What is Fulcrum: Definition and 40 Discussions

Fulcrum is an evangelical Anglican think tank representing the evangelical centre of the Church of England. Formed in 2002, Fulcrum aims to renew the moderate centre of the evangelical tradition in the Church of England. Fulcrum is normally viewed as representative of the open evangelical tradition within the Church of England.

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  1. I

    I Optimizing Drumstick Bounce: Finding the Magic Fulcrum Point

    When a drummer holds a drumstick, the fingers form what's called a fulcrum. The stick pivots about this fulcrum. This question is not about striking from the hand with the drumstick. Instead, the drumstick is held horizontal and then allowed to fall due to gravity. A drumstick has two ends...
  2. S

    Determining Maximum Torque in a Truck and Forklift System

    This maybe complex and complicated - I know its going to be multi step. Please see attached picture. It involves velocity and weight and gravity torque force, pivot points.
  3. S

    Can a gyroscope lift a fulcrum (and itself), hinged to the floor?

    This is a purely experimental idea which I would like some help understanding A) whether it can work and B) how best to understand the mechanics of the act. Firstly, my limited understanding of gyroscopes is that a stable gyroscope will (effectively) attempt to remain at the same angle if it is...
  4. C

    Fulcrum, balance point and scissor lift force

    My first question, so be kind (!) Long time since I was at school, and can only remember the basics of beams and fulcrums. In essence, that a 1kg weight 5mtrs from a fulcrum / pivot needs 5kg at 1mtr to counterbalance. But what about the beam itself? Do the two sides cancel each other out? For...
  5. archaic

    Static equilibrium: Placing a fulcrum

    I don't understand the question; they're telling me that the fulcrum is just under the center of gravity of the bar, but that I also need to find its position. In any case, I suppose that the fulcrum's position is ##x##. Let the weight at the left end be ##w_1##, at the right end be ##w_2##...
  6. NewEnglander

    Compound lever: Best fulcrum location to increase mechanical advantage

    Good morning all, Ever since I encountered biomass brick presses I've had a renewed fascination with the use of compound levers to increase mechanical advantage. So my question is about the fulcrum location and its impact on MA. Let's say we have a simple class 1 lever A and we wish to...
  7. john101

    How to Calculate Pressure Exerted by C in a Lever and Fulcrum Configuration?

    as B moves to over A, ( A is a fixed point ) C slides up its guide slot and is stopped by a non compressible object and no amount of force can shift it further up. measurements in units. At this point >> how do I know how much pressure C excerts upwards. psi? Mpa? I hope I'm making myself...
  8. K

    I Simple Fulcrum Force Calculation Question

    Hello all, I have a (at what first seemed) fairly simple question about calculating the forces on this fulcrum design I have. Here is an image of the sketch and free body diagram that I drew: Basically, the pivot point in my real life application is actually a cam, but for the sake of this...
  9. J

    Does a lever/fulcrum reaction demonstrate Newton 3rd Law?

    Say a lever is tilted on a fulcrum with an object on the side in contact with the floor, a mass falls onto the other side, causing the object to go flying. Does this demonstrate Action-reaction ? (action on the lever to action on the object)
  10. BensonCa

    What is the force required to hold a pizza peel level with a pizza on it?

    Homework Statement A "peel" is a flat, long-handled shovel that a pizzaiolo uses to slide pizzas into and out of an oven. If a peel is 1.7m long and has a mass of 2.4kg and is carrying a pizza of mass 1.1kg as shown, what force must the pizzaiolo apply with his forward hand to hold the peel...
  11. B

    Inverted Piano Action: Benefits and Drawbacks

    Hello! I have a question about grand piano action design. As a quick primer, the way a piano works is basically that each key is a lever mounted on a fulcrum, so when a player presses a key, the other end of that lever rises. A hammer is attached to the other end of the key, and when that end...
  12. S

    Solving Question 3: Is the Fulcrum Lifting the Load?

