What is Max velocity: Definition and 42 Discussions

Maximum Velocity (V-Max) (Italian: Velocità massima) is a 2002 Italian drama film directed by Daniele Vicari. It entered the competition at the 59th Venice International Film Festival.For this film Vicari won the 2003 David di Donatello for best new director. The film also won two Nastro d'Argento Awards, for best producer and best editing.

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  1. PhysicsNoob2

    Finding max velocity for a kart on a circular, banked track

    This is a UK A-Level question that I'm really struggling with, and can't seem to find any resources online that explain it well. I've been given the following details: mass of gokart + driver = 520kg radius of track = 42m Maximum frictional force between tyres and road on flat track F = 20%...
  2. C

    Max velocity of a vibrating loud speaker membrane given sound intensity

    My attempt: p and T allows us to calculate ##Z=402 \frac{kg}{sm^2}## using ## Z=p*\sqrt(\frac{\gamma*M}{R*T})## . The sound intensity level at 10 meters allows us to calculate the intensity at 10 meters to be I=10``````^{-7} W/m^2 using ##50 = 10*log(I/I_0)##. Then, using the formula...
  3. MikeyDoubleDEE

    Need to find the spring constant to achieve Max Velocity

    Hello All. I am mentoring a high school student in my area with his class project for school. He has chosen he wants to launch an object (in our case, a softball) into a 5' diameter area. The idea is to build basically an oversized slingshot using an extension spring as the source of energy. We...
  4. F

    Max Velocity of Damped/Undamped Spring

    Homework Statement A mass on the end of a spring is released from rest at position x0. The experiment is repeated, but now with the system immersed in a fluid that causes the motion to be critically damped. Show that the maximum speed of the mass in the first case is e times the maximum speed...
  5. H

    How to find max velocity in a spring-mass system?

    Homework Statement Two masses connected with a spring with contant k. The string streched by l . Find the max velocity of mass m! M2 ___spring___ M1 M2--stretched by x2--____spring____--x1--M1 l = x1+ x2 2. Homework Equations F = k.l Mass1.x1 = mass2.x2 (x= displacement?) a=w^2 x v = wx Ep +...
  6. Mr Davis 97

    Finding Max Velocity of Rocket Sled

    Homework Statement A rocket sled moves along a horizontal plane, and is retarded by a friction force ##f_{friction} = \mu W##, where ##\mu## is the kinetic friction constant and ##W## is the weight of the sled. The sled's initial mass is ##M_0##, and its rocket engine expels mass at a constant...
  7. C

    Solve UROV Fluid Mechanics Homework: Max Vel, Time, Distance, Drag Force

    Homework Statement Im working with a UROV and I have a technical scenario that I am supposed to solve. It seems pretty easy but i keep getting ridiculous answers. Assuming a max thrust of 5 N for 1 motor/propeller, for the forward direction only, use the above information to determine the Max...
  8. C

    Max Velocity, Time, Distance w/ 2 Thrusters & 1 Upward Thruster

    Im working with a UROV and I have a technical scenario that I am supposed to solve. It seems pretty easy but i keep getting ridiculous answers. Assuming a max thrust of 5 N for 1 motor/propeller, for the forward direction only, use the above information to determine the Max Velocity, the Time...
  9. D

    Box attached to end of a string, what is the max velocity?

    Homework Statement a 0.60 kg mass is attached to one end of a 1.7 m string. The string will break if its tension exceeds 60 N. The mass is whirled in a horizontal circle on a frictionless tabletop, such that the other end of the string remains fixed at the axis of rotation. What is the maximum...
  10. J

    Gear Ratios and Constant Power/Torque: find max velocity?

    I'm trying to determine how exactly gear ratio limits velocity. I know that a high torque configuration is generally regarded as low speed, but my calculations do not seem to support that. Basically, I've written a small problem where we have an input gear with constant torque and an output...
  11. gracy

    Max Velocity of Wedge: When Block Reaches Height h

    Homework Statement :There is a wedge of mass kept on smooth surface. M and block of mass m is sliding in the depression of the wedge.And there is wall in left of the wedge.At which instant velocity of the wedge will be maximum?(surface of contact between wedge and block is smooth) [/B]...
  12. Mark44

    Air rifle max velocity vs. tank pressure

    I wasn't sure if this was an engineering question or a physics question, but decided to pose it here in the general engineering section. A friend of mine, Blake, has a high-end air rifle that exhibits some puzzling behavior. The highest velocity for the pellet doesn't occur when the internal...
  13. M

    Finding the max speed of an object between two point

    Hello everybody, I am trying to calculate the maximum velocity(x) an object reaches between two point. The object accelerates from point A to a certain velocity(x) and then decelerates to point B. The acceleration and deceleration are known but are different. The distance from point A to point...
  14. H

    Finding Max Velocity For Simple Harmonic Spring problem?

