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Tullio Levi-Civita, (English: , Italian: [ˈtulljo ˈlɛːvi ˈtʃiːvita]; 29 March 1873 – 29 December 1941) was an Italian mathematician, most famous for his work on absolute differential calculus (tensor calculus) and its applications to the theory of relativity, but who also made significant contributions in other areas. He was a pupil of Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro, the inventor of tensor calculus. His work included foundational papers in both pure and applied mathematics, celestial mechanics (notably on the three-body problem), analytic mechanics (the Levi-Civita separability conditions in the Hamilton–Jacobi equation) and hydrodynamics.

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  1. A

    I Derivation of the contravariant form for the Levi-Civita tensor

    The covariant form for the Levi-Civita is defined as ##\varepsilon_{i,j,k}:=\sqrt{g}\epsilon_{i,j,k}##. I want to show from this definition that it's contravariant form is given by ##\varepsilon^{i,j,k}=\frac{1}{\sqrt{g}}\epsilon^{i,j,k}##. My attempt What I have tried is to express this...
  2. T

    I Help with Levi-Civita manipulation

    How do I write the following expression $$\epsilon_{mnk} J_{1n} \partial_i\left[\frac{x_m J_{2i}}{|\vec{x}-\vec{x}'|}\right]$$ back into vectorial form? Einstein summation convention was used here. Context: The above expression was derived from the derivation of torque on a general current...
  3. Athenian

    Einstein Summation Convention Question 2

    Below is my attempted solution: $$\epsilon_{ij \ell} \, \epsilon_{km \ell} \, \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k$$ $$\Rightarrow (\delta_{ik} \, \delta_{jm} - \delta_{im} \, \delta_{jk}) \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k$$ $$\Rightarrow \delta_{ik} \, \delta_{jm} \, \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k - \delta_{im} \, \delta_{jk}...
  4. M

    Kronecker Delta & Levi Civita manipulation

    εikl εjmngkmMkn = εikl εjknMkn = (in book it changed sign to -εikl εjknMkn - Why? ) By identity εikl εnjkMln = (δinδkj - δijδkn)Mkn = ? I then get .. Mji - δij Mnn ( is this correct ?) There 's more to the question but if can get this part right, I should be able to complete the...
  5. ltkach2015

    A Cross Product Matrix

    If given a position vector defined for a orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system HOW would the matrices that make up the Levi Civita 3x3x3 matrix remain the same? "Levi Civita 3x3x3 is said to be independent of any coordinate system or metric...
  6. I

    I Levi-Civita symbol in Minkowski Space

    I set eyes on the next formulas: \begin{align} E_{\alpha \beta \gamma \delta} E_{\rho \sigma \mu \nu} &\equiv g_{\alpha \zeta} g_{\beta \eta} g_{\gamma \theta} g_{\delta \iota} \delta^{\zeta \eta \theta \iota}_{\rho \sigma \mu \nu} \\ E^{\alpha \beta \gamma \delta} E^{\rho \sigma...
  7. J

    Index Notation help

    1. The problem is: ( a x b )⋅[( b x c ) x ( c x a )] = [a,b,c]^2 = [ a⋅( b x c )]^2 I am supposed to solve this using index notation.... and I am having some problems. 2. Homework Equations : I guess I just don't understand the finer points of index notation. Every time I think I am getting...