What is Distributed load: Definition and 36 Discussions

In computing, load balancing refers to the process of distributing a set of tasks over a set of resources (computing units), with the aim of making their overall processing more efficient. Load balancing can optimize the response time and avoid unevenly overloading some compute nodes while other compute nodes are left idle.
Load balancing is the subject of research in the field of parallel computers. Two main approaches exist: static algorithms, which do not take into account the state of the different machines, and dynamic algorithms, which are usually more general and more efficient, but require exchanges of information between the different computing units, at the risk of a loss of efficiency.

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  1. Krismein

    Calculate deflection of rod/axlepipe due to distributed load

    Summary:: Calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. I’m manually trying to calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. The rod has an outer diameter of 62mm and an inner diameter of 50, is 170mm long, made from a material with an...
  2. greg_rack

    Engineering Diagram of a beam with distributed load - SOLVED

    Hi guys, I'm wasting much time on this problem but still can't manage to get to a solution; I'll attach my attempt below. I started with drawing the FBD of the beam "sectioned" at point C, in order to find an expression for the internal shear force at that point and then equal that to zero...
  3. R

    Choosing correct steel beam for a span

    I have a weight of 30,000 lbs distributed across a span of 100' and supported at the ends. If I have 3 beams to support this load, each beam would then need to hold 10,000 lbs, and with a F.S of 1.6 each beam would need to hold 16,000 lbs. If I assume my max deflection at 1", then I can find the...
  4. A

    Roof truss -- distributed load

    Homework Statement Snow on a roof supported by the Howe truss of the figure can be approximated as a distributed load of 20 lb/ft (measured along the roof). Treat the distributed load as you would the weight of the members; that is, replace the total load on each of the upper members as a...
  5. M

    Statics of structure, distributed load

    Homework Statement All data are in the image uploaded Homework Equations I don't know how to deal with two confounded loads The Attempt at a Solution I really need fast replies thnak for your attempt
  6. lawa44

    Direct Stiffness Method for a distributed load

    I'm working on a question which asks to determine the deflection, curvature, forces and moments of a simply supported beam with a distributed load. diagram shown in here http://imgur.com/a/wpI4kInitially, I've done the calculation with 1 plane beam element with 2 nodes. At L = 0 and L = 3. But...
  7. T

    Statics problem. Cable with distributed load

    Homework Statement can someone please help and explain to me how to do this problem? all the data is in the picture above. Homework Equations i am not entirely sure which equations i should use. i know one possible equation is T=((T_o)^(2)+(wy)^(2))^(1/2) The Attempt at a Solution with the...
  8. G

    Distributed load with overhang and multiple supports

    I have a structure that can have 3 or more supports. It will carry an evenly distributed load with overhang. I thought I would tackle 3 supports first and solve with superposition but am getting the center support reaction to be very low and will go negative as I move the outside supports...
  9. C

    Moment of uniformly distributed load

    Homework Statement at R2 , is the moment wrong ? it should be 6R1 -200(2)(1) =1800 , am i right ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution it's 200(2)(1) because the uniformly distributed load is from 2m away from R2 , so force should be 200(2) ??
  10. F

    Why Is There an Extra Term in the Distributed Load Calculation?

    Homework Statement For region 8<x<12 , why there's an extra (60-30y +3.75y^2 ) - (30y-7.5y^2) ? How to get that? I have no idea at all... Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution here's my working, i have divided the triangle into three parts, i gt 129-80 -75- (60-30y=3.75y^2) -...
  11. C

    Understanding Distributed Load Forces: Causes and Effects on Objects

    Homework Statement why the force of distributed act upward? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution why shouldn't it act downward due to gravity pull?
  12. F

    Location of moment of distributed load

    Homework Statement why the center of moment due to distributed load 1.11x is located x /3 from the 15kN , shouldn't it be located 2x / 3 from the 15kN end ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution is the author wrong ? [/B]
  13. G

