What is Volume change: Definition and 33 Discussions

Volume–price trend (VPT) (sometimes price–volume trend) is a technical analysis indicator intended to relate price and volume in the stock market. VPT is based on a running cumulative volume that adds or subtracts a multiple of the percentage change in share price trend and current volume, depending upon the investment's upward or downward movements.

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  1. Istiak

    Calculate the volume change with gas temperature for this piston in a cylinder

    Solution attempt : Option : I am sure that my work is wrong. But, I must add solution attempt in PF that's why I just added that. How can I solve the problem?
  2. catlip

    Engineering Should the # of atoms in a unit cell be considered to find the % volume change?

    First of all, I don't think the question was clear enough. Therefore, I had to assume they are referring to the volume of the unit cell. V=a^3, side length a aBCC=2R√2, aFCC=4√3/3R %change=(VFCC-VBCC)/VBCC I thought this was right until I checked with others who did this: so the only...
  3. S

    3D Volumetric Strain and Volume Change

    Summary:: Can anyone help me with this 3d Volumetric Strain and Volume Change. The is question is attached as a document below with the question and my attempt at the answer All questions and attempted answers are in the attached file below
  4. T

    A How to find the volume change of CO2 when compressed into liquid?

    Hi, Can anyone guide me with an approach to find the liquid volume of CO2 when a gas of 4.14x10-6 m3 at -20°C and 1 bar is compressed to liquid at 25bar, without change in temperature?
  5. R

    Volume Change by Pressure: How Does Pressure Affect the Volume of an Object?

    Homework Statement It is necessary to calculate the volume of the coin which has mass 25 kg and how does change its volume when it is necessary to calculate its volume at a depth of 5000m. Compare volume change by pressure with the volume change by pressure with the Volume change by...
  6. B

    Can I Rescale These Bottle Design Functions for Half the Volume?

    All variables and given/known data and Relevant equations: So I got the functions for a bottle design (one side with the bottle lying horizontally): 1. y=-1/343x^3+3/98x^2 + 2.5 ; 0<x<7 2. y=3; 7<x<15 3. y=-1/98x^2+15/49x+69/98; 15<x<22 Combined they give the volume of 570.2mL using the volume...
  7. G

    How much does air volume change with temperature?

    If I have a closed cylinder with a fixed air volume inside and a piston on the open end I need to calculate how much the piston will move as the temperature changes through a range of 100 degrees F? Air volume vs temperature?
  8. C

    How can you accurately measure the volume change of an empty juice box?

    Mod note: Misplaced homework moved from General Physics, hence formatting template not shown Beginner here: Was recently given a homework problem: You have a scale (any kind), 2L beeker of water, a series of calibration weights, and one empty juice box. You want to accurately measure the...
  9. R

    Relationship of bulk modulus and fractional volume change

    So my question is, if the bulk modulus change by 5%, what is the fractional volume change value? is it times 0.05 or divided by 0.05? or the fractional volume change still the same?
  10. M

    Related Rates of Volume Change for Expanding Cube Edges

    Homework Statement All edges of a cube are expanding at a rate of 3 centimeters per second. How fast is the volume changing when each edge is (a) 1 centimeter and (b) 10 centimeters? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I used the equation for the volume of a cube: V = s3 but I'm not...
  11. HelloCthulhu

    Water electrolysis, work done, and volume change

    I'm trying to learn more about water electrolysis and the work done on and by the system, but I'm still very confused about a few elements. Knowing the volume of the closed container, the number of moles of water, the amps/volts from the battery, and the initial temperature of the water, I know...
  12. gfd43tg

    How do gas reactions affect volume in a fixed container?

    Hello, I am looking at reactions that change volume during the reaction, for example ammonia synthesis N_{2} + 3H_{2} \rightleftharpoons 2NH_{3} where it is clear that the products are less moles than the reactants. However, I am thinking of a scenario in a plug flow reactor where this is...
  13. W

    Pressure, temp, volume change of water vapor, and steam table clarity

    Homework Statement Two pounds of water vapor at 30 psia fill the 4ft^3 left chamber of a partitioned system. The right chamber has twice the volume of the left and is initially evacuated. Determine the pressure of the water after the partition has been removed and enough heat has been...
  14. M

    Volume Change in Phase Transitions

    Homework Statement It's not so much an exact question. One of the things I need to figure out to answer my question is if there is a formula of some sort that helps me calculate volume change through a phase change. The final volume of a liquid that vaporizes into a gas, if the temperature and...
  15. G

    Temperatue and Presssure after volume change

    I have a sealed syringe with air at known pressure P1, temperature T1 and volume V1. at some time I increase the volume of the syringe to V2, what will be the temperature T2 and pressure P2 at volume V2, right after the system reach to volume V2? The volume change process is relatively fast...
  16. H

    Determine bubble volume change with given temperature

    Homework Statement A 1-cm3 air bubble at a depth of 141 meters and at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius rises to the surface of the lake where the temperature is 13.1 degrees Celsius, to the nearest tenth of a cm3, what is its new volume?Homework Equations P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2The Attempt at a...
  17. L

    Changes in volume change total force?

