What is Drill: Definition and 51 Discussions

A drill or drilling machine is a tool primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driver, depending on application, secured by a chuck. Some powered drills also include a hammer function.
Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size. They are characteristically corded electrically driven devices, with hand-operated types dramatically decreasing in popularity and cordless battery-powered ones proliferating.
Drills are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, construction, machine tool fabrication, construction and utility projects. Specially designed versions are made for medicine, space, and miniature applications.

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  1. abdulbadii

    The ideal weight or force to push a drill

    What is and how is the estimation of the ideal weight or force to push (bit being in) a driller down when drilling (stainless) steel to bore 3-9 mm hole?
  2. abdulbadii

    How does a mini drill flexible shank work?

    How is actually is a mini drill flexible shank working mechanism being able to deliver torque/energy/force so pliable ?
  3. abdulbadii

    What is the principle of the keyless drill chuck?

    How is the working principle of keyless drill chuck, the inventor confidently estimated that it'd have locking torque great enough as the same as to the keyed one just by turning around, fastening to motor spindle/connector?
  4. abdulbadii

    How to correctly tap hole by use both drill and tap bit

    How to correctly tap hole, i.e. make thread inside it, by use a usual drill with bit having 2 in 1 i.e. both bore/drill and tap bit once as in hole tap the rule is it must always go back and forth full cycle clockwise and half cycle counter-clockwise direction, so how can this rule in the former...
  5. Wesley souza

    Doubts about deep drilling in metal with an HSS drill

    hello my friends, the other day I read that the barrels of firearms before 1930 (the birth of gundrills) the barrels were forged from plates until they became a tube and later, they were made from steel bars that were drilled with welded HSS drill bits. Does anyone have experience with the deep...
  6. A

    Cone drill bit with threads to drill in hard rock formations?

    i designed a cone drill bit with right hand thread to give friction and grab inside to give pulling force. my question is can this type of cone drill bit drill hard rock formations like normal tricone drill bits with teeth or the cone drill bit will be weak to penetrate hard rock formations .
  7. Stephenk53

    Misc. How Can I Reassemble a Drill After Disassembling It?

    I recently took apart a drill I got from goodwill to see the inside and I want to put it back together so I can use it for a DIY project (not sure what project yet) and I can't for the life of me get the gears back into place. Any tips on how to get them back in?
  8. Ekaekto

    Breakage resistance of a Polycarbonate plate with flowed through drill hole

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how to best calculate the breakage resistance of a drill hole which is being flowed through with a certain volumetric throughput within a polycarbonate (PC) rectangular plate. Well basically, the breakage resistance of the PC around the drill hole :) The plate is...
  9. Jmsteel

    Beam needed for 20 ft 3 pt hitch seed drill

    I am looking to build a 3 point hitch air seeder. My plan is to build it 20 feet long with the hitch in the middle. The openers will be a disc opener with a 450 lbs trip which I am planning to space them at 6 inches. As the openers are built to attach to a 4x4 box steel beam, I am wondering if...
  10. E

    Scientists want to drill into the Earth's mantle

    I don't believe this has ever been done before. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/07/asia/japan-drill-mantle/index.html
  11. A

    Equation to calculate torque to hold drill while drilling?

    i need to know how to calculate the torque needed to apply through my hand to hold a certain hand drill in place while drilling in concrete wall so that the hand drill willl rotate the bit instead of my hand.
  12. Silverhobbiest

    Can someone help me chose a motor for my hand drill?

    Background: (I'm a beginner) I plan on using PCV pipe for the main body. The drill's purpose will be to install screws into pre-cut groves (basically a motorized screwdriver). These screws will be only a couple centimeters tall so the motor will only need a moderate amount of torque and rpm. It...
  13. A

    Calculations need to know if my drill will go through or not

    hi guys, i wanted to know all the calculations needed to to know if my electric drill will drill through a wall or not?
  14. kiwaho

    Can a powerful projectile electron drill through nucleus?

    For example, a cosmic electron projectile at 1TeV, is it possible to fly through a nucleus just like a bullet drills through a cake and makes the cake insensible recoil? After drill-trough, the electron may have some deviation from incident direction because the route may not exactly pass the...
  15. B

    Battery and torque in a hand drill

    Hey, I have a project where my group needs to design a drill. I am wondering if anyone here knows how to calculate the torque we get from 3 AA-batteries on 3.6 V (10.6 V together). How does it work? It just needs to assemble furniture, so we don't need very much force on it. Do you know what...
  16. C

    Mechanism that only rotates when driven from one side

    I have a geared DC motor taken from a hand drill. When I manually turn the internal motor, the drill bit rotates. This can be done in both directions. However If I try and turn the drill bit it does not rotate. What is the mechanism called that achieves this? My friend says it is a sprag...
  17. S

