What is Equlibrium: Definition and 44 Discussions

The Divinity Criterion or Divine Equilibrium or Universal Divinity or D1-Criterion is a refinement of Perfect Bayesian equilibrium in a signaling game.
It is a restriction of receiver's beliefs to the type of senders for whom deviating towards an off-the-equilibrium message could improve their outcome compared to the equilibrium payoff. In addition to the restriction suggested by the Intuitive Criterion, the Divinity Criterion considers only those types which are most likely to send the off-the-equilibrium message.
If more than one sender could benefit from the deviation, the Intuition Criterion assigns equal probabilities for all the senders, whereas the D1-Criterion considers different probabilities.

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  1. cianfa72

    Daniell cell initial equilibrium

    Hello, consider again a simple Daniell cell with salt bridge in place but no external electric connection between electrodes. Reading from some source e.g. link1 it seems upon Zinc and Copper metal rods are dipped into their own ions solution, both will gain a negative charge (-) due to an...
  2. T

    Hydrostatic equlibrium and Centre of pressure

    Homework Statement A uniform star has a mass of M and radius of R,use the hydrostatic equilibrium equation to find its centre pressure. (note: not the minimum centre pressure) Homework Equations $$\frac{dp}{dr}=-\frac{Gm\left(r\right)\rho \left(r\right)}{r^2}[1]$$ The Attempt at a Solution...
  3. doktorwho

    Find the position of equlibrium

    Homework Statement From the diagram below find the position of the man (##x##) if the system is in balance. Total length is ##L## and the man is distance ##x## from one end. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I know that the system must be in balance if all the torque and all...
  4. L

    Chemical potential at equlibrium

    What is the value of chemical potential of a substance at equilibrium? According to following article it is zero: https://www.uni-muenster.de/Physik.AP/Demokritov/en/Forschen/Forschungsschwerpunkte/mBECwatfratcp.html But I have seen in many articles that it is the change in chemical potential...
  5. Amal Thejus

    Static or Dynamic equlibrium in a PN junction?

    Homework Statement We are considering an UNBIASED junction.[/B] I've read in a textbook that electric field created in the junction STOPS diffusion BUT in the same text its written the drift and diffusion currents cancel each other. 1. Does the diffusion and drift currents occur simulataneously...
  6. A

    Find length of spring A in equilibrium position

    As shown in Figure Q1a, a frictionless, massless, piston, supported by two springs, A and B, is held by a pin in a vacuum inside a rigid-walled container. The properties of the springs are: spring constants kA = 3,859 and kB = 3,090 (in N/m), natural lengths LA0 = 0.03 and LB0 = 0.1 (in m). When...
  7. M

    Equlibrium in saturated I2 solution find Keq help please

    Homework Statement A saturated solution of iodine in water contains 0.330g of I2/L. More than this can dissolve in a KI solution because of the following equilibrium I2(aq) + I- (aq) <=> I3- A 0.1M KI solution actually...
  8. D

    MHB Equilibrium Problem: Fbd > Fbc?

    Hello! I just want to ask why the solution says that Fbd>Fbc? How did the solver decide that was case? Thanks!
  9. R

    Condition for stable equlibrium

    Homework Statement A homogeneous wooden bar of length 10 cm, thickness 4 cm and weight 1 Kg is balanced on the top of a semicircular cylinder of radius R as shown below. Calculate the minimum radius of the semicircular cylinder if the wooden bar is at stable...
  10. P

    Chemical Equlibrium of BaCrO4

    Homework Statement Hi everyone, I'm trying to finish my lab report but I'm stuck on this question and don't even know how to start it. Could anyone let me know how to board it or a starting clue? I'm given these two equations 1. BaCrO4 (s) <---> Ba2+ (aq) + CrO42- (aq) 2. 2CrO42-...
  11. V

    KT of Gases and static equilibrium

    In a recent class, my instructor covered the Kinetic Theory of gases. My question is in regard to the theory which states 1) The size of the individual molecues in a gas are so small that their volumes can be considered negligible. The instructor then mentioned that the paticles in the gas can...
  12. Aristotle

    Need assistance in Physics question relevant to Torque & Static equlibrium

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Static equilibrium: Net force & net torque = 0 The Attempt at a Solution Am i doing this correctly for part a? [/B]
  13. J

    Physical Chemistry: Chemical Equlibrium

    Homework Statement For the reaction: 2SO3(g) →2SO2(g)+O2(g) when 2.00 mol of SO3 is added to a flask at 10.0 L and 350 K at fixed volume, at equilibrium the ratio of SO2:SO3 is 0.663. What is the values of the equilibrium constant? What is ΔG° at this temperature? Homework Equations...
  14. K

    Coefficient of friction for the block to be in equlibrium

    Homework Statement a square box held with a person's fingers pushing downward one quarter of the way along the top of the box and with their thumb pushing side wards on the bottom of the side face of the box. Friction between the person's fingers and the box is obviously very important if...
  15. X

