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    How to maintain flowrate and pressure head in a pump?

    Pump is supply fluid to the 35 nozzles through 3 inch pipe and manifold.At nozzle the pressure is 32 m and pressure at pump outlet is 30 m .The flow rate required at nozzles is 500 lpm. Pump can deliver 860 lpm at 24 m head.pump size 100x100 mm 1)how delivary pipe size affects the pressure head...
  2. M

    Getting an exact amount of Methane out of a cylinder

    Hello, I am currently working on a research project that involves filling a 10L tedlar bag with about* 8 liters of methane gas from a compressed gas cylinder. I'm trying to work out the best way to fill the bag with a reasonable degree of accuracy while also minimizing (or hopefully avoiding...
  3. D

    Compressed air flowrate calculation

    Hi, I have a airbottle of 30bar pressure, 1000lit.From the airbottle I had made a line of 25 nb and fitted a pressure reducing valve in the line with set pressure 5bar.I am interested to know the flowrate in the line. Please help
  4. C

    Airflow vs Flowrate: Are They Synonymous?

    Are these two terms synonymous? or not
  5. C

    How to measure flowrate using a differential pressure sensor

    I have to build a digital peak flow meter. I ve read that you can measure the volume metric flow rate using a differential pressure sensor. H ow do i go about doing so. The peak flow meter will be used to measure asthma.
  6. J

    Calculating force input to air cylinder by airflow rate

    Hello there I'm having real difficulty with a problem to do with air cylinders and would really appreciate some help. I'm attempting to replicate the human breathing system in a simplistic form but I'm having trouble calculating the force required to provide the correct airflow rate at the...
  7. D

    Optimizing Flow in a Networked Manifold System

    Hi, A chamber (manifold type cylinder) has 1 inlet and 8 outlets of 3 inch diameter each. 8 suction blowers are connected to the chamber's outlet. Each blower's suction flow rate is 1000 cfm. what will be the flow rate through the inlet of the chamber (diameter = 3 inches). Will the inlet...
  8. B

    Mass of one component in two component w/feed flowrate

    Homework Statement Basically I'm given a feed flowrate - 70,000 gal/day I know the weight percent is 35% and the component is Triethylene Glycol - density - 1.255g/ml Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution So i did this 70,000 gal/day * .35 * (.0378mL/1gal)* 1.255g/mL = g of Triethylene...
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    Valve lift & variable air flowrate in compressed air

    How we can incorporate valve lift and variable flow rate in compressed air engine Mechanical power = air power torque * angular velocity = pressure * flow rate
  10. danielng245

    Please help calculate flowrate frm blower to push water down

    How to calculate how much flowrate from blower i can push water pool 2,75m*1,8m down by 1,25m in 1 sec? Note : Blower Pressure 0.03 bar - 0.035 bar There is an empty room above the water pool with dimension of 2.75m*1.8m*1.7m This process happen in a closed chamber...
  11. C

    Compressible Flow, Pressure and Mass Flowrate

    I am doing a lab report and it is to do with compressible flow through rotameters. An upstream and downstream rotameter to measure flow rate with a needle valve between the two. The needle valve acts as a fixed orifice in one part of the experiment. Then the inlet pressure is altered. Plotting...
  12. D

    Differential Pressure Flowrate

    I am working on water aeration system that involves a water ejector. With a inlet pressure of 1.31 Bar, flow rate is 12.3 m3/sec through a 1 meter (dia) nozzle. Exit velocity at nozzle is 16m/s with therefore pressure is 3500 Pascal. What will be the flow rate and velocity of the entrained...
  13. K

    A basic fluid mechanics concept that's puzzled me for years

    And it seems like it's so straightforward for everyone else, which is incredibly frustrating. It's about the relationship between pressure and flow rate of a fluid moving in a pipe or closed system. Often what I've heard is, they have an inverse relationship...but then there are cases where...
  14. P

    Pipe Flow Rate: Guarantee Constant Volumetric Flow

    I have a pipe with regular diameter connected to a tap, the water comes from public supply, I assume that public supply can vary on pressure and flow rate. How can I guarantee that I allways get the same volumetric flow rate at the end of the pipe? Will a pressure reducer be sufficient? Thank you!
  15. D

    Flowmeter Problems: Investigating a 12l/min Difference

    Hi there, I am currently doing leak testing for a piece of equipment. In order to do so I have a flowmeter at the inlet and outlet (of what is essentially a long cylinder) and have air drawn through by a vacuum pump. Now, the problem is that even with no obvious signs of leaks the two flows...
  16. P

    Control flowrate or pressure? Faucet and garden hose conundrum

    Hello, I am confused why when we turn on a faucet on small, the water doesn't accelerate out of the tap like you would expect from Bernoulli's equation where a reduced area means a high velocity. It seem's like the faucet only regulates flow rate but not the pressure. However, if you connect a...
  17. Z

    How do you calculate flowrate exiting a pipe?

