What is Classical mechanics textbooks: Definition and 19 Discussions

This is a list of notable textbooks on classical mechanics and quantum mechanics arranged according to level and surnames of the authors in alphabetical order.

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  1. A

    Classical The best introductory mechanics textbook

    So I’m a high school student and I am planing to participate in higher-category physics competitions in my country. However, I think that my theoretical understanding of the basics isn’t clear enough yet - by basics I mean classical / Newtonian mechanics. I am the type of person that learns by...
  2. TGV320

    Classical Looking for introductory level physics textbook

    Hello, I am currently preparing to learn the 8.01 course "Physics I" via the MIT OCW and I am trying to find an adequate textbook for that purpose. In the three courses that I have found, the first two use: Young, H. D., and R. A. Freedman. University Physics. which is quite expensive in my...
  3. rudransh verma

    Classical Understanding Frames of Reference in Force and Motion for 10+2 Students

    I was starting out some problems on force and motion at 10+2 level. I was told you don’t need to know about frame of reference. But I want to. So which books are there to understand frames? Is it a part of relativity? If yes then which books? Thank you guys.
  4. rudransh verma

    Projectile negative vertical displacement

    I know how it’s done. So let’s jump on the question. The displacement that came was negative 6 cm. I want to know how this formula describes perfectly negative displacements. I don’t understand the mechanism. If I assume ##ut## to be distance traveled in absence of g then what is ##-1/2gt^2##...
  5. V

    Classical Searching for a book similar to physical Paradoxes and Sophisms

    Searching for a book similar to V N lange physical paradoxes and sophisms by mir publishers please don't recommend books that involve numerical question , please suggest books that have interesting curious question and paradoxes on theory of classical mechanics books similar to above mentioned...
  6. warhammer

    Classical Classical Mechanics: Kleppner-Kolenkow vs David Morin?

    Hello, I am confused between the two books. I am looking for a text that would provide sufficient theoretical insight into the topics and provide a good set of problems that would help me understand the topic well enough. What would be your suggestion? PS- Taking a cursory look at both the...
  7. archaic

    Classical In search of a very detailed physics book

    Hello everyone, I've been watching the Khan Academy physics lectures and although they're nice (does anyone know a better one?) I'd like to get much deeper into the details of everything. So please if any of you knows a book, preferably available for free, which is really detailed and of an...
  8. A

    Classical Textbook for Classical Mechanics

    I am self studying Classical Mechanics and I am a bit confused about this. After reading Kleppner Kolenkow Mechanics can I read Symon's Mechanics or do I need to read anything in between like Fowels or Marion&Thornton? I already studied the Maths portion upto Multivariable Calculus,Real...
  9. C

    Classical Chapters from Morin's book that help with F=ma exam prep?

    What chapters from Morin's Introduction to Classical Mechanics Textbook will help me prepare for the F=ma exam? I also have the Feynman Lectures and the Halliday Resnick textbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  10. Jianphys17

    Better textbook for analytical mechanics

    Hi at all. According to you which of the two texts, between Landau-Lifshitz (mechanics) and the Goldberg (classical mech) is better for study Analytical Mech ? Or there are other better ones ?
  11. G

    Looking for a Classical Mechanics Book by Goldstein?

    I need a book written just on the style of Classical Mechanics by Goldstein. I don't remember the book name and author but it is just the copy of the book Classical Mechanics by Goldstein. Please guide.
  12. A

    Classical Duffing Oscillator: Get Resources to Study it

    Can someone please suggest me a good reference for studying the duffing oscillator?
  13. P

    Classical Possible textbook for Classical Mechanics

    Hi, I was wondering what textbooks I should be looking at to learn classical mechanics. I have spent a lot of time looking, but none of the ones I found had what I was looking for. For example, one book would cover all basic concepts in classical mechanics, but then it wouldn't cover more...
  14. B

    Classical A Good Supplement to Goldstein's Classical Mechanics

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am a collegiate junior with double majors in the mathematics and computer science. I bought a classical-mechanics book written by Herbert Goldstein in order to aid my current undergraduate research, grow my curiosity in the physics, and prepare for upcoming...
  15. S

    Classical Classical Mechanics by Douglas Gregory

    I have read some parts of the book but noticed some errors that are to much for me to be uncomfortable for the rest of the book. Anyone encountered such problems with the book? Mainly, encountering too many errors? Even the errata in the publisher's site didn't gave sufficient corrections to the...
  16. T

    Kleppner & Kolenkow's or David Morin for mechanics (IPhO)

    I've been down to these two books on classical mechanics, and I can decide as to which to choose. I've heard that the David Morin book has rather nice problems, but isn't quite that excellent with the explanations. As for the book by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow, it seems to be good with...
  17. almarpa

    Classical Classical mechanics: Taylor or Kleppner/Kolenkow?

    Hello all. I know both books cover some different topics, but for the topics they share, which one do you think is better? I have checked the first chapters in both books, and, for the time being, I can't decide. So, if anyone of you have used these textbooks, maybe you can give me a piece of...
  18. S

    Math and classical mechanics textbooks

    Hello everyone, my name is Silkia and I'm a new member. I am a pediatrician but as with Alejandro in another thread my real love has always been physics. In three occasions I had decided that this was my career choice but long "stories" short, I ended up in medical school. As an undergraduate I...