What is Vertical velocity: Definition and 47 Discussions

The Flash: Vertical Velocity (formerly known as V2: Vertical Velocity) is a steel Inverted Impulse roller coaster located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. It is California's first and only Spiraling Impulse Coaster, built by Intamin and opened in 2001. It stands 150 ft tall (46 m) and reaches speeds of up to 70 mph (110 km/h). The ride is tied with Medusa and Superman: Ultimate Flight in the same park for tallest roller coaster in Northern California.

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  1. hjam24

    Determine vertical velocity vector on sloped surface

    A golf is launched at a speed v,f and launch angle, β,f. The slope of the green is equal to φ. At some point the ball is located on the rim of a hole. The side view (a) and overhead view (b) looks as in the attached image.According to the author of the [paper][2] "The Physics of Putting" the...
  2. Physil

    An expression for the vertical velocity as a function of time

    A rocket of initial mass m0 is launched vertically upwards from the rest. The rocket burns fuel at the constant rate m', in such a way, that, after t seconds, the mass of the rocket is m0-m't. With a constant buoyancy T, the acceleration becomes equal to a=T/(m0-m't) -g. The atmospheric...
  3. Isolde Wilde

    Are angular & vertical velocity the same if the objects are connected

    think of a engine. it has a flywheel and a rod connected to it. a string had been totally wrapped around the rod and a mass is hanged from the very end of the rod. the system is in equilibrium. but as the engine starts to rotate, the rod with rotate as well and cause the hanged object to go...
  4. Why Vertical Velocity changes & Horizontal does not?

    Why Vertical Velocity changes & Horizontal does not?

    Projectile motion involves velocity in vertical and horizontal direction. It is important to understand that the two are independent of each other. Solving problems becomes much easier with this simple understanding.
  5. R

    Biomechanics question vertical velocity

    Homework Statement Jenna is standing still when her dancing partner, Tyrel, begins to lift her up and throw her into the air. Jenna's mass is 40 kg. Tyrel exerts an average vertical force of 500 N for 0.8 s on Jenna during the lift and throwing motion. What is Jenna's vertical velocity when...
  6. A

    MHB Initial vertical velocity (vertical motion)

    hi there! i can't quite recall the formula for vertical velocity and who to easily factor the polynomials. Help anyone? here's my example problem: A cricket jumps off the ground with an initial vertical velocity of 4 ft per second. A. write an equation that gives the height (in feet) of the...
  7. C

    Vertical Velocity: A Key Concept in Physics?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Can someone please help me with this question? These are the formulas you can use http://www.sqa.org.uk/files_ccc/PhysicsSQPN5RelationSheet.pdf Thanks
  8. F

    Finding initial vertical velocity given acceleration

    Homework Statement Sam heaves a shot with weight 16-lb straight upward, giving it a constant upward acceleration from rest of 45.4 m/s^2 for a height 65.0 cm . He releases it at height 2.16 m above the ground. You may ignore air resistance. Q-What is the speed of the shot when he releases it...
  9. V

    Projectile motion, finding initial speed

    An object fired at an angle of 30° above the horizontal takes 2.5 s to travel the last 12 m of its vertical distance and the last 10 m of its horizontal distance. With what speed was the object launched? (Note: This problem does not stipulate that the initial and final elevation of the object...
  10. H

    Finding vertical velocity at highest point in trajectory

    Hey ya'll ... I just need clarification on this solution. Is it correct in me saying the vertical component is negative as the ball is falling to the ground? Also, I was unsure whether to use the vertical velocity or release velocity in finding the highest point of trajectory Q: A polo ball is...
  11. B

    Calculating vertical velocity from discrete horizontal velocities

    Hello, I'm working with a 2 x 3D arrays of fluid velocity values (east-west -> u and north-south -> v) and would like to properly calculate vertical velocities (w) from them (n.b. this is not homework). This ultimately needs to go into a processing algorithm, so while symbolic math is...
  12. N

    Need help with Vertical Velocity I have an exam tomorrow >.<

    Need help with Vertical Velocity! I have an exam tomorrow >.< I went to a tutor yesterday to get it all worked out, but I forgot to write down D in my notes! How do I solve for D? I have the answer, but no equation to work it. You jump horizontally with a speed of 2.7 m/s off a diving board...
  13. K

    How can I find Horizontal and Vertical velocity, given distance and time?