    Moment about distributed load (trapezium)

    Homework Statement i am asked to find the reaction at A and B ... Here's my working : 15(3/2) +15(5) +15(6)+5(6/2)=RA +RB moment about A = 15(3/2)(3x2/3) + (15)(5)(8) + (5x6/2)(8+4) + (15)(6)(14) -RB(14) = 0 so , i have my RB=148.9N , RA= 53.5N , which is wrong ? which part of my working is...
  14. S

    Multiple distributed loads on a beam

    Hi all, my professor has hinted at proposing a question of this sort to us for a shear and bending moment diagram. Now while I am comfortable with having [either] a uniformly distributed load or a varying one, I'm not sure how to deal with both. I can't seem to find anything in my textbook to...
  15. I

    What are the Internal Forces at Point C in a Distributed Load System?

    Homework Statement find internal normal, shear, and moment forces at point C, P=8kn The Attempt at a Solution for the most part I can solve this entire question but looking at the solution for it one of my equations is different and I cannot figure out why. my equation for finding T(tension...
  16. hdp12

    Internal Force Diagram for Rigid Body and Distributed Load

    I'm working on a homework problem for Statics and I'm stuck. Could someone please help?Problem: Draw the internal force (N,V,M) diagrams and include all significant figures Here is all of my work: Resulting F from W1: W(x) = W1 ∴ F2=∫02b W1dx eq (1) ⇒ F2 = W1⋅2b x1 = (F1)-1 ∫02b W1dx =...
  17. B

    Applying a distributed load in Abaqus

    Hey all, So in relation to another question I've posted, I need to apply a distributed pressure in Abaqus on a compressor nozzle. Up to now I was just applying a uniform pressure throughout but I'm wondering how I would apply a pressure distribution? Also would it be simpler to just apply the...
  18. J

    Uniformly distributed load - Max bending moment help

    Homework Statement I have to work out the reactions at A & D. Sketch the shear force diagram for the beam and sketch the bending moment diagram. i have worked out the reactions at A=56kN and D=34kN. I have done the SFD. I am just struggling doing the bending moment diagram and don't know how...
  19. A

    Partial distributed load over fully fixed beam

    I am trying to figure out the deflection in a fully restrained beam. A diagram of the beam can be found here on this website. http://civilengineer.webinfolist.com/fb/fbcalcu.php I have been able to find the reactionary forces as well as the moments at each end of the beam for any distributed...
  20. B

    How to reduce a distributed load to a resultant force

    Hi everyone, So I am trying to study how different types of slurry will deflect a PVC pipe. The first step in my understanding is to reduce distributed load into a resultant force. I'm assuming that the resultant force will be placed in the center of the pipe (assuming a homogeneous...
  21. C

    Did I make a mistake in my moment calculation for the distributed load?

    Referring the question and my own worked out solution in the attachment, I could not get to the answer given that is Ra= 200 N, and Rc = 1300 N. Is there any calculation mistake I made?
  22. P

    Calculating Force R: Distributed Load Homework

    Homework Statement http://postimg.org/image/7vpxry28t/ Can someone explain how they calculated the force R representing the distributed load? Did they even make use of the value "800N/m" from the question?
  23. Y

    Statics: Shear and bending moment, distributed load

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ƩFy=0 ƩM=0 The Attempt at a Solution Finding the reaction at A: ƩFy=0: A + (L*w0)/6 - (L*w0)/2 = 0 A = (L*w0)/3 ƩMA=0: MA - [(L*w0)/2]*(L/3) + [(L*w0)/6]*((2L)/3) = 0 MA = (w0*L2)/18 For the shear and bending moment: ƩFy=0: (L*w0)/3 - (x*w0)/2 +...
  24. S

    Partial linearly distributed load on cantilever beam

    I have a partial linearly distributed load on a cantilever and would to determine the bending moment distribution along the beam. I usually do this by taking cuts along different sections of the beam and finding the expressions for shear force and bending moment. However when I do this...
  25. E

    Moment of a Distributed Load on Beam, Scanned work and Diagram.

