What is Load cell: Definition and 27 Discussions

A load cell is a force transducer. It converts a force such as tension, compression, pressure, or torque into an electrical signal that can be measured and standardized. As the force applied to the load cell increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. The most common types of load cell used are strain gauges, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

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    Electrical Load Cell Wiring Length Question

    I would like to weigh our pet parakeets. They are rather skittish, so the idea I came up with was to hack a digital scale so as to put the controls and display some distance from the scale. Then I would add a perch to the scale. When one of our birds lands on the scale, I could turn on the...
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    Tracking thermal expansion of an aluminium load cell

    Hi all, I am having trouble getting repeatable results from a linear regression formula that simply uses temperature vs load cell output especially with rapidly increasing/decreasing temperatures. This appears to be a result of the thermal co-efficient of our temperature sensor being almost...
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    Are load cell signal conditioners limited to sample speeds?

    Hi, I need to buy a bridge amplifier for my load cell. I need to be able to take at least 350SPS (samples per second). The only load cell amplifier I can find within my budget states that it has a selectable 10 SPS and 80 SPS output data rate. Heres the link to the amplifier...
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    Load Cell Choice for dynamic checkweigher system

    Hello everyone, Greetings of the day. My name is Zeshan, I am automation engineer, I am stuck in problem of automation of weighing and sort system in chicken slaughter house using plc and load cell. Everything is done right but load cell is not giving me the right weight to make the right...
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    Need help with choosing the right load cell?

    Hey guys, my group is building a tensile tester for testing 3d printed parts as specimen(standard ASTM D638). We're trying to use cheap parts to build the machine and I would like to ask you guys something about load cell. When choosing which load cells to buy, what conditions should I consider...
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    What is the Total Uncertainty in Measuring Force with a 0-10 lbf Load Cell?

    Say I have a 0-10 lbf load cell that can measure the force it takes to lift an object. The load cell is accurate to 1% of the full scale. I take 5 measurements and get the following readings: 5.2, 5.1, 4.9, 5.0, & 4.8, all in lbf. Now I am asked to give the mean with the associated...
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    The Physics Behind Applying Force with a Load Cell

    We are applying a force with a machine that has a dial that measures lbs. P=F/A We have 5 blocks with a combined area of 20 in^2 and we want to apply a pressure of 35 PSI to them. Therefore F(total) for the entire Area is ~700 lbs. This is what the machine reads. If we put the load cell on...
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    Confirm Formula Please (total load on load cell)

    I am using the following formula to determine the lb load against the bottom of a load cell from tightening the bottom anchor bolt nut (which anchor bolt goes through the center of the load cell structure and anchors to a bottom base plate) to a certain torque force, plus adding a live static...
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    Independent calibration of structure and load cell?

    I have a load cell which must be placed onto a piece of vehicle structure. In an ideal world I would attach the load cell to the structure and calibrate both together to ensure a very accurate calibration, and that accurate loads are measured. However a problem arises if I need to replace the...
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    Designing a Strain Gauge Load Cell: Q&A on Force Measurement

    Hello, I'm trying to design a strain gauge load cell for force measurments. I have few questions regarding that. Q1: how to calculate the minimum froce that my load cell can detect? Q2: how to calculate the FSO(full scale output) of my load cell? Q3: Is there any way to measure the...
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    Strain Gauge Load Cell Questions

    I am not a (real) engineer, but have undertaken an ambitious project which contains some technical intricacies I have to learn on the fly. My first question (of many to come no doubt) is about strain gauge load cell technology - specifically powering the device. My project requires a battery...
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    Question on lvd, and load cell output

    Hello, I graduated last year for mechanical engineering and have a project that i am working on at home that i need some help on with the electrical part. what i am trying to build is a shock dyno, i need to measure force and velocity, i plan on using a lvt and a load cell unless someone has a...
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    Load cell (how to convert V to N)