    Homework Statement I need to find the horizontal vectors and vertical vectors at launch, maximum height and at final catch of a projectile. I know that the distance between point A and point B is 5 and the total time is 1. Homework Equations How can I also find the maximum height and the...
  14. D

    Calculating Vertical Velocity from Projectile Motion Data

    Homework Statement Alright we had a lab and we threw water balloons off the college's stadium to determine the height.In result the I got 9.2m from an average of 1.37sec using y=1/2gt^2 Okay, this is where i get confused to use the right equation to determine vertical velocity...
  15. K

    Horizontal and Vertical Velocity

    A rookie quarterback throws a football with an initial upward velocity component of 16.5 and a horizontal velocity component of 18.3 . Ignore air resistance. A)How much time is required for the football to reach the highest point of the trajectory? I got 1.68s which is correct B) How...
  16. G

    Initial Vertical Velocity of a non - horizontal projectile (trebuchet)

    I need to find the initial velocity of a trebuchet launch. Data I have is a distance traveled of 11.1 m, time of 1.25 seconds, height of the sling straight up at 1.85 m. Equations I can use are V2 = V1 + a(t) , dy = V1(t) + 1/2(ay)(t)^2 , V2^2 = V1^2 + 2ad and viy = dy / t. Finding the...
  17. E

    Understanding Vertical Velocity: A Quick Guide for Scientists

    How do I calculate vertical velocity? I feel very silly for asking this question, as I should know this and is very basic. I don't seem to get it from any of my books and it is the quick,, thus, I can't contact my teacher or friends as I don't have their email or skype. If I can't still work it...
  18. S

    Vertical velocity component

    [b]1. A 0.20kg ball with an initial velocity of (26i-1.6j)m/s collides with a vertical wall. The wall exerts a constant force of -175i N on the ball and the ball's final horizontal velocity component is -15i m/s. Find the final vertical velocity component of the ball. [b]2. I know how to...
  19. B

    Calculate Vertical Velocity of 50kg Diver from 15m Board

    (Q) If a diver (standing on a 15 meter high diving board) dives horizontally from the board, and mass is 50 kg. What is his vertical velocity 10 meters from the board ? PE @ 15m = mgh = 7358j (max) PE @ 10m = mgh = 4905j KE @ 10m = 7358 - 4905 = 2453j KE = 1/2 mv(sqr) 2453= 0.5 x...
  20. A

    How Do You Derive the Initial Vertical Velocity Equation?

    Hi can anyone help me with this formula: How do I end up with this equation, thanks in advance!
  21. T

    Uncovering the Vertical Velocity of a Wave

    Homework Statement http://img683.imageshack.us/i/wave2.jpg/ The above figure shows height vs. displacement plot for a string which has a wave traveling to in the positive x direction at time t=2.5 sec with a velocity of 38 m/sec. What is the vertical (y) velocity of a piece of string at the...
  22. G

    Final vertical velocity? (kinematic formulas)

    Here is the problem. It consists of a. b. and c. As you can see I found A and B, but C is giving me trouble. My work is also attached. I am assuming that when the question says "with what speed do the supplies land in the latter case." that i am finding final velocity. and I have already...
  23. R

    Type 1 Projectile with an initial vertical velocity

    A rude tourist throws a peach pit horizontally with a 7.0 m/s velocity out of an elevator cage. The ground is 17 m below. How long will it take for the pit to land if the elevator is moving upward at a constant 8.5 m/s velocity? d=Vot + 1/2at2 My attempt that continuously doesn't...
  24. L

    Write out the expression for the vertical velocity

    Homework Statement Given z(t) as above, write out the expression for the vertical velocity Homework Equations z(t)=Asin(vt) where z(t) is the vertical position of a test particle, A is the amplitude of its motion, and t = 0 is the time when the particle is at the midplane The...
  25. J

    How Do You Calculate Initial Vertical Velocity?

    Homework Statement Distance - 5m height 1m Homework Equations vf^2=Vo^2+2ay The Attempt at a Solution I know vf^2 = 0, and I'm trying to find vo^2, and I also know y is the height so that would be 1m, is a 9.8? If It is I would get this 0=vo^2+19.6. and to find vo^2 I would...
  26. K

    Projectile Velocity Analysis: Solving for Initial Vertical Velocity

    Homework Statement A Soccer ball is projected at a certain angle (ϴ) above the horizon. It travels a horizontal distance of 1.2x102m in 3.0s. a) Find the horizontal velocity b) Find the initial vertical velocity (VV1). c) Find the magnitude and direction of the initial velocity...
  27. L

    Retardation of a Balloon's Vertical velocity

    Because I am working quite a lot with balloons (still theoretically though), I have come across reports of some balloon flights in the 19th century, which gave balloon ascent speeds of up to 15 m/s and descent speeds up to -40 m/s. I agreed to the comment to that text, that normally balloons...
  28. M

    Vertical Velocity and Energy

    Homework Statement The three balls in the figure which have equal masses, are fired with equal speeds at the angles shown. Rank in order, from largest to smallest, their speeds as they cross the dashed horizontal line. (All three are fired with sufficient speed to reach the line.) Homework...
  29. I

    Horizontal veolocity given vertical velocity and angle

    Homework Statement A person looking out the window of a stationary train notices that raindrops are falling vertically down at a speed of 8.7 m/s relative to the ground. When the train moves at a constant velocity, the raindrops make an angle of θ = 67° when they move past the window as the...
  30. I

    Horizontal and vertical velocity components

    Homework Statement A dolphin leaps out of the water at an angle of 32° above the horizontal. The horizontal component of the dolphin's velocity is 7.7 m/s. Find the magnitude of the vertical component of the velocity. Homework Equations Vy=V0y + ayt The Attempt at a Solution 4.63...
  31. P

    What is the Average Force on Each Foot During a Jump?

