What is Harvesting: Definition and 44 Discussions

Harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain or pulse for harvest, typically using a scythe, sickle, or reaper. On smaller farms with minimal mechanization, harvesting is the most labor-intensive activity of the growing season. On large mechanized farms, harvesting utilizes the most expensive and sophisticated farm machinery, such as the combine harvester. Process automation has increased the efficiency of both the seeding and harvesting processes. Specialized harvesting equipment utilizing conveyor belts to mimic gentle gripping and mass transport replaces the manual task of removing each seedling by hand. The term "harvesting" in general usage may include immediate postharvest handling, including cleaning, sorting, packing, and cooling.
The completion of harvesting marks the end of the growing season, or the growing cycle for a particular crop, and the social importance of this event makes it the focus of seasonal celebrations such as harvest festivals, found in many religions.

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  1. S

    I Methods for energy harvesting in expanding universe?

    There has been much discussion about how could we (theoretically) extract energy from the accelerated expansion of the universe. However, the only gedankenexperiment I can found is the "tethered galaxies" one (e.g. https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0104349). However, has somebody proposed an...
  2. T

    Engineering project: Harvesting energy from natural water fall

    - design of a micro-turbine based on different scenarios of waterfalls - build a system that involves a battery for storing power - test in the lab I have attached a image. I know the image is not very detailed but wanting some advice on this situation. I have done some water calculations on...
  3. K

    Individual project on Energy harvesting using piezoelectric material

    I have two questions: 1) Is it possible to cut the material with a laser cutter or scissors or do I need to have a specific tool? 2) What is the best way to attach the PZT-5H material to the beam but it can be easily detached for using it on another beam ( so no epoxy glue)?Thank you
  4. sophiecentaur

    At last: a practical Energy Harvesting proposal?

    I was enjoying my (very short) hot shower this morning and realized that the lovely warm water was flowing over my body (sorry - too much information) only once and then disappearing down the drain. This water - and what comes out of the washing machine, dishwasher etc. could be at a seriously...
  5. K

    RF Energy Harvesting Simulation

    I want to do RF energy harvesting simulation for the measurement of Power Conversion Efficiency. So how can be simulation done on a single platform?. Kindly suggest
  6. S

    I Necessary conditions for energy harvesting

    Assume that a contraption with loosely suspended internal weights is fixed to the body of a vehicle that is moving in free 3D space without gravitational sources nearby. Given the position and orientation of the vehicle as functions of time, how can one tell whether it is possible for the...
  7. T

    Harvesting the energy of sea waves using capacitance

    Hello. I have a question related to capacitance. here is another mechanical solution to harness wave energy. Can changing capacity of the capacitor be used to harness wave energy? Let's say we envelope conductive plates in plastic and submerge them in the ocean and the water in between them...
  8. P

    B Energy Harvesting: Calculating kWh from Motorway Traffic

    Hello there :) if there were an energy converter for a motorway where 5000000 cars drive over it annually and that has an efficiency of 100 percent, how many kWh does the energy converter give me? The energy converter would generate 4000 joules / s per pass. (P = 1400 * 9.81 * 0.02 / 0.07)...
  9. nabs16

    Damping effect in piezoelectric energy harvesting systems

    Hi, I have to make a report on an energy harvesting system using piezolectric materials by comparing two methods each other which are: the standard technique (rectifier bridge+filtering capacitance) and the nonlinear technique, by adding to the standard device a switch and an inductor in...
  10. physea

    Methods of rotational energy harvesting and storage

    Hello! What are the available methods to harvest rotational energy? I was thinking to put a turbine on the shaft and compress air, but the air will get cold and the energy will be lost. I was thinking to put an electric generator, which is ok but it needs a battery. I was thinking to use...
  11. nabs16

    Weakly & strongly coupled structures in piezoelectric energy harvesting

    Hello everyone (and sorry for my average english), I have to make a report on an energy harvesting system from vibrations with piezoelectric elements. During my research, i always read that there two cases in a piezoelectric harvesting system which are : weakly coupled strucutre and strongly...
  12. wolram

    Harvesting energy from evaporating water

    What do you guys think of this concept. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/09/170926125154.htm
  13. L

    If a constant number h of fish are harvested from a fishery

    Hi! Can anyone help me? If a constant number h of fish are harvested from a fishery per unit time, then a model for the population P(t) of the fishery at time t is given by: dP/dt = P(5-P) - h, P(0) = P0. a. Solve for the IVP if h = 4. b. Determine the value of P0 such that the fish...
  14. P

    Piezoelectric energy harvesting systems

    Hello, I am an student of Engineering and I come a cross of a doubt that I would like to investigate a bit more. I would like some information or some directions to the right path for the following. I would like to know how could I calculate the harvesting energy of an area for a piezoelectric...
  15. Ahmad Esber

    B Is it possible to harvest energy from fluid buoyancy?

