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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,270
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 31,845
I've heard talk of this safety threshold for ionizing radiation, whereby if the dose is sufficiently low enough, it...
Apr16-10 10:52 PM
5 2,797
hi there, I want to know that has some body use Geant code in medical physics field, same as MCNP code or FLUKA code...
Apr15-10 02:25 AM
0 1,011
I am fascinated with the idea of supercavitating subs, and DARPA's underwater express program has caught my fancy. A...
Apr12-10 07:01 PM
1 2,190
Has anyone here ever heard of a TerraPower reactor or 'traveling wave reactor'? Bill Gates describes this in...
Apr10-10 09:22 AM
1 1,977
I was watching Bill Nye the science guy on TV recently. He stated that the earth's insides are molten because they...
Apr8-10 11:37 AM
11 6,475
So the latest thing I've seen being talked about is GEM*STAR (Green Energy Multiplier*Subcritical Technology for...
Apr8-10 06:34 AM
5 2,893
Hi, I'm trying to get information on how hard it would be to get a job at a Nuclear power plant in France. It...
Apr7-10 03:18 AM
6 5,648
Hi everyone! I just graduated from an undergraduate degree in physics...and now i'm stumped as to what i should be...
Apr6-10 07:44 PM
1 1,366
since fusion is not commericially feasible, does hybrid fusion fission reactor change that? ...
Mar31-10 02:15 PM
7 3,564
Just curious, has anyone heard anything lately regarding DUPIC, the direct use of PWR waste in CANDU reactors? What...
Mar29-10 07:18 PM
4 2,439
Hi I am told that steam generator is an area that is suseptible to aging effects and corrosion. I was wondering if...
Mar25-10 02:43 PM
3 1,525
Is a very low powered fission reactor (~25kWe) feasible for powering a large (car sized) Lunar or Martian rover? Or is...
Mar24-10 09:45 PM
13 2,989
Hi, I am looking to get some good information sources on modelling nuclear power in power plants and related fields....
Mar24-10 03:42 AM
2 1,565
What's the significant difference between APWR and PWR in terms of core and nuclear fuel, I mean, if we want to...
Mar17-10 04:49 AM
2 1,941
This article, Sadly for the credibility of the atom lobby, some...
Mar14-10 10:07 PM
12 5,222
Just trying to do a problem to find the minimum volume for a homogeneous, bare cylindrical reactor, and my main...
Mar14-10 02:23 PM
2 1,831
Here's a new and interesting design for a nuclear reactor which I've never seen before: ...
Mar12-10 02:23 PM
1 2,179
Hi, What is the scope of Nuclear engineering in India after 2 years? How will be the career of a person...
Mar10-10 12:36 PM
1 6,249
Mainly I don't get how plasma loses energy by conduction, which is what I have read. Is it just from the collisions...
Mar4-10 09:28 AM
1 1,134
I wanted to know what is the minimum critical mass of natural uranium (99.28% U-238) when moderated by beryllium and...
Feb28-10 03:15 AM
10 8,058
I can't actually find an explanation of this? I think that bigger plasma volumes suffer less energy/particle loss (and...
Feb26-10 03:28 PM
7 2,362
This is an idea I had and felt it worth publishing. The reason fusion is so difficult is because the particles are so...
Feb26-10 12:51 PM
4 1,416
Why the hell don't we put more money into this? I mean, infinite free clean energy you think would be a drive but it...
Feb25-10 10:14 PM
17 2,814
Hi there , I am a recent graduate from nuclear engineering and I need some tips from nuclear experts : Should I...
Feb25-10 08:41 PM
2 1,358
hello Is there any corrections for the "Introduction to Nuclear engineering" by Lamarsh? Is the book contains some...
Feb23-10 05:07 PM
1 1,090
How goes it PF, I am in a pre-engineering course through my high school and we are doing a project on different...
Feb23-10 01:10 PM
0 1,551
The title is the question. Cheers.
Feb21-10 01:22 PM
7 2,380
Obama has issued loan guarantees to build two new nuke plants. Anyone know what kind of plants they will build? Are we...
Feb18-10 10:19 PM
5 1,361
How do you get from a concentration to an effective dose? For example, if you have 10-9 Ci/cm3 of tritium in a human...
Feb18-10 12:02 PM
4 5,369
Hey, I was just looking for people's feedback. I've completed a Bachelors in Engineering Physics (Canada) and a...
Feb18-10 09:09 AM
3 1,491
Back in the 1970's and 1980's I was told that the NRC wouldn't license a design over 3800 or 4000 MWth. The new...
Feb17-10 03:59 PM
1 1,719
In neutron activations, target materials are being beamed by high energy flux, thus making the target materials...
Feb16-10 08:09 PM
5 1,427 Hello. I solved all of them but I am not sure the #4 :...
Feb16-10 07:44 PM
0 900
hi plz help me to download free MCNPX Or MCNP5C !!!!! Where can i download those soft??? Or MCNPX visual basic???...
Feb15-10 05:08 PM
7 11,501
Hi What is the best book about neutron scattering and diffusion? Regards
Feb15-10 03:55 AM
1 1,383
Hello. I've got two questions from the NPRE class. One of them is to estimate how old the certain wook piece...
Feb14-10 05:58 PM
5 1,870
Hello. I am taking Neculear Power Resource Engineering 402. The one of the homework is to calculate activity of...
Feb13-10 02:20 AM
14 9,660
Would it be possible to shrink down the scwr (super critical water reactor) to a modular size like the mpower reactor...
Feb11-10 07:30 PM
6 2,344
I have two nuclear engineer related questions, please bear with me. 1. Why is hydraulic material (like water) is...
Feb9-10 12:29 PM
1 3,571
Hi there, What are the main differences between two lattice codes CASMO and HEIOS which both are developed by...
Feb9-10 02:37 AM
2 2,777

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