What is Enthusiast: Definition and 28 Discussions

In modern usage, enthusiasm refers to intense enjoyment, interest, or approval expressed by a person. The term is related to optimism and "love of life". The word enthusiast was originally used derisively to refer to a person possessed by God, or someone who exhibited intense piety.

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  1. Somoth Ergai

    Did I Discover a New Physics Paradox?

    Amateur physics enthusiast. I watch a lot of physics explanation videos and one made me think of something. which would later become a paradox that i can't find any other examples of. So if that's the case I feel cool if I came up with one no one has considered before. That being said I know...
  2. MrAndrew

    What Is PF and Why Is It Popular Among Mechanical Engineering Enthusiasts?

    Hello everyone, I heard about PF from Reddit. I'm a mechanical engineering enthusiast and looking forward to engaging with everyone here!
  3. gunjanaga

    What drives the behavior of particles in the universe?

    I am curious to understand how the universe works. I love to imagine if I were the universe or a particle why would I behave the way it does. It's a fun exercise. I am currently preparing for IIT JAM exam. I am glad to be part of this community. I am looking forward to getting to know you...
  4. monsterhart

    Can a CS Major Master Physics Engines?

    Hello, I'm a computer science major minoring in physics. I hope to work on physics engines some day, if I can live through these classes. I love learning about physics independently, but I'm not really digging the figurative knife to my throat with these deadlines.
  5. Manuel Cardoso

    Calculus book for 14 year old physics enthusiast

    Hello, I'm trying to learn calculus, what books would you recommend? For a beginner.
  6. frost_zero

    Science enthusiast wanting to accelerate my learning

    [Mentor Note -- Thread moved from the New Member Introductions forum] How did you find PF?: google search I am a middle school student and have a deep passion for physics, I want to understand quantum mechanics and relativity. Physics according to me is the most precise description of nature...
  7. C

    Courses Course advice for an enthusiast

    Hey all, firstly let me give some background, i`m a Cloud Computing Engineer and have been in the I.T. industry for the past 20 years since I left university. I have always had an interest in science and astronomy (My dad was a keen amateur astronomer) but never really taken it very seriously...
  8. J

    Exploring the Fascinating World of Physics: A Journey for Science Enthusiasts

    Hello! Iam a physics lover.My favourite subject is physics.Do help me in my journey.
  9. S

    How can novice scientific enthusiast get ideas disscussed?

    Hi everybody I am a scientific enthusiast with great interest in the renewable energy field. and I had this idea in my head for so many years which i got from a scientific experiment I saw a few years ago. After few years of grappling with this idea in my head I was able to put it into a...
  10. Bollini Mouli

    Understand 5th Dimension: Get Help Understanding 4th Dimension

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here. Is it true that one could understand fifth and above dimensions only if we get hold of fourth dimension and I've seen videos and read about fourth dimension but couldn't get it completely and exactly. So, I want your help here. Be mellow as much as you can. Thank you.
  11. Bollini Mouli

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here - About Fourth Dimension

    Hey guys, Is it true that one could understand fifth and above dimensions only if we get hold of fourth dimension and I've seen videos and read about fourth dimension but couldn't get it completely and exactly. So, I want your help here. Be mellow as much as you can. Thank you.
  12. osotou

    How one amateur enthusiast intends to avoid crack-pottery

    From my view point as an amateur enthusiast who has largely forgotten basic high school physics, mathematics, science, cosmology etc., as I find myself taking up a renewed interest in these topics, I'm astonished at how easy it is to wander into the mine-field speculative, crack pot theories...
  13. W

    Schools Free Online High School Physics Resources

    Hi, I'm an 8th grader (also called 2nd year hs here) who's really enthusiastic about physics. This is my first post, so I hope you're okay with me making some mistakes (I've been reading stuff on this forum for a while now, though). Physics is still 2 years ahead, and I've tried waiting but I...
  14. vlemon265

    What an amatuer physics enthusiast do in daily life?