    Hello, I have Omega made load cell with 150g capacity,Rated output 2mV/V, Excitation 10V.How I can convert voltage values to the force (Newtons)?When no force applied meter shows 0,06V and then i pressing with finger the max value I get is 0.7V.So how I can converts those volts to Newtons now?
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    Looking for unique load cell, or equal

    LOOKING FOR WEIGHT/MEASUREMENT DEVICE: DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? Please bear with me. I think the best way to present this is to post my RFQ and that will, I hope, explain what I am looking for. AN ALTERNATIVE TO A NORMAL LOAD CELL, WHICH WOULD HOPEFULLY BE MUCH CHEAPER, WOULD BE...
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    Upward forces applied to load cell in mobile application.

    My current project is as follows: Designing a system that will be mounted to a truck that will be traveling down the equivalent of a dirt road. Part of the system is an ingredient bin that is rigidly mounted to load cells. The loads cells are a cantileaverd beam type. The primary...
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    Harvesting Load Cell from Food Scale

    Hello, I've been toying with the idea of making a cheap dynomometer for small electric motors, but one of the obstacles I'm encountering is finding a cheap load cell. The best I've done so far is a $75 sensor from Omega, which still requires conditioning. Then it occurred to me that you can...
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    Help me S beam load cell as gravity sensor

    hye guys... i need to do some design which need me to use S beam load cell as gravity sensor...anyone have ideas about my project?
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    Removing pre-load voltage difference for a load cell

    I am trying to use a 0-5000 lb load cell with an Arduino. My issue is the 10 bit input on the Arduino. The load cell will actually be pre-loaded to about 3800 lbs. I just need to measure up to a couple hundred pounds difference. The load cell is a standard 4 wire and measures the difference...
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    To generate electricity from piezoelectric load cell

    i want to generate electricity from piezoelectric load cell by application of load on it, but i don't know which type of cell to use and from where to get it? i want good efficiency, please help me out.
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    FEA of a Load Cell: Better Ways to Calculate Stress?

    Homework Statement This is one half of a load cell I am analysing for an asignment. I have managed to calculate the stress in the beam using the equations below. I have approximated the centroid to be along the red line so that I can work out the distance for M, and then taken y or...
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    Help with Load Cell Selections

    Hey everybody! I am currently doing a project whereby I have to build a test rig for a certain corrosion sensor. As part of this rig, I have to incorporate a real time weighing mechanism to determine the weight loss of the specimen during corrosion, and log it in a PC. Hence, I am...
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    How can I improve the accuracy of my load cell signal output?

    Howdy, I am a mechanical engineering student with limited circuitry knowledge to start... Anyhow I have a [-500,+500]lbf load cell that is essentially a wheatstone bridge strain gauge. I want to give it either 9Vdc or 12Vdc excitation voltage since I have a regulated power supply that can...
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    Load Cell Accuracy | Capacity >200Kg | 10g or Better Accuracy

    Hi Everyone, I've been trying to find a load cell for a report and I need one with a maximum capacity of >200Kg and and accuracy of 10 grams or better (used in compression). I've taken a look on the web and the highest accuracy I can find is about 0.03% of the maximum capacity; which with a...
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    Choosing the Best Load Cell for Side Load Protection in Automated Feeder Systems

    I am looking to make an automated feeder system using hoppers. The first design used 50lb single ended load cells. However, a side load was accidently applied to the system and the load cell was rendered inoperable. i am not worried about the accuracy of the system when a side load is applied, i...
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    Load Cell Application Q&A: Single Cell for Loss in Weight Feeder

    I have a question regarding a load cell application I am working on. I am designing a loss in weight feeder system and would like to use a single load cell for my hopper weight. Upon preliminary trials, I mounted the load cell on one side of the hopper and hinged the other. This does not give me...
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    Load cell question for the experts

    Hello, I must first say that I think this is an excellent forum, I have found some usefull info in the past.(thanks) The question I have today is about loadcells, I am working in my companys R&D department I am trying to set up a pair of load cells to measure tension. The load cells I am...