    Homework Statement A 100kg bungee jumper attached to a bungee cord jumps off a bridge. The bungee cord stretches and the man reaches the lowest spot in his descent before beginning to rise. The force of the stretched bungee cord can be approximated using Hooke's law, where the value of the...
  15. stateofdogma

    Max Velocity of Truck on Banked Track: Spider at Rest

    Homework Statement A Truck is going around a circular track of radius 72m and is banked at 60 deg. A spider is at rest on the side of the truck and the coeffiecient of friction is 0.91, what is the maximum velocity of the truck so that the spider is at rest. Homework Equations F =...
  16. G

    Simple Harmonic Motion: Calculate Max Velocity

    Homework Statement A mass of 0.4 kg, hanging from a spring (k= 80N/m) is set into an up-and-down SHM. What is the speed of the mass when moving through the equilibrium point? The starting displacement, A, is 0.10 m. Homework Equations a = -kx/m ω = 2pi/TThe Attempt at a Solution I tried to...
  17. D

    MHB Max Velocity of a Pendulum Released from Rest

    A pendulum is released from rest at a distance y = H for the y = 0. What is the max velocity? \[ \frac{1}{2}mv^2 = mgh\Rightarrow v = \sqrt{2gh} \] where I assumed there was no air resistance. Would anything change if the system was in a vacuum?
  18. supak111

    Theoretical bullet max velocity?

    What is the theoretical max velocity for a gunpowder fired bullet that we use today in all guns and artillery? What is the MAIN limiting/deciding factor? I'm guessing it would be the gunpowder burn speed/pressure increase right? Now what about theoretical max velocity for...
  19. P

    Max Velocity and Height of Roller Coaster Track

    Homework Statement A man starts riding on a frictionless roller coaster track at initial velocity v_{o}. At point A the radius of the bend is r. a) What is the maximum v_{o} such that when the cart gets at point A it stays on the track? b) Using you answer in a) what should h' be such that...
  20. B

    Calculating max velocity of car

    Hey! I have a project where I'm building a car running from direct sun-light only using solar-panels and bike hub motors. I would like to determine max velocity before cashing out on motors and panels. I have some numbers from the panels and motors I looked on, how do I turn them into the max...
  21. T

    Find the max velocity of the steam in a steady-flow adiabatic nozzle

    Homework Statement http://i.imgur.com/4kztfIs.png The Attempt at a Solution According to the solution, the max velocity is when the entropy of state 1 is equal to the entropy at state 2. Why is this the case? My friend says it is because the system is isentropic but I am still very...
  22. PhizKid

    Max velocity for simple pendulum oscillation

    Homework Statement Show that v_max = w_max * Length of string where v_max is the velocity of the simple pendulum and w_max is the maximum angular velocity. Homework Equations \omega_{velocity} = -\theta_{max} \cdot \omega_{frequency} \cdot sin(\omega_{frequency} \cdot t + \phi) The...
  23. PhizKid

    How to get max velocity for simple pendulum

    Homework Statement A simple pendulum has a ball at the end of mass 5 kg and the length of the string is 5 m. Given \theta = 0.0800 \cdot cos[4.43t + \phi] find the maximum velocity Homework Equations \frac{1}{2}mv^2 = \frac{1}{2}kA^2 The Attempt at a Solution \frac{1}{2}mv^2 =...
  24. R

    Find Frequency and Amplitude from Max Velocity and Accn

    Homework Statement See attached screenshot Homework Equations Vmax=Aω ay=-ω2A The Attempt at a Solution The given max velocity is 1.2 m/s, so 1.2 = ωA Ay = -ω^2A 1.2/A = -√260/A A = 0.005
  25. Z

    Max Velocity of Electron in Pion Rest Frame: Homework Solution

    Homework Statement A pion in its rest frame decays into a muon and a neutrino. Find the velocity of the muon and its mean-lifetime in the pion rest frame. (I've done this part). The muon decays into an electron and two neutrinos. If the two neutrinos happen to travel in the same direction...
  26. H

    Relation of max velocity and max tension

    a ball is whirling on the end of the string L the max tension is Tbreak the max velocity is vmax find an equation for vmaxin m(mass of ball)Tbreak, L and g
  27. J

    Max velocity of blocks after spring pushes them apart

    Homework Statement A light spring of force constant 3.75 N/m is compressed by 8.00 cm and held between a 0.250 kg block on the left and a 0.490 kg block on the right. Both blocks are at rest on a horizontal surface. The blocks are released simultaneously so that the spring tends to push them...
  28. B

    Find The Max Velocity (using coefficient of friction)

