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  1. enter

    Imperial units

    America is mostly leading in science, especially in astronomy, yet they still use imperial units. (I am not talking about the great people doing the science.) Everyone else is using SI and the metric system however they insist on using miles, yards, pounds, feet, etc., and continue on being a...
  2. D

    What SI Gear Standards Do You Use?

    I am an American author, working on a revision for my Theory of Machines textbook. In the past, I used only US Customary units, but now see a need to introduce SI units. This is particularly a problem with regard to gear standards. An internet search shows that there are dozens of SI-based gear...
  3. D

    SI vs USC Units in Engineering

    It is well known that most of the world use the SI system of units while the USA and a couple of other countries continue to use US Customary units (ft-lb-s = FPS or in-lb-s = IPS). The question of which is better is very much a matter of personal preference, but I'd like to avoid that issue...
  4. F

    I Please clear my electromagnetism doubt about units

    It is a well known fact that, in electromagnetic units, strength of a shell and strength of current flowing through its boundary are same. See here. \begin{equation} \begin{matrix} \text{i.e.}\: i \text{(biot)} = \phi \text{(biot) } \end{matrix} \tag{1} \end{equation} (a) While converting to...
  5. F

    I Why am I getting two different results in emu and SI unit?

    I am computing force between two magnetic poles each of one unit pole (in emu) and situated one centimeter apart. In electromagnetic units: ##F_{dyne}=\dfrac{p^2}{r_{cm}^2}=\dfrac{1^2}{1^2}=1 dyne## where ##p## is pole strength in emu In SI units: ##F_{N}=k_A \dfrac{P^2}{r_m^2}=10^{-7}...
  6. Nim

    I Why Is There No SI Unit For Information?

    Why is the quantity "information" missing from the SI system? Also, if they did add it, do you think it would be added as a base unit or dimensionless derived unit?
  7. Techno_Knight

    B Ln() & SI Units

    I tried with Google but I couldn't find anything, so here goes: When I "use ln on a quantity" (I don't really know how to phrase it in english, as we just have a verb for it), say, I have n = 0.00149 kg/m*s, and I put it into the ln, so now I have ln(0.00149 kg/m*s) what happens to the SI Units...
  8. RabbitWho

    Expressing measurements in SI units

    Homework Statement I am given some measurements and I am supposed to express them as standard SI units. I can't find any examples of this done online or extra practice exercises to help me. I am probably googling the wrong words. I have been out of school for quite a while and I don't know what...