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  1. S

    Fluid force at the end of a pipe

    Consider the very standard pipe problem used to calculate the force required to hold a pipe with a bend that has some fluid flowing through it, as shown in the image. We use Newton's second law of motion to calculate the external force required. However, why is there pressure acting into the...
  2. L

    B Fluid pressure and flow

    So I was playing around with Fluid Pressure and Flow over on PHET animations and noticed something odd. When a fluid with high flow rate is going from a large pipe to a small pipe a lower density increases the pressure. And a higher density lowers the pressure in the narrow part of the pipe. My...
  3. G_Mallard

    I Not sure Exactly what Pressure I am Solving for in this Form

    Hello all, I am posting this question here in this thread and not the homework thread since it is not a homework problem but something I have been working on myself. Let us imagine a fluid flowing through a pipe, we can measure pipe diameter and fluid velocity. The density of the fluid is also...
  4. A

    B Relation of shape of bottle to water pressure

    So, I know that according to everything online water pressure is independent from everything except gravity, height, and density of fluid. The situation I'm talking about is slight different. Imagine a standard water bottle that angles inwards near the top. Now imagine a point on the side of...