    Pressure=Force/Area If you had a cube, with a volume of one cubic inch, that means that each side would be one inch. As a cube, it would be like a die, and therefore have 6 sides, and 6 square inches. 800 lb/sqinch=force/6sqinches or force=(800lb/sqinch)*6sqinches Force equals...
  18. S

    Water and mercury volume change with temperature

    Homework Statement Why do frozen water pipes burst? Would a mercury thermometer break if the temperature went below the freezing temperature of mercury? Why or why not? Homework Equations Relation of volume to temperature The Attempt at a Solution Water has its minimum volume at...
  19. F

    Volume Change of Nitrogen Bubbles in Divers: The Bends Phenomenon

    Homework Statement If deep-sea divers rise to the surface too quickly, nitrogen bubbles in their blood can expand and prove fatal. This phenomenon is known as the bends. If a scuba diver rises quickly from a depth of 23m in Lake Michigan (which is fresh water), what will be the volume at the...
  20. F

    Relativistic Mass and Volume Change in a Rapidly Expanding Sphere

    suppose I have a 10 kg sphere with homogenous distribution of mass (aka density is same everywhere) that is 10 m^3. Now suppose I rapidly increased its radius at a speed of 1/2c m^3 (and because its homogenous the volume increased correspondingly). Now my question is whether that would cause the...
  21. B

    How Does Piston Movement Affect Pressure in a Closed System?

    Hi, I have a closed system of fixed volume with an piston pump attached. The medium is air and the initial environmental condition are at standard atmospheric. I would like to know the formulas to use that would provide me with the new pressure when the piston is at top dead center (i.e...
  22. G

    Constant internal energy with volume change?

    Constant internal energy with volume change?? My book says that you can change the temperature of a substance at constant internal energy by changing only the volume. how can this happen? since the internal Energy E is this: \Delta E = q + w = q - P\DeltaV where q is heat, w is...
  23. M

    Pressure and volume change problem

    I have the inlet port pressure vs time curves for a particular engine speed. I want to be able to modify these to get an estimate of the curves for other engine speeds. So basically this is an expansion problem,the volume change is known(and max volume change is constant), but the rate of...
  24. L

    Volume change when liquid goes to solid.

    Hello! I need some help regarding a simple matter... How do I derive an equation for the increase in volume when a liquid goes to a solid state when I know the density of the liquid?
  25. D

    Fluid mechanics Volume change with temp change

    1. A 45 US gallon drum full of water is stored at 4oC. The water temperature is slowly raised to 50oC. What is the change in volume of water over this temperature range as an absolute amount (in Litres) and as a % of the total?
  26. P

    Jacobian determinant and volume change

    Hello everyone, So, I read somewhere that the Jacobian determinant of a transformation determines the local volume change. Say I am in 3D space and I have the following relationship: F(x', y', z') = F(x, y, z) + T(x, y, z) The LHS gives the new position and the RHS is the old position + the...
  27. icystrike

    Solving for Volume Change: A Failed Attempt

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution v=1/3 pi r^2 h dv/dt = 1/3 pi (2rh dr/dt + r^2 dh/dt) now i sub r=15/3 and h=3 . Now i express dr/dt=dr/dh x dh/dt and find dr/dh . But it fails
  28. K

    Calculating Length, Diameter and Volume Change of a Laser Rod

    Homework Statement The active element of a certain laser is an ordinary glass rod 18.7 cm long and 1.33 cm in diameter. If the temperature of the rod increases by 78.5oC, calculate its increase in length. Calculate its increase in diameter. Calculate its increase in volume. Homework...
  29. A

    Determine how pressure,temperature and volume change

    well,in closed system ,for example piston-cylinder system i can't determine how pressure,temperature and volume change to relating each other(in liquids and gases)? iam confused abt that , i have some question abt that when heat is transferred to the (liquid for example) so there is higher...
  30. G

    Velocity & Volume Change in Ideal Fluids

    Homework Statement In an ideal fluid, the pipe length is doubled, while radius is decreased by factor 2 what will have to the velocity and volume that is flowing? Homework Equations Q=Av = pi*r^2*v The Attempt at a Solution From this the volume that will pass, in ideal fluid cases...
  31. C

    Rates of pressure and volume change

    Homework Statement A large tank of water has a hose conected to. The tank (a cylinder) is 4.0 m in height and the tank is sealed at the top and has compressed air between the water surface and the top. When the water height h has the value 3.50m, the absolute pressure p of the compressed air...
  32. P

    Calculating Balloon Volume Change with Altitude

    A helium balloon has volume V0 and temperature T0 at sea level where the pressure is P0 and the air density is p. The balloon is allowed to float up in air to altitude y where the temperature is T1. a) Show that the colume occupised by the balloon is then V = V0(T1/T0)e^(+cy) where c =...