1. I

    Do cells migrate in a body?

    Once cells in the body "find their place" between other neighboring cells, do they stay there touching each other in the same way or do they move around, migrating, sliding around with their membranes? Can a cell just "take off"? I wonder the same about neuron cells and their axons and...
  2. I

    Are neurons that have been used for years ever re-delegated?

    I'm not sure if this specific question has been already covered. If a person in his 60s who had been say, a painter all his life, decides to instead learn to play an instrument, what happens to the neural processes in his brain? Will the brain use brand-new neurons to create a brand new...
  3. Q_Goest

    Ion channels enable electrical communication in bacteria

    Here’s an interesting bit of research regarding how bacteria communicate through ion channels. It talks about biofilms which I understand as being thin films of bacteria that colonize the surface of teeth for example: The bacteria then communicate using what sounds like a 2 dimensional EM wave...
  4. Thinkor

    What are prefrontal pyramidal neurons doing?

    I've been reading up on neurology lately and I'm mystified by pyramidal neurons. The pyramidal neurons in the prefrontal cortex, for example, have maybe 20,000 inputs through their dendritic trees and 1 output through the axon. The output is an action potential that always has the same...
  5. I

    Neurons, DNA, Memory and Learning

    Hello I am not an expert in this field but I am really hoping to understand as much as I can about the concepts described in my questions below. I might be using some improper jargon and expressions, so I apologize if some things are incorrect or confusing. #1 Do all the neurons have the same...
  6. G

    Where does the presynaptic membrane shrink

    During a synapse, a synaptic vesicle fuses with the presynaptic membrane releasing whatever neurotransmitters it contains. Neurotransmitters are then taken in through transport proteins during re-uptake. Stimulation occurs on a regular basis for some neurons and since the neurotransmitters are...