    Homework Statement http://tinypic.com/r/24mua0h/8 Homework Equations I've done all parts except question 3, which I'm not sure. is it because the fulcrum is providing an upward force to keep the load in the air? The Attempt at a Solution
  13. R

    Force on Fulcrum | Girl (36kg) & Boy (60kg) Homework Solution

    Homework Statement A girl and a boy are sitting in a see saw. The girl is 36 kg and sitting 5 m from the fulcrum. The boy is sitting 3 m from the fulcrum. Calculate the mass of the boy and the force on the fulcrum. Homework Equations Fr1=Fr2 The Attempt at a Solution I solved for the boys...
  14. V

    Solve Torque w/ 2 Supports & Equilibrium Problems Easily

    1. A 6.0 m long uniform plank is balanced on two supports with are 3.7 m apart. The plank weighs 400N. If one of the supports is 0.5m fro one end of the plank, how far from the other end can a 65 kg load hang without the plank tipping over? and A 7.2 m long beam AB weighing 480 N has its...
  15. R

    Stress around Fulcrum - How to Justify Net Momentum?

    "Stress" around fulcrum helo, I have a couple of forces described in f''(t), and the f'(t) yields a momentum vector plane like pic: in this picture, we have a solid square plate of some hard material, and an axis where the white rod is. Since the sum of the vectors on each side equal 0...
  16. PsychonautQQ

    Basic torque fulcrum problem assitance needed

    Homework Statement A uniform rod with a length of 10 meters and a mass of 20 kilograms has a 20 kilogram mass on one end and a 40 kilogram mass on the other end. Where should the fulcrum be located for this beam to balance? ________________ | V | |20kg|...
  17. N

    Building a Fulcrum for Aladdin's Carpet: Torque & Weight Requirements

    I am building a prop for Aladdin's floating carpet. It will be a see-saw with the 2 characters on the carpet 300 lbs, 5 ft from fulcrum. 1500 ft lbs pressure. My question is how do I build a fulcrum 3 ft high, must have small footprint and movable. What is the torque on the pivot point,? how...
  18. I

    Where is the Fulcrum for a Boat Hit by a Wave?

    Hi, I'm making an animation of how a boat behaves when hit by a wave. This is how it looks like after the wave: (see attachment) At this point there should be a righting moment that tries to balance the boat by turning it clockwise. Which point does the boat rotate around? I'm not...
  19. J

    Modeling Wave Dynamics in a Cylinder on a Fulcrum

    Suppose I have a cylinder on a fulcrum that is filled half way with a fluid, how would I model the waves in the cylinder if it were put in motion?
  20. M

    How far from the left end should the fulcrum be placed?

    Homework Statement A 0.105-, 48.7--long uniform bar has a small 0.055- mass glued to its left end and a small 0.150- mass glued to the other end. You want to balance this system horizontally on a fulcrum placed just under its center of gravity. How far from the left end should the fulcrum...
  21. K

    Solving Torque in Stretcher/Paramedic Problem-Unsure About Fulcrum

    Hello, I've seen a similar problem posted here but the answer to my question was not included. The details of my problem are not so important as I do not require a solution, just help in one aspect of the problem: finding the fulcrum in order to calculate torques to balance each other (in...
  22. B

    Drilling hole in 1-3/8 pipe for fulcrum

    Drilling hole in 1-3/8" pipe for fulcrum I am designing a small crane for a special purpose. I am using a 17 ga. steel 1-3/8" ten-foot pipe as a fulcrum. I am going to drill a hole 2 feet from one end to run the axle through. That will leave 8 feet on the other side. Is there a table or...
  23. C

    Piano Tuning Wrenches: Exploring the Fulcrum & Flagpooling

    Hello everybody, I have some interest in physics and I am an amateur piano tuner. So I was reading the piano tuners forum and I stumbled upon this thread: http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/616245/1.html The discussion is about piano tuning wrenches and how the...
  24. D

    Lever / Fulcrum / counterbalance

    Please forgive my ignorance, math was never my strong suit. But I have a question that has been bugging me, and I can't seem to figure it out, and thought perhaps that someone here could easily answer my question. I am a fly fisherman, and have been investigating certain claims regarding a...
  25. G

    Ball drops onto rod on a fulcrum and launches another ball into the air

    Homework Statement A 4.80 -kg ball is dropped from a height of 10.5 m above one end of a uniform bar that pivots at its center. The bar has mass 8.00 kg and is 4.00 m in length. At the other end of the bar sits another 5.10 -kg ball, unattached to the bar. The dropped ball sticks to the bar...
  26. W

