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  1. S

    Calculating the flux density between two magnets

    This is for an experiment to deflect a 28 SWG wire between two magnets, 3cm apart, by passing a current through it (example attached). The force on the wire is obviously F = BIL, but the wire will be passing at 1.5cm from each magnet so there will be some significant fall off of B and I can't...
  2. adamaero

    Getting less total B-field from two infinitely long parallel wires

    I got 4.7*sin(377t) micro-Tesla for each wire, but where are they getting the total B-field equaling 0.78 micro-Tesla? Is it some hidden trigonometry?
  3. F

    I Computing a value of radius for a typical white dwarf

    I try to get a correct result for the radius of a standard white dwark (roughly 10000 km). I just want the order of magnitude , i.e with the common values of a solar mass into earth radius sphere. From page 1223...
  4. Z

    B The Effect of Temperature on Magnetism

    Hey guys, recently I have conducted an experiment investigating the effect of temperature (K) against magnetism (mT). I have found two formulas and understand that they are for both linear and non linear relationships but why does the function change from linear?
  5. E

    Determining between direct evaluation or vector theorems

    So the main thing i'm wondering is given a question how do we determine whether to use one of the fundamentals theorems of vector calculus or just directly evaluate the integral, and if usage of one of the theorems is required how do we determine which one to use in the situation? Examples are...
  6. B

    Flux Density, B, of a Cylindrical Magent

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the flux density of a magnet, I can get all but one of the values needed to calculate it. Does anyone know how/where to get the z(distance from a pole face on the symmetrical axis) value?
  7. E

    Find scattered flux density

    Homework Statement [/B] An unpolarized ruby laser operated at 0.7 μm is projected vertically into a clear sky to investigate the density of the atmosphere. A detector located 10 km from the base of the laser is used to receive the flux density scattered from the laser beam by air molecules...
  8. TheSodesa

    Magnitude of a component of a triple star

    Homework Statement The apparent total magnitude of a triple star is ##m_0 = 0,0##. The apparent magnitudes of two of its components are ##m_1 = 1,0## and ##m_2 = 2,0##. What is the apparent magnitude of the third component? Answer: 0,9 Homework Equations Since according to Norman Pogson...
  9. moenste

    Calculate the magnetic flux density

    Homework Statement The magnetic flux density in the vicinity of a large air-cored electromagnet is determined by measuring the induced flow of charge in a small coil as the current in the electromagnet is switched on -- see the diagram below. Calculate the magnetic flux density at the...
  10. entity314

    Flux Density in Mutual Induction Solenoid with Core

    For a standard solenoid, I've found that B=μnI where μ = permeability of the core (4π×10^-7 for free space) n = number of coils I = current Firstly, is the permeability of soft iron 0.08, as I found? Primarily, however, I'm wanting to know if this still applies for a mutual induction apparatus...
  11. D

    I What exactly is Reluctance?

    Electrical resistance is due to electrons colliding with the atoms of the conductor. In a magnetic circuit reluctance is analogous to resistance in an electric circuit. Just as resistance impedes the flow of electrons in an electric circuit, reluctance impedes the flux in a magnetic circuit but...
  12. engnrshyckh

    Gauss' law/electric flux

    a long straight wire has fixed -ve charge density of 39nC/m. the wire is enclosed by thin wall non conducting coaxial cylinder of radius 1.7m. the shall has positive charge density and its Field is such as that it will cancel the field due to wire. what will be the surface charge density of...
  13. Nile Anderson

    How does one calculate the flux density B at end of solenoid?

    Homework Statement I came across a recent problem that asked me to calculate the flux density at the end of a solenoid. I was given the current 3 A , the number of turns per unit length , 12 cm-1 and the using the permeability of free space as 4π × 10^-7 Homework Equations The equation I used...
  14. D

    Problem in Magnetic Field and magnetic effect of electric current

    I read in class 10. I am having problem understanding magnetic fields, magnetic flux,magnetic flux density,magnetic field strength,magnetic permeability and strength of magnetic field produced due to a straight and closed loop current carrying conductor at a certain point at a certain distance...