    Homework Statement Determine the forces of reaction.Homework Equations SUM of Y forces=0 SUM OF FORCES ABOUT POINT B = 0 The Attempt at a Solution My attempt is in the link, I scanned the diagram along with my work. Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. http://imgur.com/i3cB2 <----- Link
  26. D

    Beam bending under a uniformly distributed load

    Homework Statement I have a bumper and I am trying to determine whether or not the rectangular tubing I am using to build it is strong enough to withstand a given load (rear end collision). The horizontal member is 4x3x.1875 tubing (4" base, 3" high, 95" long). Two 3x3x.1975 tubes are used as...
  27. M

    SFD & BMD of beam with point force through distributed load

    Hi Guys, I'm having real difficulty trying to understand shear force and bending moment diagrams - both cantilever beams and supported ones like below. I've given it my best shot to solve the reactions at the points and would greatly appreciate any help on how to form the diagram and the...
  28. A

    Distributed load - model bridge project

    Homework Statement check out: so this is for a bridge project right and that picture is simply a basic design just enough to get the jist to answer my question. what I am wondering is, if 20kg's was applied to the very centre of that loading plate - is it fair to say that each of the long...
  29. A

    Calculating Maximum Distributed Load on Beam Using Failure Theories

    Having a hard time with failure theories. Beam length 20 feet, 6"h x 4"w. sigma yield is 40 ksi. How to calculate the maximum distributed load the beam could carry using von Mises and Tresca failure theories. I have my shear and moment diagrams drawn and know they are right. I found that...
  30. P

    Formula for a non-uniform distributed load on a flat plate

    Homework Statement I am writing a MATLAB code to predict plate displacement for multiple load conditions using the rayleigh-ritz method. I have gotten the first three loads but I am struggling with the last load case. I need to represent a distributed load for a flat plate that is piecewise...
  31. S

    Statics - Distributed Load Over Beam

    Hello, I am attempting a problem in an older statics textbook an image of which is attached. No matter what I try, I get a solution of between 0.52 and 0.53 metres and was hoping someone could verify if the textbook answer of 0.48m is right or wrong. Thanks Heaps, Scott.
  32. G

    Bending moment query re. uniformly distributed load and concentrated load(s)

    Homework Statement A horizontal beam 8m long, resting on two supports 1.5m from each end (supports are 5m apart), carries a uniformly distributed load of 25kN/m between the supports, with concentrated loads of 20kN at the left end of the beam, 30kN at the right end, and 40kN in the centre...
  33. A

    Solving Distributed Load Homework: Reaction Forces at A and B

    Homework Statement To find the reaction at A and B. (See image below) Homework Equations Moments and Area The Attempt at a Solution Area of load: (0.3)(6) = 1.8kN Moments about A: -(6)(0.15) + RB(0.6) = 0 --> RB = 1.5kN 4. The error and question I get the reaction force at...
  34. J

    Beam resting on wide supports with a distributed load

    Homework Statement A beams is 3.0m long, it rests on two wide supports. The support A is 0.5m wide. Support B is unknown. Point A is taken to be the end of the beam on your left. Support A has a loading intensity of 75 N/m. The load on the beam acts with a force of 300N, 2.0m from...
  35. K

    Finding Reactionary Forces on a Beam with Distributed Load

    Homework Statement A simple beam is under a distributed load q=c*sine(n*pi*x/L)? if there are two pivots at the end points supporting it, what will be the reactionary force on each one of them? Here, L is the length of the beam and x=0 is the leftmost point. 0\leqx\leqL The figure...
  36. S

    How do distributed loads affect angled connecting rod systems?

    I've attached a picture of the problem - I'm NOT looking for a solution, just an explanation. You can see the dimensions x,y, and z. That box is a detail of the connection at the rod interface. There is a distributed load acting across the lower beam of w lb/ft. Given the allowable...