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  1. S

    I Stray/Parasitic Capacitance - Impacts phase velocity?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to measure the stray capacitance in a circuit comprised of an rf signal generator, an oscilloscope, a coaxial cable (short-circuited) and some capacitors. I measured the resonant frequencies of the coaxil cable for varying values of capacity (0pF to 850pF) between 4MHz...
  2. redtree

    I Dispersive medium as a field

    I am studying phase and group velocity in non-dispersive and dispersive media. My question is the following: Is there any reason why a dispersive medium simply cannot be modeled as a type of field?
  3. referframe

    I Is Phase Velocity physical?

    Given a massive particle traveling freely. Also assume that it is in a momentum eigenstate - a pure unmodulated sine wave in position space. In non-relativistic quantum mechanics, the phase velocity for that particle would be greater than the velocity of light. Does the phase velocity for...
  4. J

    Finding the Group Velocity for Shallow Water Wave

    Homework Statement Find the group velocity for a shallow water wave: ##\nu = \sqrt{\frac{2\pi\gamma}{\rho\lambda^3}}## Homework Equations Phase velocity: ##v_p = \nu\lambda## group velocity: ##v_g = \frac{d\omega}{dk}## ##k=\frac{2\pi}{\lambda}## ##\omega = 2\pi \nu## The Attempt at a...
  5. Helios

    Phase Velocity Definition

    As I'm seeing things, there are these choices for a definition of relativistic phase velocity u; a) u = (mc^2)/ p b) u = E / p Now I like choice a) because it leads to a correct-looking index of refraction via n = c / u. It leads to a correct-looking solution to the ray equation. However...