    So I've noticed my little sister's helium balloons floating at the ceiling. Made me wonder if someone could create a device that could harvest energy from this buoyancy. What if I tied a very long rope to a huge balloon filled with helium, and rolled the other end of the rope to a gear attached...
  16. Pranav_Indian

    Harvesting energy from pipelines

    why can't we go for harvesting hydropower from the pipelines, eventhough the flow is not continuous we can generate and store it,,, and can use it for small devices..
  17. Alfredo722

    8 small 3-volt hobby motor/generator harvesting

    How difficult would it be to harvest the electrical out put of 8 small 3 volt motor/generator?
  18. G

    Energy harvesting from hot pipes in home

    Hi guys, I was just thinking about something and I'd love to get your opinion. How much energy do you think is lost from water pipes getting hot and releasing that energy into the air? In a three bedroom house there are probably a lot of hot pipes releasing heat energy. Do you think some sort...
  19. muzcategui

    Hello, i with lab equipment for electrochemical harvesting of microalgae

    Hello, I'm an Aquaculture Engineering student at lima. I'm trying to do an experiment of electrochemical harvesting of microalgae. But it seems my weakness at physics its getting in the way plus i don't know to well how to operate the equipment which none knows either since its new to the lab. I...
  20. J

    Maximum theoretical power from piezoelectric harvesting

    Hi there... I have an application where I know the vibration frequency/force/acceleration of the source... How can I find the maximum theoretical power output (in mw/watts...) of a tuned piezo where its resonance is the same as the source vibration frequency...
  21. S

    A Quantum Entanglement Harvesting

    An article by the University of Waterloo talks about Quantum Entanglement Harvesting and possible novel applications, such as using it to probe the structure of spacetime: https://uwaterloo.ca/institute-for-quantum-computing/news/entanglement-harvesting-vacuum So I understand that Spacetime...
  22. Joel Shearon

    RF Energy Harvesting Batteries

    Hey Physics Forum! So I will try to give as much detail as possible and needed without dragging on. We have an RF source at 5.8 GHz producing -17dBm and we eventually amplify it close to 27dBm (so we get as close to 30dBm out of source antenna as possible). We are using 5.8 GHz slot antennas...
  23. luetm

    Can a Piston Engine Harvest Fusion Energy?

    Hi I have a really weird idea that is robbing me of my sleep. One of the many problems with fusion seems to be how to harvest the energy released by the reaction efficiently. So as I was slowly drifting into sleep I was wondering, how we usually harvest energy from reactions, and the piston...
  24. H

    Vibration Based Energy Harvesting

    So, personally, I'm really excited about having wireless energy harvesting. I was looking up articles on piezoelectrics, since that seems to be the leading thing these days, and I encountered an article that designed a MEMS circuit (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3958224/). It's...
  25. A

    Can Sound Energy be Harvested and Stored using Piezoelectric Materials?

    Hello! I'm new to this website, so apologies if I'm a little off with the way I format this question. Nonetheless: This last year, I've been researching sound energy and methods of focusing, harvesting, and storing this energy. Essentially, I'm looking at the possibility of harnessing sound...
  26. C

    Maximizing Power Output with Piezoelements: A Comprehensive Guide

    Hello, I am looking for harvesting piezo elements with the greatest possible power output. Can someone give me some links to manufacturers and/or articles and books, please? Thanks in advance.
  27. J

    Can Solar Panels Orbiting the Sun Beam Energy to Earth via Lasers?

    So I was thinking about something today. Tell me if it's possible. I don't care if its plausible, just physically possible. Somehow, we design a huge solar panel that is extremely resistant to heat. We send it out on a trajectory towards the sun, coming very close before being pulled into an...
  28. C

    Medical Radial Artery harvesting for bypass surgery

    Radial Artery harvesting is becoming and more and more used as an option for bypass surgery. I have read that there is an increase in the risk of pour tissue oxygenation, which of course makes sense. You can read more in - http://lib.tmd.ac.jp/jmd/5202/01_manabe.pdf, where it is also referred...
  29. K

    Harvesting Load Cell from Food Scale

    Hello, I've been toying with the idea of making a cheap dynomometer for small electric motors, but one of the obstacles I'm encountering is finding a cheap load cell. The best I've done so far is a $75 sensor from Omega, which still requires conditioning. Then it occurred to me that you can...
  30. G

