What is Dynamics kinematics: Definition and 22 Discussions

Dynamics is the branch of physics developed in classical mechanics concerned with the study of forces and their effects on motion. Isaac Newton was the first to formulate the fundamental physical laws that govern dynamics in classical non-relativistic physics, especially his second law of motion.

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  1. kamalMKA

    Mechanics for High School Students: Building a Robotic Arm

    TL;DR Summary: Mechanical engineering,robotics,mechnics,dynamics Hi guys , I'm new to mechnics and I want to learn it for building robotic arm , but I find mechanics book topics somewhat difficult for me , what I need to learn to get started as I'm a highschool student with basic level math.
  2. DioMiner

    Why does this not work? Projectile Motion problem for Dynamics Class

    TL;DR Summary: I want to mainly figure out where in the problem solving I went wrong. I understand the correct answer (since I looked it up), but to me, it does not make any sense. I am honestly stumped at this point. Online solutions say that my equation y = 0.5774x-0.003354x^2 should...
  3. uSee2

    Experimental Design: Pulley and Mass Hangers

    ^ This is my personal drawing of the diagram, I couldn't take a picture of the actual one. The setup is a pulley wrapped with a cord and mass hangers attached to each end. My first thought when approaching this problem was to first determine the rotational inertia of the pulley, then use some...
  4. T

    How to calculate the speed of this umbrella extension arm?

    TL;DR Summary: Have a university project where we are calculating the speed of the arm at the end. I need some help on where to start on the calculations. We have tried to determine instantaneous center of rotation for the device. We want to find the linear velocioty of point B. There is a...
  5. Shankar Das

    Practicing Mechanical Engineering Dynamics Problems

    Hello, I hope you all are doing fine and healthy. For my mechanical engineering dynamics I want to practice related problems taught in my class, here is a preview of some problems. Can anyone tell me from which book or solution manual are these problems from? I want to practice as much problems...
  6. K

    Which Program for Drawing Statics & Dynamics Mechanicals and Setting Dimensions?

    Wich The Program (Software) Using To Draw Statics And Dynamics Mechanichal Same This 100% When Create This below Which Program Using ? And set Dimensions Thanks For All
  7. aligator11

    Particle Dynamics Problem (kinematics)

    Summary: Mechanics problem related with Calculus (differential equations) Hi everyone, I would like some help in that task, if anyone would be willing to help :) Namely I have a problem from particle dynamics. "D:" means given info... so, D: m,g,h,b, miu. We're looking for v0 and S as given...
  8. H

    Work done running on an inclined treadmill

    Why does it cost roughly the same effort to run against an inclined treadmill as up a hill of the same inclination? That is neglecting the movement of the legs and the bobbing up and down as we run and the wind resistance. I remember being told in school physics that there is no work done unless...
  9. Alexanddros81

    Determine stopping distance of a train traveling at 20m/s

    This is problem 12.81 from Pytels Dynamics 2nd edition 1. Homework Statement A train traveling at 20m/s is brought to an emergency stop. During braking, the acceleration is a=-(7/4)+(t/16) m/s^2, where t is the time in seconds measured from when the brakes were applied. (a) Integrate the...
  10. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.35: A cart carrying a small package

    Homework Statement The cart carrying the small 9-N package A is moving up the incline with constant acceleration α. If the package stays at rest relative to the cart in the position θ=45deg, determine the value of α. Neglect friction. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Are my...
  11. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.25: Plane tracking

    Homework Statement the plane C is being tracked by radar stations A and B. At the instant shown, the triangle ABC lies in the vertical plane, and the radar readings are θA=30o, θB = 22o, θA(dot) = 0.026rad/s and θΒ(dot) = 0.032rad/s. Determine (a) the altitude y; (b) the speed v; and (c) the...
  12. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.18: Rocket dynamics

    Homework Statement A rocket engine takes 8 seconds after firing to reach its full thrust. Assuming that the rocket was fired at t=0, use the following time-elevation data to estimate the velocity and acceleration (a) at t=0; and (b) at t=8s Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't...
  13. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.14: particle moves on helix

    Homework Statement When a particle moves along the helix shown, the componentsof its position vector are x=Rcosωt , y = Rsinωt , ##z=-\frac h {2π} ωt## where ω is constant. Show that the velocity and acceleration have constant magnitutes, and compute their values if R=1.2m, h=0.75m, and...
  14. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.10: parabolic path, velocity, acceleration

    Homework Statement An automobile goes down a hill that has the parabolic cross section shown. (see image attached) Assuming that the horizontal component of the velocity vector has a constant magnitude v0, determine (a) the expression for the speed of the automobile in terms of x; and (b) the...
  15. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.8: Missile dynamics, acceleration and escape velocity

    Homework Statement A missile is launched from the surface of a planet with the speed v0 at t=0. According to the theory of universal gravitation, the speed v of the missile after launch is given by v2 = 2gr0(r0 / r -1) + v02 where g is the gravitational...
  16. C

    Inclined plane - a small sphere, a big sphere and a cylinder

    Homework Statement We place a cylinder with radius R, a sphere with radius R and a sphere with radius (2R). Which of the solids will roll out of the plane first? Assume no rolling resistance and no air resistance. Homework Equations 1) The net torque is the torque of the force of static...
  17. E

    Find maximum acceleration given the displacement equation

    Homework Statement Given: x=9sin2t +16cos2t+100 The problem asks me for the maximum acceleration and the maximum velocity. Homework Equations dx/dt=v dv/dt=a The Attempt at a Solution The problem asks me for the maximum acceleration and the maximum velocity. To find the maximum velocity, i...
  18. E

    Dynamics question related to conservation of string

    Homework Statement http://tinypic.com/r/10f5ni8/9 http://[PLAIN]http://i66.tinypic.com/10f5ni8.png Homework Equations I have a problem understanding this problem. It asks for the velocity of block A when block B is moved 300mm/s to the right. The equation for the cord length is given as...
  19. JoeStrout

    How to simulate rotational stability of multiple parts?

    I've written a space colony simulation game called High Frontier. It correctly simulates rotational stability when most of the mass is dominated by a single large spinning part. For example, a squat cylinder will be stable, but a long cylinder will end up tumbling end over end, as shown...
  20. P

    Dynamics; I don't get, nor see the wrong assumption.

    Homework Statement The 2-kg collar C is free to slide along the smooth shaft AB. Determine the acceleration of collar C if (a) the shaft is fixed from moving. (b) Collar A, which is fixed to shaft AB, moves downward at constant velocity along the vertical rod, and (c) collar A is subjected to a...
  21. S

    Basic 1-d dynamics with a bit of calculus.

    Homework Statement A 500 kg boat moves with an initial speed of 20 m/s turns off it engine and slows down due to the drag force. If this force has magnitude F= 15.3v^2 find the boat speed after 12 seconds.Homework Equations ∑F = ma dv = adt The Attempt at a Solution taking the side opposite...
  22. I

    Tricky Dynamics Kinematics Trajectory Problem

    Homework Statement A football player attempts a 29-yd field goal. If he is able to impart a velocity u of 95 ft/sec to the ball, compute the minimum angle θ for which the ball will clear the crossbar of the goal. The crossbar is 10 ft above the ground. (Hint: Let m = tan θ.) Homework...