    My friend in mathematics department told me that one Hungarian mathematician Paul Halmos had said 'The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics'. Are amatuer physics enthusiast also do physics in their daily life. I want to learn from them. But what 's meant by "doing Physics"? Can...
  15. W

    Math enthusiast wants to learn

    I'm an english major with a vivid interest in mathematics,I've read and enjoyed What Is Mathematics? by Courant and Robbins (does this count as some background?),and I've decided to begin a serious study of mathematics, I've looked up many books and judged them by the reviews on ams ,maa and...
  16. H

    Career plan for a science enthusiast.

    I am 17 year old Indian, I'll complete high school in a few months. I love science. My lust for physics is well beyond school books (which are trivial and boring). I learned the Feynman Lectures on Physics (all three Volumes) almost three years ago (This is just to give you an idea). I have a...
  17. G

    Few Question from a Naive Astro enthusiast

    Hi to all the astrophysicists out there i have few question I want to know the answers to so here I go 1. Why does Earth rotate around the sun in a particular orbit and what factors contribute Earth to stick in the orbit. 2. Why does Earth has to revolve on its axis is it to maintain the...
  18. O

    Purchasing Test Equipment for Electronics Enthusiast on a Budget

    Back again to ask another question about test equipment. I'm very new at this so please bear with me. I'm trying to work through this https://www.amazon.com/dp/0521646456/?tag=pfamazon01-20. In order to do a lot of the exercises in the book I need access to an oscilloscope, function...
  19. T

    Becoming a Math Enthusiast: A Self-Study Journey

    Ok, I am really hooked now. I have always enjoyed math and love math problems and everything math. I am enthrawled by the threads here and only wish I could understand it all. I am a typical layman hobbiest math enthusiast but I haven't done much in the way of real study since high...
  20. R

    What sparked my interest in physics and where it has taken me?

    Hello everyone, my name's Ricky (or RJ, whichever you prefer). My interest in physics (and, incidentally, logic and philosophy) started when I was watching Star Trek on my tiny black and white television as a child. Around the time I was eight or ten years old I got interested in astrophysics...
  21. M

    Good suggestions for a casual enthusiast anyone?

    Having had a lot of spare time on my hands as of late, I have been yearning for a little more intellectual stimulation. I am a couple of years out of school and currently working in China. Always having a strong interest and passion for mathematics and physics, I feel that I could use my free...
  22. F

    Managing Expectations as a Young Math Enthusiast

    As a young future mathematician (senior in high school) I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I'm not going to be the smartest kid even though I pursue math outside of class from pure interest and nothing better to do. I know its only going to get worse when I move to a...
  23. M

    Exploring Quantum Mechanics: Questions for the 21-yr-old Physics Enthusiast

    ok so i am 21 i am in the military i read some books that had quantum mechanics in it and i immediately became sucked into the world of physics. i have a few questions that i was curious about. 1. Do magnetic fields affect things like black holes IE: if miniature black holes appeared in the...
  24. T

    Welcome Tony! A 13-Year-Old Physics and Astronomy Enthusiast

    Hello, I am new! Hi! I am new to PF and I am Considerably new to physics. I have been interested in physics since i was in year 7 (a year ago) so that makes me 13 years old. I am not learning physics at school, but i am very keen on physics and astronomy. It is kinda easy for me to introduce my...
  25. D

    I need a car enthusiast opinion

    I'm thinking of starting a custom emblem business. I will have predefined emblem designs with user definable text. The emblem can have any text or symbol you want. The emblems will be cnc machined from aluminum/stainless and the finish could be brushed/polished. Would you buy this service for...
  26. A

    Welcome! Physics Enthusiast New to the Scene

    Hi, I'm new on here. Forgive my use of layman's terms I studied science at school, highest grades were in physics. I am bright so give me a chance to catch up!
  27. Ivan Seeking

    Gordon Cooper Dies - Astronaut and UFO enthusiast