    Homework Statement If a mass of 609 kg travels in a circle with a radius of 102 m, and the μ= .13, and the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the max velocity that the mass can go without canceling out the force of friction? Homework Equations ? The Attempt at a Solution...
  29. O

    Max velocity up a frictionless inclined plane

    Homework Statement The air table is approximately 25 cm square. If the incline has a rise of 1cm over that distance, what is the maximum velocity up the slope that a puck may have and not hit the upper wall Homework Equations ymax = (V^2sin(θ))/(2g) xmax = 2V^2sin(θ)cos(θ)/g The...
  30. P

    How to find max velocity in curve

    Homework Statement Curve radius is 230 meters and friction value between car tires and road is 0.87. Find the maximum speed of a car that wants to successfully pass through that curve.Homework Equations Friction force = k * N Perimeter of a circle = 2 * pi * r F = m * g w = (f-f0)/t a = r * w^2...
  31. P

    Max Velocity While Compressing a Spring?

    Homework Statement A 17 kg box slides 4.0 m down the frictionless ramp shown in the figure, then collides with a spring whose spring constant is 210 N/m. (picture attached) a) What is the maximum compression of the spring? (solved this part) b) At what compression of the spring does the...
  32. S

    Friction on a banked road and max velocity

    Homework Statement Consider a wet banked roadway, where there is a coefficient of static friction of 0.300 and a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.250 between the tires and the roadway. The radius of the curve is 50.0 m. If the banking angle is 25˚, what is the maximum speed an automobile...
  33. C

    Need help finding the max velocity I can drive without flying off a hill

    A car drives over the top of a hill that has a radius of 50m. What maximum speed can teh car have without flying off the road at the top fo the hill? Soooo I know I'm supposed to treat the hill like a circle...no coefficient of friction given, not sure if I need that though, not really sure...
  34. D

    How to calculate max velocity of a vehicle from torque and RPM?

    Hey guys, I'm kinda simulate vehicle dynamics. I got gear ratios, torque and RPM values. I find how to calculate instant accerelation from http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pBCH2ClzmrplHUNFgrkT7HA Ok now I got acc. :wink: I can calculate velocity from acc but my problem is how to...
  35. M

    A Banked Turn With Friction- min and max velocity

    Homework Statement A car drives through a turn with a bank angled at 25º according to horizontal floor. How much does the highest speed of the car have to be to prevent the car from slipping on the slope upwards? How much does the smallest speed of the car have to be to prevent the car from...
  36. J

    Need Help Max Velocity & Height

    Ok I've been trying to do a problem and I can't seem to get it. A rocket is launched from the origin with an acceleration of 20m/s^2 at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. The launch acceleration lasts for 2.00 seconds at which time the fuel is exhausted. The rocket then falls with...
  37. M

    Max Velocity for Car to Turn Over When Skidding Sideways

    Homework Statement An idealised car (meaning: a cube with a = 2m) skids sideways toward a curb (height of the curb doesn't matter). At which maximum velocity v must it skid to just about turn over? Sorry, but the forum didn't generate the TeX for me, so here it is on mathbin.net...
  38. F

    Max Velocity of a Water Rocket

    Find the maximum velocity of a PET bottle rocket on a day with temperature 30 degrees celcius and pressure 1 atmosphere, if the pressure inside the bottle was 40 psi and the volume of water in the bottle was 300 mL. I know of Tsiolkovsky's equation but I'm not quite sure how to use it here...
  39. M

    Motorcycle Acceleration: Find Position, Velocity & Max Velocity

    The acceleration of a motorcycle is given by ax(t) = At - Bt2, where A = 1.70 m/s3 and B = 0.170 m/s4. The motorcycle is at rest at the origin at time t = 0. (a) Find its position as a function of time t. Find its velocity as a function of time t. b. Calculate the max velocity it...
  40. C

    Harmonic Motion/ max Velocity

    An object with mass 3.5 kg is attached to a spring with spring stiffness constant k = 300 N/m and is executing simple harmonic motion. When the object is 0.020 m from its equilibrium position, it is moving with a speed of 0.55 m/s. b) Calculate the maximum velocity attained by the object...
  41. C

    Max Velocity for 1360.7kg Car Climbing 15 Degree Hill

    a 1360.7 kg car has an engine which can deliver 59,680 watts to the rear wheels. what is the max. velocity at which the car can climb a 15-degree hill? i have no idea how to solve this. immediate help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  42. C

    Unleashing the Power of a Mousetrap Engine: max Velocity of 50g Car

    a ball with the mass of 50 grams hangs on a very light thread who has the length of 80 cm and swing back and forth (pendel). At the beginning of the movement the maximum angle that the thread formed when moving was 35 degress, but after one minute tha angle had declined to 2o degress.The time...