Model rocket Definition and 8 Discussions

A model rocket is a small rocket designed to reach low altitudes (e.g., 100–500 m (330–1,640 ft) for 30 g (1.1 oz) model) and be recovered by a variety of means.
According to the United States National Association of Rocketry (nar) Safety Code, model rockets are constructed of paper, wood, plastic and other lightweight materials. The code also provides guidelines for motor use, launch site selection, launch methods, launcher placement, recovery system design and deployment and more. Since the early 1960s, a copy of the Model Rocket Safety Code has been provided with most model rocket kits and motors. Despite its inherent association with extremely flammable substances and objects with a pointed tip traveling at high speeds, model rocketry historically has proven to be a very safe hobby and has been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers.

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  1. U

    About Model Rocket Design

    Hi, I am currently working on a Hybrid Rocket which uses fuel grain as 3-D printed ABS and oxidizer as N2O, but i need to calculate some basic parts such as required thrust to reach specific altitude. I want to calculate the required thrust to reach 1.5km for 10kg rocket with 7cm radius. It will...
  2. Andy24

    Model Rocket- What does the 'v' in drag=kv^2 really mean?

    Hello! I am predicting the peak altitude of a model rocket based on some ground tests. I know that Total Force on the rocket=Thrust-mg-kv^2 but am stuck as to which value for 'v' to use? Is it the velocity of the rocket with the effects of gravity and air resistance taken into account or the...
  3. Andy24

    Coefficient of Drag on a model rocket

    Hello everyone, I am predicting the altitude of a model rocket based on some testing I did where I found the impulse of a little single stage model rocket motor. I am wondering how to incorporate drag into my calculations to make it more accurate. I know D=Cd*rho*v^2*A and I can definitely find...
  4. M

    Work-kinetic energy theorem - model rocket velocity/height

    Homework Statement A student experimenting with model rockets measures the speed of a vertically-launched rocket to be 18.0 m/s when it is 75.0 m above the ground on the way up. The rocket engine fires from when the rocket is at ground level to when it is 8.75 m above the ground. If the rocket...
  5. S

    Need help with model rocket thrust

    Homework Statement Hi. I'm in high school physics, and as I'm only 2 months in, I still don't know much. We launched a model rocket as an experiment and I need to find the thrust after adding 100g of mass to the rocket's body. The engine is an Estes A8-3. My teacher told me that its thrust is...
  6. J

    Model Rocketry Licensing

    If your rocket is of a certain power range you need a certain license. My question is of you need these license's if you are only doing horizontal thrusts tests and never actually launching it vertically into the air?
  7. Gbl911

    Can a Model Rocket reach space?

    I was wondering if there is a way to build a model rocket that has the capabilities to reach space (not go into orbit though). It would seem to be very difficult to reach space from the ground, but if you launch it from a balloon some 30 miles up, would it be possible, if not, any easier?
  8. Abscissas

    A model rocket

    Hello loves, I know there are post very very similar to this, but I just needed some help understanding it. any help is truly appreciated. 1. Homework Statement A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 50 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 30...