    [Physics Equlibrium Question] A spider hanging from two silk threads

    [Physics Equlibrium Question] ***[SOLVED]*** ***[SOLVED]*** Hey, I haven't used a forum before, but out of desperation to find the solution/hint to this problem; google brought me here. I would really appreciate any help, as I am I not getting the correct answer. Thank you. ***[SOLVED]***...
  16. T

    Shift Equlibrium Concentrations Curves w/o Adding Stress

    Hi guys, I have been wondering if its possible to alter equilibrium concentrations without adding stress to the system? Thanks, Larry
  17. C

    Solving Static Equilibrium: Ʃτ = 0, ƩF = 0

    http://postimg.org/image/4ctmvwzx3/ Homework Equations Ʃτ = 0 ƩF = 0 The Attempt at a Solution summing the torques for each piece, i found Ʃτ = MgLsin(90-ψ) - mgIsin(ψ) = 0 MgLsin(90-ψ) = mgIsin(ψ) ML/mI = sin(ψ)/sin(90-ψ) = sin(ψ)/cos(-ψ) = tan(ψ) so ψ =...
  18. N

    Help equlibrium, torque, tension problem?

    #1 a uniform beam of weight 500 N and length 3.0 m is suspended horizontally. On the left is hinged to the wall; on the right it is supported by a cable bolted to the wall at distance D above the beam. The least tension that will snap the cable is 1200N. What value of D corresponds to that...
  19. R

    Classify the equlibrium points of the system-Pls help me, its

    Classify the equlibrium points of the system-Pls help me, its urgent! Hi , I have my maths exam tomorow and I am not able to understand the concept to classify the equilibrium points of a system.. I will be grateful if anyone could help me with this problem Classify the equilibrium points...
  20. C

    Static equlibrium with friction

    Homework Statement a 4.0kg block is held against a brick wall and is just kept from sliding down by the force F. The coefficient of friction is 0.35 between the block an d the wall. Find the normal force and the minimum force F that will keep the block from sliding. Homework...
  21. G

    Spring on incline with static equlibrium, disposition unkown. .

    A mass (m = 3 kg) is connected to a spring of constant k (k = 50 N/m), where the mass is connected at the top to a spring on a fixed incline. The coefficient of static friction between the mass and the incline is µ(subscript s) = 0.6 and the angle that the incline makes with the horizontal is...
  22. F

    Rotational Equlibrium

    Homework Statement How could mother nature have improved on our arm design so that we could lift larger loads? Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution I really don't understand how our arm design could be improved. Perhaps our pivot point was moved must torque be maximized? I'm...
  23. L

    Charges in Static Equlibrium

    Homework Statement In the figure below the charge in the middle is Q = -4.6nC. For what charge q1 will charge q2 be in static equilibrium? q1-----10cm------Q------10cm------q2 I know that the answer is supposed to be 18nC. Homework Equations F=Ke lq1llq2l/r2 The Attempt at a Solution...
  24. Z

    Pressure in Hydrostatic Equlibrium

    Homework Statement Find the pressure as a function of r for the region r<< R where R is the radius of the object. The density goes as \rho = \rho_o {(\frac{r_o}{r})}^2. Homework Equations I know how to get to the answer my problem is dealing with the infinite density at r = 0.The Attempt at a...
  25. T

    Equilibrium Point: Does Internal Variable Input Need to be Zero?

    or some time the single point, in control systems they say it is the point where the internal variables of the system never change . my question if we must have input of system zero, or it can be any value? thanks
  26. A

    Equlibrium and Gravitational Force

    Homework Statement In the figure below, a uniform beam of length 12.0 m is supported by a horizontal cable and a hinge at angle θ = 70°. The tension in the cable is 500 N. (a) What is the gravitational force on the beam, in unit-vector notation? (b) What is the force on the beam from the...
  27. S

    Can someone help me on Transitional Equlibrium?

    1.A 20.0 kg sack of potatoes is suspended by a rope. A man pushes sideways with a force of 50.0 N. What is the tension in the rope? 2. A high wire is 25.0 m long and sags 1.0 m when a 50.0 kg tightrope walker stands in the middle. What is the tension in the wire? Is it possible to apply...
  28. K

    Finding equation of equlibrium for rod and two blocks

    Homework Statement A slender rod AB of weight W is attached to blocks A and B which move freely in the guides shown. The constant of the spring is k, and the spring is unstretched when \theta = 0. (a) Neglecting the weight of the blocks, derive an equation in W, k, l, and \theta which must be...
  29. D

    Solving an Equilibrium Problem

    Equilibrium problem Homework Statement http://www.deviantpics.com/image.php?id=5029_4A04401C Mass m is atached to the wall with a light string and set on a trolley with an inclined plane. The string is parallel with the plane. Let's say that there is no friction at all. Determine...
  30. M

