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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 26,890
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Feb14-14 10:08 AM
485 140,283
Hi, I am doing a survey on existing methods of cleaning up radioactive materials for a personal project on cleanup...
Y 09:45 PM
1 82
I was wondering what is preventing a plant being built that can be truly shut down and not require coolant...
Y 11:55 AM
90 13,119
After the Chernobyl NPP was fully and permanently shut down in 2000, did they remove the fuel from reactors 1-3 as...
Y 05:18 AM
114 24,868
Why is Safety Injection used during Main Steam Line Break? All that I can find is that it brings water back to the...
Apr21-14 08:34 PM
jim hardy
65 1,895
Hi! I wish to know how to design a Tokamak of my own. This Tokamak will of course be very tiny but my intention...
Apr17-14 06:01 PM
1 257
Hi all, how can I find the activity of isotope which it has in area given value mCi or mR or Rem value of this?...
Apr16-14 11:11 AM
0 177
Hello, I am graduate student in NE within the US. I am working on a grant that examines a small (10-100 microns)...
Apr15-14 01:04 PM
10 1,558
Hello to all, i need some books, papers, related to nuclear reactors for research (e.g, classification , applications,...
Apr13-14 03:04 PM
14 753
Are there any other measurable danger other than the following Short term (short half life) I -131 Do not...
Apr11-14 07:48 PM
2 378
let say there is an bundle of fuel with 4 rings. Where ring 1 is center most ring and ring 4 is outer most ring. ...
Apr11-14 01:12 PM
5 331
Part 1 can be found here: Magnitude-5.3 earthquake hits...
Apr8-14 05:09 PM
398 45,389
Is it true that two quantities of U238 approaching sufficiently close, and combining to form a critical mass will...
Apr8-14 02:11 PM
6 390
Was this technique ever demonstrated experimentally, or it could be regarded as practically failed theory? ...
Apr8-14 06:35 AM
4 297
Well, should it? How liable was the fallout on ground to move and go elsewhere? The Zone was evacuated. But then...
Apr7-14 05:44 PM
7 425
If one wanted to work with/research nuclear energy would one go to academia or industry. And if industry, can you name...
Apr6-14 11:09 AM
jim hardy
8 425
The most probable velocity of thermal neutrons can than be approximated by the Boltzmann constant and is given by the...
Apr3-14 05:59 PM
1 368
The french IRSN just released a new report concerning the estimated contamination around DAICHI, i extract this map...
Apr3-14 12:07 PM
737 154,597
What happens when a electron travels through the plasma? Would it be likely that most of the electrons hit a nuclei...
Apr2-14 04:13 PM
9 545
Hi, guys there is a quesetion: Could ANSYS software be used for simulate system temperature and flow fields when...
Apr2-14 10:27 AM
0 302
Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the site and I have a few questions, but I'll start with the most imporatant ones or at...
Mar30-14 11:50 AM
36 1,576
If I was going to build a fusion device for energy production I would build a cylinder filled with fusion fuel and the...
Mar27-14 04:59 PM
Earl of Plasma
18 933
Mar24-14 11:51 PM
1 394
more in,
Mar24-14 06:59 PM
19 1,978
Hi There, I came across the following passage in Sam Glasstone's 'Nuclear Reactor Engineering' ...
Mar23-14 03:17 PM
0 408
I've read about why it would be nearly impossible for an individual to construct a working home built nuclear reactor...
Mar21-14 04:46 PM
6 698
I couldn't find an compatible heading for this question and decided to place it here since it deals with nuclear...
Mar18-14 09:32 AM
24 2,172
I'm just finishing the Rhodes history, "The Making of the ..." , and am curious about the resolution of the Xenon...
Mar17-14 02:13 PM
6 858
Is this true?? I've always heard that Pu from spent fuel was a major major concern! "The high spontaneous fission...
Mar14-14 04:44 PM
13 2,014
It seems there was an unexpected radiation release within the WIPP late last Friday, Feb 14, 2014. While there are no...
Mar14-14 03:44 PM
29 2,161
This seems to be a high interest topic and nobady else started it so I will. If previous discussion is evidence of a...
Mar13-14 04:47 PM
438 69,705
In 2005 the American Nuclear Society endorsed the use of nuclear energy for desalinisation -- see...
Mar10-14 05:22 PM
7 1,210
This is a total newb question but please explain. If nuclear fusion is occuring during a hydrogen bomb explosion, then...
Mar9-14 06:23 AM
9 713
Hi everybody! I read in a document of Canberra saying that:" Genie 2000 Program Library allows a programmer to...
Mar7-14 09:17 AM
20 12,811
I'm curious as to how much of a factor the lack of a sensible way of dealing with the radioactive waste is in regards...
Feb28-14 06:19 AM
2 666
Hello, I watched a documentary earlier today called "The Battle Of Chernobyl". At one point it mentioned: "If...
Feb23-14 08:26 AM
jim hardy
9 1,231
I am in a concepts of nuclear physics course (going for a nuclear physics degree) and we need to do a paper and...
Feb22-14 02:10 PM
3 832
I have to figure out how to prove that the neutron flux for a point source is given by =\frac{S}{4πr^2}. I can...
Feb20-14 04:34 PM
2 756
Hello all I have a question about neutron absorption cross section. I know that every element has an special...
Feb17-14 05:11 AM
0 774
Hello, Frustration in receiving timely responses from my teaching assistant has lead me to this website. Currently...
Feb12-14 05:52 AM
1 876
Hi, I hope I get understood correctly, my question is seemingly simple: Why is ionization radiation( energetic...
Feb11-14 06:17 AM
8 1,042

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