    Harvesting Fish: Examining Population Models

    Homework Statement I only need help with problem 16 but included problem 15 because it is referenced in problem 16. 16. Suppose that the growth-rate parameter k = 0.3 and the carrrying capacity N = 2500 in the logistic population model of Excercise 15. Suppose p(0) = 2500. (a) If 100...
  31. Low-Q

    Harvesting energy from the earth rotation

    Could a gyro be able to harvest the energy from the Earth rotation? If the gyro is locked in space, it must change position relative to the alignment of the earth. This change in position could be the energy output. A gear mechanism is taking energy from the rotating Earth to keep the gyro...
  32. J

    Re: Piezoelectric dimensions problem in energy harvesting

    hi I am doing project on piezoelectric energy harvesting which is a cantilever structure using COMSOL. I have some doubts related to my project. I designed cantilever structure having three layers substrate (SiC), piezo (ZnO) and electrode (Al). My doubt is that when piezoelectric layer...
  33. W

    Harvesting energy from walking humans

    So, this may sound like a homework question but I promise it's not. How much energy do you think could be harvested per human step? For instance, if you had "buttons" in the bottom of shoes which compressed a spring and somehow moved that energy to some sort of energy storage device, how much...
  34. D

    Electromagnetic induction for energy harvesting

    Hi there, I'm currently working on a project that harnesses vertical motion via electromagnetic induction for the purpose of energy harvesting. I have built a prototype to confirm it's operation but haven't been able to figure out how to do the emf calculations. The device consists of a...
  35. K

    Harvesting Asteroids: Soft Landing Nickel/Iron Megaton on Earth?

    using the proper orbital mechanics, could a megaton nickel/iron asteroid be soft landed on Earth without the use of heat shields?
  36. S

    Harvesting Fission Fragment Energy with Magnetic Fields

    Here's a new and interesting design for a nuclear reactor which I've never seen before: http://www.rbsp.info/rbs/RbS/PDF/aiaa05.pdf It's harvesting the kinetic energy of fission fragments via magnetic fields, converting it directly into electrical energy. They say that past obstacles over...
  37. S

    Solve Problem 5: Investigate Harvesting Model (a=5, b=1, h=25/4)

    Here is the question: Investigate the harvesting model in problem 5 both qualitatively and analytically in the case a=5, b=1, and h=25/4. Determine whether the population becomes extinct in finite time. If so, find that time. The information from problem 5 is: dP/dt= P(a-bP)-h ...
  38. M

    Revolutionize Charging with RCA Airnergy: Harness WiFi Energy Harvesting!

    A little gizmo with one heckuva claim was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently. The Airnergy by RCA claims to be able to scavenge enough energy from WiFi (and presumably the 2.4GHz band) to juice up its own internal battery and allow a user to charge up devices on the...
  39. O

    How Can Radio-Frequency Harvesting Transfer Power Wirelessly?

    Radio-frequency Harvesting THE INDUCTION SYSTEMS are only the beginning. Some of the most visually arresting examples of wireless electricity are based on what's known as radio frequency, or RF. While less efficient, they work across distances of up to 85 feet. In these systems, electricity...
  40. N

    Wind turbine energy harvesting

    Hi all, I just looked at a thread involving a wind turbine on a car or something of that sort and I have a similar idea... but it does not involve a car. It is similar in the aspect of something creates energy , and you add something else to it to get more energy, but I'm not sure if the...
  41. C

    General solution(s) to Logistic model with harvesting?

    Homework Statement Hi guys! I am trying to show the limiting population for this model:Homework Equations P'(t) = P(S - P) + H The harvesting, is actually immigration, so its a positive unknown. I have shown this before (without harvesting) by solving for P(t) using separation of variables...
  42. M

    Exploring Fresh Ideas for Wind Energy Harvesting

    There is a lot of talk about big projects to gather energy from wind. I have two ideas I don't see used that I was wondering about. 1. Using large stretches of canvas to redirect wind from a large cross sectional area to a smaller outlet, like some kind of wind nozzle. It would also form...
  43. Ivan Seeking

    Harvesting Biodiesel from Lichen: Surprisingly Simple!

    While exploring the information on biodiesel, it became clear that the feedstock for this all around. As it turns out, blue-green algae - cyanobacteria, or pond scum - is a good producer of hydrocarbons. Knowing that lichen is made from cyanobacteria and fungus, and considering the abudance of...
  44. J

    Stem Cells in Research: Harvesting From IVF Embryos

    Are stem cells (used in research) derived from frozen embryos from people who wish to do in vitro fertilization?