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  1. S

    I Difference between angular velocity and angular frequency

    I have seen so many questions and confusion about the difference between angular velocity/speed and angular frequency. Usually, answers were always given in the context of uniform circular motion (angular speed) and simple harmonic oscillation (angular frequency), but this is what causes the...
  2. W

    B Self-Induced Emf and Angular Frequency

    The context is an ac circuit with only one element - the inductor. My textbook says that the self-induced emf increases with increasing angular frequency, but I'm having trouble seeing this mathematically. If self-induced emf = ε = -L(dI/dt) and L = X/ω, then emf and ω are inversely related...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    B What is the need of angular frequency in S.H.M.?

    While studying S.H.M., I found that the term ##\omega## is used quite a lot. The book says that this ##\omega## is the angular frequency. What is this angular frequency? Why do we use ##\omega## rather than ##\nu##, that is, the normal frequency? All equations in S.H.M. are made with ##\omega##...
  4. N

    B Simple Harmonic Motion: conceptual idea of angular frequency

    One of the conditions to distinguish Simple Harmonic Motion from other harmonic motions is by the relation that a∝x where x is the displacement from the point that acceleration is directed towards But what confuses me is the constant of proportionality introduced to this relation: ω2 ω is...
  5. S

    I Can we say Angular Velocity is a 'moment' of tangential velocity?

    If a rigid link pin joint-fixed on ground and is rotating freely about the same point with uniform ang. vel., can we say the vector form of angular vel. (omega) is nothing but moment of the tangential (perpendicular) vel. at the other end?
  6. ltnghia1304

    The frequency of two parallel springs and one weight system

    Homework Statement I want to find the angular frequency of the system below Homework Equations F = -kx U = 1/2*k*x^2 The Attempt at a Solution But here's the answer: I dont know how come this solution. Any one help me? Thank you so much.
  7. R

    Determine the angular frequency of the system in SHM

    Homework Statement Determine the angular frequency of the system in the image. The cable is ideal but the pulley is not. I will present the same solution but with different coordinate axes. For some reason they arent the same and neither of them are correct. Given data: R is the radius of...
  8. N

    Magnetic Torque on Dipole; Oscillating Magnet question

    Homework Statement A cylindrical bar magnet whose mass is 0.08 kg, diameter is 1 cm, length is 3 cm, and whose magnetic dipole moment is <5, 0, 0> A · m2 is suspended on a low-friction pivot in a region where external coils apply a magnetic field of <1.4,0,0> T You rotate the bar magnet...
  9. C

    B For oscillations, why do we use angles in waves and oscillat

    For example, the term angular frequency, it units is radian per second. For phase, it is also measured in radians or degrees, why is that? Why is the math the same when you use angles to describe oscillations?
  10. Ethan Godden

    Can the angular wave number(k) or frequency(w) be negative?

    1.Homework Statement The wave function for a wave on a taunt string is: y(x,t)=(0.350)(sin(10(π)(t)-3(pi)(x) +(π)/4) where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. If the linear mass density(μ) of the string is 75.0g/m, (a) what is tha average rate at which energy is transmitted along...
  11. H Smith 94

    Finding the velocity of a wave

    I am currently studying a course on waves, which has a real ambiguity in the lecture notes. Essentially, I don't know how the professor got from equation \ref{eq:surf_x-y} to equations \ref{eq:vel_u} and \ref{eq:vel_w}. I have tried to work backwards to find a method but am not sure of its...
  12. T

    Describing elliptic orbit as a parametric function

    Hi PF I've beent rying to model the lunar orbit around the sun (cardioide) as a parametric function, but have run into a problem. f(t) = r(t) : x = a cos(ωt) y = b sin(ωt) z = k t The angular frequency ω as well as the distance from to the center varies around the orbit. Is...
  13. K

    Dependence of Phase Velocity on Wavelength

    Homework Statement This is Problem 7.6 from Electronic Properties of Engineering Materials by Livingston. "Over a wide range of frequencies, the dielectric constant of a polymer is found to be proportional to the inverse square root of frequency. (a) How does the phase velocity of EM-waves...
  14. M

    Cyclotron Motion Due to Earth's Magnetic Field

    1. Say that an electron is heading towards the earth from the sun with an initial known velocity v. And we know that at earth's surface the magnetic field is given by B1. This B varies as (R1/R2)^2 where R1 is the radius of the earth. How can I find the location in space, R3/R1, where R3 is the...
  15. F

    Determining angular frequency in an electric field using velocity.

    1. There are 2 negatively charged plates opposite each other. In between them, there is a vacuum tube (50 cm long), containing only 1 electron. Assume it is completely isolated. The charge value for the plates is equivalent to 10000 electrons. Initially the single electron is directly in the...
  16. A

    Normalize Angular Frequency

    Hey all, This question may sound daft, but how do I normalize angular frequency? For a little background: I'm trying to optimize some circuits, and I've managed to write some successful code using the "Design of Ultra Wideband Antenna Matching Networks" book, but the code requires normalized...