    It has been several years since I have dealt with fluid mechanics. I have a 4hp pump that circulates the water in a 4ft swimming pool. A 2in pipe is connected to the outlet which runs up about 1ft. It passes through a shutoff valve and is then split into two streams, both 2in pipe, by a...
  18. B

    Calculating required pressure to maintain flowrate

    Folks, I seek just a very rudimentary idea of what pressure is required to pump oil through a very small hole of 1mm diameter to maintain a flow rate of 0.5L/min. See attached. I would imagine that under gravity that the flow rate would be very low because of the viscosity of the oil thus...
  19. S

    Calculate Volumetric Flowrate

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me to solve this question ? please. Water at 25 °C is circulated from a large tank, through a filter, and back to the tank as shown in the figure below. The power added to the water by the pump is 271 W. Determine the flow rate through the filter. In your...
  20. P

    Fluid mechanics flowrate problem

    Homework Statement A long water trough of triangular cross section is formed from two planks as is show in Fig P3.66. A gap of 0.1 in. remains at the junction of the two planks. If the water depth initially was 2 ft, how long a time does it take for the water depth to reduce to 1 ft...
  21. C

    Fluid Mechanics: Determine volumetric flowrate

    Homework Statement *See attachment for diagram* With steady-state operation, an energy balance between point 1 and point 2 along the A side dictates: *See attachment for equation 1* And an energy balance between points 1 and 2 along the B side dictates: *see attachment for equation 2*...
  22. S

    Determining flowrate (GPM) through a partially open gate valve

    Hello all, trying to figure this out. I work at a shipyard and operate/maintain the drydock. The discharge tunnel that flows water out into the ocean has culverts about 24.5' x 15.5' x 8'. Connected to the bottom of the culvert is a 48" pipe that goes to a gate valve of the same diameter. If I...
  23. N

    Fluids question - Pump flowrate ofdue to elevation head

    Hey guys, I've been strugling with a concept recently and was hoping someone familiar with fluid dynamics could answer. I am trying to calculate the flowrate of a flow circuit with a given pump. I have the pump performance curve (flow vs. head) of the pump and I know all the given pipe...
  24. Z

    How come a liquids dynamic viscosity is not indicative of flowrate?

    REWRITTEN: Well if you're interested I have a tank (actually a PVC tube with an end cap) that has an interior diameter of 86 mm. It stands on its circular face. Coming out near the bottom of the tank at a right angle is a metal pipe 11 mm in diameter (interior) and 312 mm long (in total that...
  25. B

    Relation between flowrate and butterfly valve opening

    is it right to say that valve opening for both ball & butterfly valve is directly proportional to flowrate passing through it? say 100 m^3/hr at 100% opening 50 m^3/hr at 50% opening?? thanks in advance..
  26. J

    Converting Flowrate: Simple Homework Problem Solution

    Homework Statement I have a fluids problem, I will know how to solve it once I can convert the-Wflowrate = 150N/s, to velocity or even mass flowrate. The Attempt at a Solution As i was typing this question i think it came to me I was just drawing a blank but since the given is in N/s...
  27. D

    Equations for calculating required pump pressure given flowrate, xsa, length

    is there any equations that can be used for calculating required pump pressure for a horizontal running water pipe given the pipe length, cross-sectional area, required flowrate and frictional loss co-efficient?? is this possible or is more information required?
  28. D

    Calculating required pump pressure to maintain flowrate in a uniform horizontal pipe

    Homework Statement I am having trouble with calculating the required pump pressure in a horizontal water pipe, 3Km long. i know that the flowrate is 600Kg/s, average velocity 5.6m/s, cross-sectional area of pipe is 0.107143m^2 and losses due to friction average 0.002 per meter Homework...
  29. S

    What are the unknown variables in the flowrate equation?

    Hello friends! I got this flowrate equation I wish to translate, into metric system, but somehow I find it hard to do. It is as follows: M (lb/s) = A x C x P / √(R) A: Area (inches) C: Flow coefficient P: Pressure (psi) R: Temperature (Rankine) So, to get this into SCFM I...
  30. C

    Volumetric flowrate of one substance to another

    Basically we have a valve that was tested with air and gave us a leak rate (MFR) of 0.046lbs/min of air. We need to know how much that equates to in Jet A Jet Fuel. The stats are: temperature ranging from 120 F to 200 F. Fuel temperature will range from -40F to 150F. Air pressure in the line...
  31. A

    Pressure & Flowrate - Can Flow Rate Determine Pressure?

    If we know the flowrate of a pump, is it possible to find out the pressure of the pump?
  32. A

    Flowrate and Pressure Calculation

    There is an atmospheric pressure circular tank of X meter diameter and Y meter height. A pipeline is connected to the bottom of the tank. The diameter of the pipe is z meters. a) How can we calculate the maximum flow-rate of the pipe when the tank is completely filled? b) How can we calculate...
  33. T

    Flowrate and pressure after a size reduction

    I work for a plumbing company, and I'm trying to understand things like pressure loss etc. Right now I'm trying to figure out what's shown in the attachment. It is a pipe reduction with water flowing trough it. First, is it so that the flowrate at the left end must be equal to the flowrate...