What is Strenght: Definition and 28 Discussions

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is a self-report inventory behavioral screening questionnaire for children and adolescents ages 2 through 17 years old, developed by United Kingdom child psychiatrist Robert N. Goodman. The SDQ has been translated into more than 80 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese. Overall, the SDQ has been proven to have satisfactory construct and concurrent validity.There are three versions of the SDQ: a short form, a longer form with impact supplement, and a follow-up form designed for use after a behavioral intervention. The questionnaire takes 3–10 minutes to complete.

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  1. J

    Collapse and deformation of a circle (tube)

    Hello: I am looking for a formula that can help me determine the collapse and deformation strengths of plastic tubing. I have been scouring the internet for this information and i have yet to find a satsifactory formula. I have found a formula that seems pretty wide spread ~ however it gives me...
  2. A

    Which is harder to pull apart, a circle or a triangle?

    In deciding which shape of ring I should use to secure an anchor to an anchor trolley I came across two choices, a circular ring or a triangular ring. While either will surely work, I began to wonder which would be more difficult to pull apart. Most of the information I found is about forces...
  3. B

    Homemade electromagnet, considerations - strength

    I'm making a solenoid electromagnet for gcse demonstration purposes and I'm trying to get a strong:muscle:, clear magnetic effect. I'v wrapped about 100 turns of enamel plated copper wire around a 4" bolt and also a 4" ferrite rod, and am applying 9v DC from a pp3 battery cell. In both cases...
  4. R

    Maximizing Strength: Square Tubing on Fulcrums

    Interesting project. I was going to post my question as a standalone but I'll post it here first, as you refer to square aluminum tubing. I've got a 2 foot long steel square tube, not a rod. If I were to place it on two fulcrums -- one on each end -- and hang a weight from the middle of the...
  5. B

    Calculating the magnetic field strenght at x distance

    The configuration is hall sensor --- steel rod(3mm radius) --- magnet. Im trying to make a non mechanical endswitch for a sliding lid and want to determine on what magnets to get and how far apart the hall sensor and the magnet should be for it to work in the proper range. The hall chip...
  6. H

    Magnetic field strenght - confusion here

    I'm not sure how magnetic field strenghts and dipoles work. I know that the strenght decreases by 1/r^3, but - isn't magnetic field strenght a constant inherent to the magnet? - if it is not constant, what is? - how is all this related to magnetic damping force?
  7. Q

    Recieved Signal Strenght Indicator (RSSI) with obstacles

    Hi there, I'm trying to design a positioning system that makes use of RSSI. When a wireless signal would propagate through a human body, the signal strength would be weaker than when it wouldn't have to overcome any obstacles. My question is: would this difference in signal strength be...
  8. Z

    Field Strenght Tensor and its Dual (in SR)

    Hello everyone, I have recently read a puzzling statement on my Electromagnetism (Chapter on Special Relativity) material regarding the Field Strength Tensor, F^{\mu\nu}, and its dual, \tilde{F}^{\mu\nu}. Since I've been thinking about this for a while now, and still can't understand it, I...
  9. A

    Finding Line Strength Formula for Fishing Line Tests

    Hello. I have to do a project determining line strength depending on it's width and I can't find a formula for it anywhere. I'm doing fishing line tests so I need a formula combining length, width and force. Thank you
  10. H

    How Can I Determine the Strength of a Phase in a Microstructure?

    Hello, soon I will be taken examinations about microstructures and phase diagram. Very interesting stuff, but I how can I determine the strenght of a phase in a microstructure? I know the basic formula's to calculate the totale strenght, but I therefore I would need also the strenght of...
  11. M

    How Does Irradiation Affect Yield Strength in BCC and FCC Structures?

    I have a question about source hardening: what is the reason for a decrease on the yield strength in the case of the 1-(Un-irradiated) Body centre cubic (bcc) 2- (irradiated) face centre cubic (fcc)
  12. K

    How Strong Does a Fishing Line Need to Be to Stop a Drifting Salmon?

    Homework Statement The tension at which a fishing line snaps is commonly called the line's “strength.” What minimum strength is needed for a line that is to stop a salmon of weight 78 N in 13 cm if the fish is initially drifting horizontally at 3.1 m/s? Assume a constant deceleration...
  13. C

    Strenght of Magnetic Field Produced by Coax Cable?