    Homework Statement This is an MCAT practice problem that is driving me crazy! The answer is supposed to be 2200N on each foot. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! A guy, whose mass is 80 kg, jumps off a bench that is 1 meter off the ground. Immediately after landing...
  32. K

    Vertical Jump Analysis: Calculating Time and Take-Off Speed

    Homework Statement A certain volleyball player can jump to a vertical height of 85 cm while spiking the volleyball. Homework Equations (a) How long is the player in the air for? (b) What is the player's vertical take-off speed? The Attempt at a Solution Firstly I converted 85...
  33. L

    Tom Throws a Ball: Horizontal & Vertical Velocity

    Homework Statement Tom throws a ball of a cliff 45m nigh, with a velocity of 30 m/s. Take accleration due to gravity as 10m/s. (It took 4.5s to reach the bottom) What was its horizontal and verticle velocitys when it hit the ground? i used the first equation (v=u+at) and with substituion...
  34. A

    Vertical velocity of a soccer ball

    Homework Statement A force of 17.0 N is applied to a 0.34 kg soccer ball for 0.090s, causing it to move off at 28 degrees above the horizontal. Determine the vertical velocity of the soccer ball at the end of the 0.090 second time interval. Homework Equations y= vyt + 1/2gt2 vyf= vy +...
  35. S

    Question regarding vertical velocity

    How do you calculate vertical velocity when you're not given an angle? For example, A player kicks a football at the start of the game. After a 6.6 second flight, the ball touches the ground 59 m from the kicking tee. If air resistance is disregarded, find. a. The maximum height...
  36. W

    Horizontal acceleration of a plane with constant vertical velocity

    Homework Statement On takeoff, the combined action of the air around the engines and wings of an airplane exerts a 7049N force on the plane directed upward at an angle of 58.7 above the horizontal. The plane rises with a constant velocity in the vertical direction while continuing to...
  37. A

    Calculation of rate of climb (vertical velocity)

    Hello my friends, At the moment, I'm doing an estimation and analysis of flight performance for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). During climbing flight analysis, I have a problem regarding calculation of rate of climb (vertical velocity), my calculation value of rate of climb seem weird, the...
  38. C

    Calculating Maximum Height & Vertical Velocity of Kong Throws

    (I have already posted this problem in the physics help, but it is more math than physics, so I am also posting it here) For a physics experiment, we had to take a kong (dog toy with a rubber ball on the end of a rope), twirl it and then throw it as far as we could. We were told to record how...
  39. N

    How Do You Calculate Average Vertical Velocity in Physics Problems?

    Thanks in advance for reading this thread. Here goes the question; Q: A firefighter climbs up a 10.0m ladder leaning against a vertical wall. The ladder makes an angle of 25.0 degrees with the wall. The firefighter reaches the roof in 15.0s a) What is the height of the wall? 9.10m b)...
  40. M

    Calculating Horizontal Velocity of Rock Kicked Off Bridge in Arkansas

    Homework Statement A bridge rises 321m above the Arkansas river. Suppose you kick a rock horizontally off the bridge. The magnitude of the rock's horizontal displacement is 45.0 m. Fine the speed at which the rock was kicked. Homework Equations Vi=Vx. Dx=45m. Dy=-321m The Attempt at...
  41. D

    Vertical velocity and integration

    Homework Statement a list of data is given for a seat on a ferris wheel that is traveling in a circle. the data is time vs its vertical velocity. the question is to estimate the diameter of the ferris wheel. Homework Equations n/a The Attempt at a Solution what i did was...
  42. T

    Plotting a Vertical Velocity Graph for a Given Situation

    Well, this is really confusing me. I am suppose to be graphing a given situation into a v(t) vertical velocity graph. The following occurs in 6 seconds (6 points on the graph): Starting at y = 0 m, a stone is thrown straight up on the edge of a cliff until it reaches its maximum height at 2...
  43. I

    Calculate Minimum Vertical Velocity for Salmon Jumping 1.9m Waterfall

    In its final trip upstream to its spawning territory, a salmon jumps to the top of a waterfall 1.9m high. What is the minimum vertical velocity needed by the salmon to reach the top of the waterfall? There seems to be some piece of information missing. I know that: a = 9.8 m/s^2 dy = 1.9m...
  44. B

    What is the car's vertical velocity

    I am having problems with the following questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 19) Automobile travels at constant speed of 60 km/hr (16.7m/s), 800 m along a straight highway that is inclined 5 degrees to the horizontal. An observer notes only the vertical motion of hte car. What is...
  45. Z

    Solving for y and Vertical Velocity of Quarter

    Ok here is the question.. In a carnival you win a stuffed giraffe if you toss a quarter in a small dish. Dish is 2.1 m away from your hand in a shelve above the point where the coin leaves your hand (y). Initial velocity must be 6.4 m/s. a) find y and b) what is the vertical component of...
  46. M

    How to calculate vertical velocity

    I need to calculate vertical velocity for a perjectile