    Monitoring a drill acceleration

    Hello i am working on a project, trying to monitor, the accelerating of a handdrill, while drilling ( and thus being able to register the slip when the drill go through the other edge of the wood panel ). I was thinking about using an accelerometer or a linear potentiometer as a sensor to...
  18. K

    Difficult time brazing drill bit to ultrasonic horn

    I have an ultrasonic drill, and need to attach a stainless steel drill bit (hollow tube) to a hardened steel horn. For anyone unfamiliar with ultrasonic drilling, please take a look at the following illustration with instructions for mounting the drill bit...
  19. J

    Thought problem: torpedo with a drill

    Earlier today I was reading Battle for the Abyss (one of the Warhammer 40,000 novels) and a battle was described between two spaceships where the villains used torpedoes described as "Unguided and slow, but still dangerous because they were tipped with drill heads" so that they could bore...
  20. K

    Trying to build an ultrasonic drill

    I'm attempting to build an ultrasonic drill to make holes in silicon wafers, since we don't have the budget to buy one in our lab. From what (I think) I know, ultrasonic drills can either work by the "jackhammer" motion of a free floating mass which I don't know how to make, or by the transfer...
  21. J

    Would a pure diamond drill bit ever get dull?

    If a drill bit that was cut out of a single large diamond were made, would it last forever, assuming it was never used to drill through diamond and was never exposed to a laser? Would it ever get dull or break?
  22. G

    Torque for drill to shear through material

    I'm attempting to figure out the torque required for a twist drill bit to shear through a material. I have no idea if this is even remotely correct but this is the process I used. Ultimate shear strength = Force/Area Therefore Force = USS x Area The USS of the material = 360 N/mm^2 I...
  23. T

    When you drop a ball from above, why doesn't it drill through earth?

    First of all, I want to say that I am totally ignorant about physics. And I do not understand the general concepts of physics at all. Now coming to the question. Suppose, you drop a green tennis ball from above. Now It usually lands on Earth and stop there ( ignore the bounces for...
  24. C

    18v drill battery to 5v regulator?

    18v drill battery to 5v regulator?? Hi I have been doing a bit of research but am still a little unsure, I am trying to charge an iPhone from a dewalt drill battery, What I have so far is that the iPhone is a 5v 1000ma supply And the dewalt battery is 18v lithium ion Can I use a 7805...
  25. H

    Reason for various drill bit speed for different drill bit size?

    In the shop I was taught that , for a larger drill bit, use slower speed, vice versa I would like to know for what reason this is? I understand by using slower speed for bigger drill bit and vice versa, we can maintain the same/similar velocity at the outer edge of the drill bit, (omega *...
  26. H

    Power Tools: Understanding DC & Brushless Motors

    Hey guys, Currently doing a task on electric motors and their uses in things. I have chosen to do power tools (specifically cordless drills) as I am aware that many have employed brushed DC motors but now use brushless technology. Firstly, I don't know if any of you guys have done something...
  27. hxtasy

    How to purposely INDUCE EMI, noise, et cetera? drill? phone?

    how to purposely INDUCE EMI, noise, et cetera?? drill? phone? troubleshooting a GPU server, it has a card in it that generates a 20-100 MHz clock signal that goes to the actual GPU. Have worked on several of these units, when they fail the gpu doesn't get the clock signal so there is no VGA...
  28. Y

    What is the conventional over drill size for a 0.05 pin on a PCB?

    I am laying out pcb and I want to confirm about the over drill size for a pin. The pin is 0.05". I forgot what is the conventional over size drill. Is it 0.06"? Or 0.065 to be safe? Thanks Alan
  29. G

    HELP WITH AP PHYSICS- 5 min drill Multiple choice easy?

    I need help with all of these. I am so lost on all of them and have been working for hours. Anything is so appreciated. _____1. A rock is dropped off a cliff and falls the first half of the distance to the ground in t1 seconds. It falls the second half of the distance in t2 seconds. What...
  30. J

    Mechanics: Manual Drill Eccentricity

    Homework Statement In order to manually drill a hole, as shown below, it is important to keep the drill perpendicular to the surface. The drill is spun by a 30-lbf force applied downward at the handle at B, while pressure on the bit at A is obtained by applying a 10-lbf force along the x-axis...
  31. G

    Typical Surface Finish of Twist Drill Bit

    Dear All, I am looking for the typical surface finish (surface roughness) of a 5 mm hole made by a twist drill bit. Thankssssss GLO
  32. Simfish

    Do we have any ways to drill through oceanic crust?

