What is housing: Definition and 23 Discussions

Housing, or more generally, living spaces, refers to the construction and assigned usage of houses or buildings individually or collectively, for the purpose of shelter. Housing is a basic human need, and it plays a critical role in shaping the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.

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  1. jayf202

    Can SKF Bearings and Housings Be Replaced by FAG Types?

    Hi there, i need your help. I want tom know if is it possible to replace a Bearings and a housing from SKF by a FAG type?
  2. M

    Other DOE/SULI Argonne Internship Housing

    Hi PhysicsForums, I have a question for former students who have participated in internships at Argonne National Lab. I am lucky enough to have received an offer to intern for Spring 2020 and will be starting in January, with the possibility of staying on to continue work throughout the summer...
  3. T

    Subsea Pressure Housing Design – Wall Thickness for Stress & Buckling

    I’m designing a subsea sensor that will go to a max depth of 600 m (6 MPa/60 bar). In a simple model, it will be made of a pressure housing cylinder and two end caps, all grade 5 titanium. Some geometry is attached. I’m looking for advice on how to calculate the thickness of the...
  4. N

    Sophisticated Experiment (Thermal Conductivity of Housing Materials)

    Hi everyone, I am currently a third year University Student in the UK and I'm in the midst of doing my dissertation. My dissertation topic (Effective methods of decreasing the thermal Conductivity of Housing Materials) requires that I produce several experiments to test and analyse a certain...
  5. F

    Appropriate tolerance for shaft and housing for bearings?

    Hello, So I am designing a shaft which would involve bearings on the shaft, and a housing which would enclose the shaft. The shaft would be slightly bigger than the bearing hole which would create an interference fit so the bearings would stay on the shaft tightly. At the same time the bearing...
  6. David Dincer

    Cooling for Underwater Monitor Housing

    Hi, I have an underwater monitor housing made out of carbon fiber and an acryllic Glass on the other side. Over time the monitor heats up. I guess carbon fiber is a bad heat conductor :(. the Acryllic glass is almost 1cm thick. Does anybody have an advice on how to cool something like this...
  7. Noisy Rhysling

    Affordable hurricane-resistant housing, can we do it?

    My first thought on this is how to avoid standing water damage. After massive flooding in this area in '08 houses were jacked up about eight feet. (Based, I think, on the "100 year" flood model and the catch-basin effect of water crossing over the railroad right-of-way.) Would Cat 5 winds cause...
  8. kyphysics

    How Did Goldman Sachs Make Money From 2008 Housing Crash?

    Here's what I understand (please feel free to correct me on anything if I'm wrong): i.) Goldman Sachs created MBSs (mortgage backed securities) with sub-prime mortgages that they bought. They essentially bought up a ton of these mortgages and packaged them all together into a giant...
  9. E

    I Relative Humidity Inside a not so Perfectly Sealed Housing

    Hey all, As environmental physics isn't my forte, I have a problem that has been annoying me for about a month now at work and I am still getting no where with it... so any help with this head ache is much appreciated. The problem at hand is as follows. A sealed metal housing is purged with...
  10. B

    Need to build an underwater housing for camera

    will an aluminum tube 127mm in diameter, 3.5mm wall thickness, enclosed on either end by 12mm thick disks with o-rings be able to with stand 15bar of pressure. Its for an underwater camera housing.
  11. G

    Schools Housing options to live alone in grad school

    I know that this post is going to get me labelled as a whiny baby, and I've embraced this. Throughout my ~4 years of undergrad, I've had a solid stream of roommates; I've lived in houses, dorms, apartments, with anywhere between 1 and 5 roommates. Most of them were fine: clean, nice, respectful...
  12. V

    The right method to put an oil seal in a housing

    i have a question, when i put a oil seal in a housing, should i put grease between the housing and the oil seal? because that is more easy to out in. Can explain the theory to me please?
  13. L

    Are there government grants available for on-campus housing for students?

    I was wondering if there was any grant that helped pay for on campus housing. I filed my FAFSA with the intent of living off campus with my friend, but that fell through. So I decided to live on campus, and the rent will be taken out of my FAFSA. But with the current award I got from FAFSA, it...
  14. S

    Turbochargers - clearance between turbine wheel and housing. Is it important?

    I am trying to find authority that the gap between the turbine wheel and the housing is important to the performance the turbocharger will be able to add to a diesel engine.
  15. L

    Who won from the housing bubble?

    "Banks lost, borrowers lost", then who won?
  16. D

    Need help in Filter Housing Design

    Need help in Filter Housing Design...! I have to design the filter housing using the data provided below. Can anybody help me ,how to calculate the shell diameter and length of the shell of filter housing.which all formula are taken into consideration into filter Housing design ?? Flow...
  17. K

    Was the housing bubble caused by a lack of regulation and low interest rates?

    Is it true that the housing bubble was created because the housing market was practically 100% unregulated?
  18. M

    College Housing Issues How do you deal with someone like this?

    So since I'm a freshman, stuck in a tiny dorm for this year that I pay about $7000+ for (which I share with another person I may add), I am eager to get out of university housing. I've taken a look at several properties and my plan was to move in with my friend, a girl who I've known since...
  19. D

    Why Use Alloy 4047 for Hermetically Sealed Housing Covers

    OK, 4047 Aluminum is used for housing covers which are hermetically sealed using a laser welding process. Can anyone give me a reason why this specific alloy is used? Some spec on the alloy: http://www.jlanthonyandcompany.com/product/4047_aluminum.html I would figure if you had a housing...
  20. Astronuc

    News Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act 2005/2007

    Considering that the US economy was just about brought to its knees, what the heck happened? Warnings about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go back to the late 90's! On Jan 26, 2005, Chuck Hagel introduced a bill 'Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005' with cosponsors John...
  21. D

    Considering Housing Options: Save Money or Splurge?

    I'm looking at housing options. I'm thinking, while I can afford to get a nice place, I could save around 20-30% on rent by getting a not so nice place. Even a not so nice place would still be better than any of the rooms I had during school. I'm just mulling this over and considering how...
  22. F

    Need Summer Housing in Upper Merion Area?

    Summer housing help! Hi everyone, I know this might not be the right place to ask this question, but i thought it doesn't hurt to try. I have an internship in King of Prussia this summer, so I'm looking for a place to live from June to August. Short-term rental in upper merion area is hard to...
  23. DocToxyn

    Alternative housing energy and financing

    I have some friends that are house shopping and they found a really interesting home with many normal aspects except that it also has solar electric. They were told (unknown source) that they might have problems with bank financing because of this. I also have some other friend who recently...