    Finding the composition of a mixture at equlibrium

    Homework Statement Initially a mixture contains 0.723 mol each of N2 and O2 in an 7.20 L vessel. Find the composition of the mixture when equilibrium is reached at 3900°C. For the reaction below, the Kc = 0.0123 at 3900°C. N2(g) + O2(g) 2 NO(g) Homework Equations I.C.E Tables (not...
  31. J

    Newton laws object on incline in equlibrium

    Homework Statement A block of mass m=2.0kg is held in equilibrium on an incline of angle=60 degrees by the horizontal force F. a)determine the value of F b)determine the normal force exerted by the incline on the block (ignore friction). Homework Equations Fnet = ma Fnetx = 0...
  32. A

    Inertia and equlibrium of machines

    well, i would like to ask abt sth we studied in theory of machines ' we studied chapter named(equilibrium of machines) but i am really so confused abt concept of this equilibrium because in this chapter we have studied that any part of machines under equlibrium u can apply these equations...
  33. A

    Inertia and equlibrium of machines

    well, i would like to ask abt sth we studied in theory of machines ' we studied chapter named(equilibrium of machines) but i am really so confused abt concept of this equilibrium because in this chapter we have studied that any part of machines under equlibrium u can apply these equations...
  34. M

    Determining static equlibrium reactions

    I'm having trouble getting my head around how to determine the direction of the forces of reaction and of moment/torque in static equilibrium systems. For example how do I determine the reactions for the system attachment and why are they as they are.
  35. T

    Static equlibrium problem

    Homework Statement A vertical load P is applied at end B of rod BC. The constant of the spring is k and the spring is unstretched when \theta = 0. (a) Neglecting the weight of the rod, express the angle \theta corresponding to the equilibrium position in terms of P, k, and l. (b) determine the...
  36. L

    Solve Acid-Base Equilibrium: Calculate Ka of HA

    Homework Statement 1) A 0.682-gram sample of an unknown weak monoprotic organic acid, HA, was dissolved in sufficient water to make 50 milliliters of solution and was titrated with a 0.135-molar NaOH solution. After the addition of 10.6 milliliters of base, a pH of 5.65 was recorded. The...
  37. X

    Static Equlibrium involving a weird object

    Homework Statement A uniform beam of weight w is inclined at an angle \theta to the horizontal with its upper end supported by a horizontal rope tied to a wall and its lower end resting on a rough floor. (a) If the coefficient of static friction between the beam and floor is \mu_s, determine...
  38. A

    Solve Equilibrium Problem: High School Student Seeking Help

    Hi! I'm a high school student I'm having a problem in solving this problem. Please help. thanks. A 600N weight is attached to one of a 400N steel tube that is 2.4 m long. If the tube is balanced horizontally, what is the distance from the loaded end to the balance point?
  39. P

    Static equlibrium on a diving board

    A diving board of length 3.00 m is supported at a point a distance 1.00 m from the end, and a diver weighing 550 N stands at the free end. The diving board is of uniform cross section and weighs 255 N. Find the force at the end that is held down. In part a, I found the normal force at the...
  40. P

    What are the tension forces and angles in this stationary equilibrium setup?

    A stationary arrangement of two crayon boxes and three cords. Box A has a mass of 11.0kg and is on a ramp at angle θ=30.0 degrees; box B has a mass of 7.00 kg and hangs on a cord. The cord connected to Box A is parallel to the ramp which is frictionless (a) What is the tension in the upper cord...
  41. P

    Equlibrium and Elasticity

    Two identical, uniform, and frictionless spheres, each of mass m, rest in a rigid rectangular container. A line conecting their centers is at 45 degrees to the horizontal. Find the magnitudes of the forces on the spheres from (a) the bottom of the container, (b) the left side of the container...
  42. W

    Solving Equilibrium in Friction: Find d for Mass m

    Hi, please anyone help me to answer this question A mass m,is attached to 2 equal peices of string each of length, whose ends are attached to rings around a rod. If the static coefficient of friction between the rings and the rod is u, find the largest distance d between the rings such that...
  43. I

    Mastering Chemical Equilibrium: Chapter Review and Test Prep

    [CHEM] Equlibrium Help please! Hi, I am having trouble with a few questions on my chapter review and I have a test tomorrow. I wasn't at school today so I didn't get the chance to ask questions. 1. The oxidation of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide is an important reaction. At 1000K, the...
  44. E

    Translatoral equlibrium question

    Hi I just wanted to verify my process for solving this question: Ok, first of all, I made a diagram to visualize the forces working on the sphere. To get the Force magnitude of the wind (Fw), I started with the weight of the sphere ( 2.94x10^(-3) N ) and since the sphere is in equlibrium...