    Two Different Masses on an Uncentered Fulcrum (Torque)

    [Solved] Two Different Masses on an Uncentered Fulcrum (Torque) Homework Statement Two blocks each of mass 1.9 kg are suspended from the ends of a rigid weightless rod of length l1 = 1.43 m and l2 = .085 m. The rod is held in the horizontal position shown and then released. Calculate the...
  27. C

    Weight on a fulcrum style problem - Personal Interest

    Just to preface, this isn't something that I've been given as homework, I'm not currently enrolled in any schooling, however as a matter of personal interest I wanted to work out the solution to the problem without a guess-check-improve method. I have an idea, and it seems too obvious to be true...
  28. B

    Force transferred across a fulcrum

    Ok, I am wondering what the formula is for calculating force across a fulcrum. If you were to have tension on one side of a fulcrum, and release that tension, how much force is transferred to the other side of the fulcrum? Thanks, Mitch Guzman
  29. D

    Fulcrum of 1 weight versus mass of board

    I am trying to solve a real-life design issue involving balance points. It's been a very long time since I've taken calculus and physics. I've search all equations for finding a fulcrum, and all of them assume the mass of the board used to balance is negligible. Here is my scenario: I have...
  30. I

    Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation about a fulcrum

    Homework Statement The diagram shows a uniform plank of length 5m and weight 225N that rests horizontally on two supports, with 1.1 m hanging over the right support. To what distance x can a person who weighs 450 N walk on the overhanging part of the plank before it just begins to tip...
  31. R

    Torque, Rod Balanced on Fulcrum

    Homework Statement The figure below shows particles 1 and 2, each of mass m, attached to the ends of a rigid massless rod of length L1 + L2, with L1 = 17 cm and L2 = 85 cm. The rod is held horizontally on the fulcrum and then released. (a) What is the magnitude of the initial acceleration of...
  32. K

    Drummers Guide: Understanding the Impact of Fulcrum on Cymbal Mounting

    Hi, I am a drummer and have a question in regards to mounting my cymbals. If you have a look at this picture to give a frame of reference: https://www.americandrumschool.com/store/images/boom%20stand%20BS-70D.jpg . Thy cymbal mounts on the top where the black felts are. My question is, if...
  33. I

    What torque will a camera and lens generate on a tripod head?

    I have a problem and it's been a while since I took a physics class. So camera tripods are rated in weight... but this is more a function of torque than weight. The idea is the head can only hold so much force level. Obviously as the lens weight and length increases the force on the camera...
  34. J

    How Far Can the Painter Walk Without Tipping the Plank?

    Homework Statement A painter (mass 68 kg) is walking along a trestle, consisting of a uniform plank (mass 21.0 kg, length 6.00 m) balanced on two sawhorses. Each sawhorse is placed 1.40 m from an end of the plank. A paint bucket (mass 7.0 kg, diameter 28 cm) is placed as close as possible to...
  35. L

    See Saw Balance: Heavy Person & Fulcrum

    on a see saw when one person weighs much more than the other, does the heavier person need to move closer to the fulcrum to balance out the weight?
  36. L

    See Saw Balance: Heavier Person & Fulcrum

    If a person weighing 100 lbs is on a see saw with someone weighing 50 lbs, does the heavier person need to be closer to the fulcrum so that the see saw will balance?
  37. L

    Quick force on the fulcrum of a lever?

    Homework Statement I have a lever problem, i wish to find the force on the fulcrum; how do i determine this force? http://www.UploadYourImages.com" Fin = 80 N Fout= 21.5 N (yes, usually a lever is supposed to increase your power, but it represents a rowing oar)
  38. 2

    Fulcrum on a Circle Dock: Calculate Distance from Bulkhead

    I have a dock. It is mounted to my bulkhead and "swings" up and down with the tide (+/- 7ft). The total length of the dock is 30ft. Intro: When the dock is at it's maximum "extension" out into the water I know, intuitively",that, along a horizontal plane (HP), the dock at it's furthest...
  39. J

    Where should I place a weight on a trailer to achieve a specific tongue weight?

    Hi, I am a non-physics type that needs an answer to a fairly simple physics problem (but too complex for me). I need to know where to place a weight on a trailer to arrive at a specific tongue weight (weight at the hitch). I hope the diagram below is clear...