    Hello, could someone tell me what the strength would be of the magnetic field produced by a coaxial cable that is supplying high-speed internet? Could you put it into perspective, as in comparing it to the strength of a magnet field of something else, say a standard household 110v line...
  14. F

    Electric Field Strenght on a point due to surface charge from an infinte sheet

    Homework Statement A large, thin, non-conducting sheet has a surface charge density of 0.3540 \muC/m^{2}. Determine the magnitude of the electric field at a distance of 6.40 cm from the sheet. Homework Equations Electric Field of Charged Disc E=\frac{\sigma}{2e\ =\ 1.602176462(63)\...
  15. B

    Strenght of Square Tubing on a trailer

    I am considering purchasing a type of three car gooseneck trailer. The question is the "main" beams of the trailer are 4" X 4" X 3/16", this seems a little flimsy to me. I measured them and they are 41' long then take a 43" jog vertical, then another 50" horizontal. Typical goosneck style,the...
  16. Z

    How Do You Calculate Voltage from Electric Field and Charge?

    Homework Statement a positivly spheric charged ball is placed on an isolating tripod. its going to be used to measure the voltage between 2 parallel metaldiscs. trough a tiny hole in the lower metaldisc the ball reaches into the homogen field. the ball and the isolated tripod are on top of a...
  17. B

    Relation between tensile strenght and young's modulus

    Hi friends, My work is related to simulation of the practical testing processes to the software testing methodologies using CAE :cool: In short, I have an assembly(3d model or CAD data) for which I have to simulate the practical testing process to the software testing and compare the...
  18. M

    Problem nº1 from Strenght of Materials by J.P. Den Hartog (1949)

    Homework Statement A propeller shaft in the largest and most powerful ships transmits about 50,000 hp. Assume that the propeller transforms this power into a forward push on the ship with an efficiency of 70 per cent and that the ship's speed then is 30 knots (1 knot is 6,080 ft/hr). The...
  19. M

    Need to find force on a charge due to an electric field strenght, pls help

    i have a problem asking about a Electric potential field(V), form which i have to find the electric field strength vector(E). E=-(grad)V After i did this, it asks me to find the force on a charge at a point P. i know F=qE but this is when i have a E field due to a another charge on...
  20. R

    Book on Strenght of materials

    Which book would you recommend for Strenght of Materials for mechanincal engineering student. Please don't tell me book on the basis of problem sets. I have my book which contains numerous problems but I want a book which explains the concept form very basic to deep. BTW how is the book by...
  21. F

    Electric field strenght of a loop given maximum flux

    Homework Statement a 29 cm diameter circular loop is rotated in a uniform electric field until the position of maximum electric flux is found. the flux is measured to be 7.2e5 Nm^2/C what is the electric field strength in units N/C? Homework Equations flux = EA The Attempt at a...
  22. D

    Torsion problem for strenght of materials help

    Homework Statement Homework Equations tao=Tc/J theta=TL/JG The Attempt at a Solution I got the torque of the motor as 210,085lb-in Then I converted the 4* to .698 rad From there I plugged it into the equations. I solved for T from tao=Tc/J then plugged that T into the...
  23. malawi_glenn

    Why Is the Middle Term in the QED Field Strength Tensor Commutator Non-Zero?

    Hi, I was reading earlier today in Peskin about QED field strenght tensor: equation 15.15 and 15.16 [D_\mu, D_\nu ] \psi= [\partial _\mu , \partial _\nu ] \psi + ([\partial _\mu, A_\nu] - [\partial _\nu, A_\mu]) \psi + [A_\mu,A_\nu] \psi Where A is the gauge field... That part, I...
  24. K

    Strenght of magnetic fields on magnet

    In lab, we used a bar magnet and a device that can measure magnetic fields. We put the measuring device near the north part of the pole and it measured 9T. We did the same to the south, but it gave us 75T. I was expecting it to give somewhere around -9T, is that what is suppose to happen? We...
  25. Cyrus

    History of Strenght of Materials by Timoshenko

    "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko I just bought "History of Strenght of Materials" by Timoshenko = = GOD. Anyone else read it? As an ME, I want to read all the books on the history of ME, so that I know as much about my profession as possible. I really am starting to like...
  26. Link

    Easy way to measure field strenght

    I was wondering, when using a magnet to track the deviation of Earth's magnetic field during a geomagnetic storm, is there in any way possible to get a numerical value of the strenght of the actual magnetic deviation? I was thinking of recording the angle of deviation, then using another...
  27. T

    Is a Pre-Employment Strength Test Common for Brewery Jobs?

    Few weeks ago I had interview for a job( sitting at the conveyor belt and checking beer bottles :approve: ) at the big national brewery,I was speachless when I had to answer 50 questions in a 12 minutes.I could not answer even 5 of them :redface: .So they thank me for coming and told me to...
  28. tandoorichicken

    How Strong is the Electric Field Between Two Charged Plates?

    Two plates are placed .01 cm apart. One plate has a potential of -20V and the other has a potential of 0V. What is the strength of the electric field between them?