous mass of the...
  17. R

    Relativity Is AP French Necessary for Understanding Morin's Mechanics Book?

    I'm planning to do Morins mechanics book either way, so I'd like to know if I'll be missing out on anything if I do not do the book by ap french.
  18. P

    Classical Should I use Morin or Kleppner and Kolenkow

    I'm not really sure which one to use. Also, where does one go after that ? Taylor ? Symon? Thank you!
  19. T

    Setting Up Lagrangian, David Morin 6.25

    Homework Statement A rigid “T” consists of a long rod glued perpendicular to another rod of length l that is pivoted at the origin. The T rotates around in a horizontal plane with constant frequency ω. A mass m is free to slide along the long rod and is connected to the intersection of the...
  20. almarpa

    Morin classical mechanics page 326 example

    Homework Statement A string wraps around a uniform cylinder of mass M, which rests on a fixed plane with angle θ. The string passes up over a massless pulley and is connected to a mass m. Assume that the cylinder rolls without slipping on the plane, and that the string is parallel to the plane...
  21. T

    Kleppner & Kolenkow's or David Morin for mechanics (IPhO)

    I've been down to these two books on classical mechanics, and I can decide as to which to choose. I've heard that the David Morin book has rather nice problems, but isn't quite that excellent with the explanations. As for the book by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow, it seems to be good with...
  22. T

    Kleppner then Morin or quick intro then Morin?

    I have choice between using Kleppner then doing Morin right after or using some quick intro to mechanics then Morin, what do you guys think? Thank you for your input :) With my heart on my sleeve, The Thinker
  23. D

    Classical Mechanics : Taylor or Morin?

    My requirements are : - Text should be at an undergrad level (I will be starting my 2nd year soon). - Should contain a large number of solved examples, but not many questions (I would like the questions to be of good quality though, so that I don't have to choose which questions to...
  24. U

    Looking for a Better Mechanics Textbook? Any Suggestions?

    I'm currently in a mechanics course (second year) that uses the David Morin book (Introduction to Classical Mechanics) which I find to be very unhelpful. It's mostly just problems with very little explanation of the concepts. I'm looking for a textbook to replace Morin's which covers the same...
  25. B

    Doubt on this worked example from book by David Morin

    Attached is a worked problem in the Classical Mech book by Morin. I don't understand how eqn (2.57) is the net moment about the pivot. Isn't it only the moment of the weight of the portion of the stick to the right of the pivot ? What about the moment due to the weight of length 'l' on left...