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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,016
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 31,787
"The Cavradyne engines were based on the assumption of years of research and development, during the 1980s and '90s,...
Jun12-08 02:56 PM
0 2,661
If someone unknowlingly touch a radioactive substance or source, would their skin or hands then be radioactive? And...
Jun12-08 10:10 AM
1 1,889
Hi there, I want to know about power coefficinet in PWRs and its relation to fuel and coolant temperature...
Jun11-08 03:13 PM
1 2,307
Using a Van De Graaff (VDG) machine, we can easily generate million-volt high voltage. The high potential difference...
Jun7-08 07:43 PM
3 2,906
Is there any book that details the nuclear mathematics equations? i am facing a problems in reading "Nuclear reactor...
Jun4-08 07:54 AM
3 5,889
Why is artificial transmutation not started? Why is the Integral Fast Reactor not considered? I mean, its good isn't...
Jun3-08 06:30 AM
6 2,327
is it possible to produce a centafuges machines? how many RPM does the cetrafuge have to rotate for the separation to...
May26-08 04:42 PM
Ed Aboud
2 1,913
why we need heavy water to produce plutonium?
May21-08 08:28 AM
3 3,288
Assuming a Light Water Reactor, what would be the decay energy of the fission products taken out of a reactor (the...
May15-08 09:18 PM
2 3,430
What's the safest way to dispose of and store nuclear waste? Is there any chance of rocketing it into the sun or is...
May15-08 11:36 AM
253 28,366
What is the physical process common to both the emissions of atomic x rays and nuclear gamma rays? is it...
May12-08 10:13 AM
2 2,897
Dear All How many U235 Centrafuges we need to produce nuclear weapon? and for how long they will work in cascade to...
May9-08 11:39 AM
4 1,418
Nuclear-Plant Analyses Ordered Article also...
May5-08 12:02 PM
3 1,837
what is the difference between emergency diesel generators and station blackout disel generator? Is Station blackout...
May4-08 10:57 PM
13 9,883
how do i convert voltage readings, say from a PIN photodiode, to radiation dose rate equivalent (aka. sievert)? any...
Apr24-08 07:17 AM
3 1,981
I have again a question: In the new 3rd generation reactors, I thought that one could run entirely on MOXed fuel. On...
Apr23-08 07:51 AM
1 2,217
I understand that uranium is typically fabricated into uranium dioxide pellets when used in nuclear fuel rods;...
Apr21-08 10:17 PM
1 1,498
I would like to check something. If I understand well, in the TMI accident, the reactor vessel was never damaged (in...
Apr21-08 05:50 AM
3 5,333
I have a few problems regarding this issue.Anyone knows for web resources?
Apr21-08 02:04 AM
0 2,069
This is in the beginning of a long set of problems, and I am lost. I don't get anything like this answer. Any...
Apr20-08 01:14 PM
1 1,810
Does anybody know why thorium is better than uranium as far as heat transfer is concerned?
Apr18-08 04:44 PM
1 1,716
I heard and read several times that a pebble bed reactor is "safer" than a PWR or a BWR. However, I fail to figure...
Apr16-08 03:35 PM
3 3,206
They say if we needed to destroy and asteroid headed for Earth the fastest easiest way is witha nuclear bomb. If we...
Apr16-08 11:06 AM
James Essig
165 36,181
that it would burn everying in a 90 mile radius, or something like that, is this correct? Would this be the same as if...
Apr14-08 01:34 AM
3 1,844
If I take general chemistry 1 and 2 is that enough? I want to take more higher chemistry but in order to do that my...
Apr13-08 09:43 AM
6 4,618
This is actually about nanoparticles for better batteries: But...
Apr9-08 07:28 AM
9 2,233
How would using a kilo Tesla magnetic field (quite strong I know) affect magnetic confinement fusion. can this...
Apr8-08 09:53 AM
3 2,206
Yeah we’re running out of gasoline and diesel and, yeah, we’re converting more and more of our food into fuel, but the...
Mar31-08 11:59 PM
0 2,155
in the equation *C^12+C^12-->Mg^24+y(+13.93 MeV)* for what quantity is the energy assigned? and how would i plug in a...
Mar29-08 06:37 PM
4 1,922
If I have to send a beta particle in space and if the space is completely empty (from matter and energy just...
Mar28-08 09:26 AM
27 3,681
I know that confinement and stability are a big issues when it comes to harnessing fusion power in a controlled...
Mar27-08 07:21 PM
29 12,021
Pons and Fleischman used a palladium cathode in their cold fusion experiment of 1989 (cathode immersed in heavy...
Mar27-08 04:26 PM
30 12,097
Ok first I was thinking, when atoms fuse, they release energy, when an atom is split.... it releases energy. Now,...
Mar25-08 07:45 PM
4 3,146
I was wondering if nuclear power is being used in pushing and thrusting Space Rockets when launching out from the...
Mar21-08 07:49 PM
28 7,723
hi all i would like to look for the neutron diffaraction books. it is very important for me to finish the thesis.But...
Mar19-08 02:02 PM
0 1,183
I have a question: it is generally stated that 100 micrometers is the acceptable limit on the thickness of the...
Mar18-08 05:56 PM
8 3,569
Possibly the wrong forum, but talking specifically about Heat transport system (PWR, candu) On T-H diagram, At 3.2...
Mar13-08 09:30 PM
Homer Simpson
4 12,805
Does anyone know how to use Triton depletion code with a KENO VI model? I guess I'm not to sure how the depletion...
Mar13-08 09:50 AM
0 1,429
I just joined the Navy as a Nuclear Engineer. I was in college before majoring in Nanotechnology. I had failed calc...
Mar13-08 08:58 AM
15 30,569
The National Geographic TV special called "Aftermath: Population Zero" explored the consequences if everyone on earth...
Mar11-08 11:12 AM
7 5,416

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