    So that we could understand it?
  33. R

    How to Calculate Torque for Drilling?

    Hi! Gonna keep it short. Can someone give me an information how to calculate the needed torque/power of a drill? My guess what would be important to calculate this is the density of the material that's being drilled, the depth of the drilling, and the diameter of the drill? Right? But i just...
  34. russ_watters

    News Will Obama's New Plans for Domestic Oil Drilling Lower Gas Prices?

    Though still sketchy on details, it appears Obama is opening up to increasing domestic oil drilling: http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/05/14/obama.weekly.address/index.html?eref=rss_latest Since I'm not an Obama fan, I tend to see his broken promises as positive things (though I will still...
  35. N

    Angular acceleration of a drill

    Homework Statement A dentist’s drill starts from rest. After 3.07 s of constant angular acceleration, it turns at a rate of 24400 rev/min. Find the drill’s angular acceleration. Answer in units of rad/s2. Homework EquationsF=mv^2/r, vi=vf+at, a=v^2/r The Attempt at a...
  36. H

    Solving a 100-Year-Old Drill Chuck Issue

    I have picked up a very old (possible 100 years of age), hand operated, bench drill. After cleaning years of dirt and rust off the machine it seems ready to go to work in the school workshop. There is a huge problem though, the drill bits will not centre in the three jaw chuck. I have had the...
  37. B

    How can I convert 18v cordless drill battery to recharge laptop, compact camera?

    I have 2 rechargeable 18v battery pack from cordless drill which I'm thinking of using as laptop charger and compact camera battery charger. These packs comes with 220v adaptor. Me and my 12yo son will be doing a week-long research for his school project (climate change) this Xmas break...
  38. Andre

    News Balancing Energy Needs: The Debate on Drilling in the Bakken Shale

    http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article.aspx?id=550055&p=2 A short opinion article about 4.3 billion barrels of currently recoverable oil, in The Bakken Shale. However a study shows that the U.S. economy will suffer $2.3 trillion in lost-opportunity costs over the next two decades...
  39. P

    Disassembling a 9.6v RYOBI Drill: Locked Gears?

    I took apart a 9.6v RYOBI cordless drill and was wondering which of the gears in the transmission are locked. There's the 1st and 2nd stage sun gear, 1st and 2nd stage spider gear, and ring gear. I think the ring gear is one of them, but which else are also locked, if any?
  40. P

    What is the angular velocity of the drill bit in radians per second?

    Homework Statement This problem is for a cordless drill. http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/8531/drill1.jpg Homework Equations [PLAIN][PLAIN]http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/3511/drill2.jpg where N denotes number of teeth w denotes angular velocity The Attempt at a...
  41. A

    Power issues with power drill physics help needed please

    We are rigging up a power cord for a cordless drill for work. This is necessary because the batteries are starting to die on some of the models. We rigged it up so we can plug the drill into a variable DC power supply. We can control the voltage and amperage output on this power supply. When...
  42. S

    Exploring Non-Linear Friction: A Drill Tip Analogy

    Hi everyone. This is not a homework problem. I am very familiar with the case of linear(direction) friction. F_{friction}=\mu F_{normal} ...(1) However my question is closer to something like this: \tau_{friction}=\beta F_{normal} ...(2) Where \tau_{friction} is a torque Imagine if a...
  43. D

    Angular acceleration of a drill

    Homework Statement A dentist's drill starts from rest. After 2.90 s of constant angular acceleration it turns at a rate of 2.20 x 10^4 rev/min. (a) Find the drill's angular acceleration (in rad/sec^2). (b) Determine the angle (in radians) through which the drill rotates during this period...
  44. I

    Centripetal and Tangential Acceleration of drill bit

    Homework Statement An electric drill bit starts from rest and rotates with a constant angular acceleration. After the drill has rotated through a certain angle, the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration is twice the magnitude of the tangential acceleration. What is the angle? Homework...
  45. M

    Drill problem, linear speed of drill bit help

    Drill problem, linear speed of drill bit help please [b]1. For a 12.7mm diameter drill bit turning at a constant 1250 rev/min find a) the maximum linear speed of any part of the bit; b) the maximum radial acceleration of any part of the bit [b]2. i switched the revs per minutes into...
  46. olgranpappy

    How are diamonds attached to a diamond drill bit?

    Does anyone know how the diamonds in a diamond drill bit are attached to the drill? I tried google but didn't find much help regarding this question. I did find a picture of a diamond tipped drill: http://www.diamond-drill-bit-and-tool.com/Diamond-Drill/MAIN.htm But no explanation of how...
  47. U

    Revolutions of and Electric Drill

    1. A variable speed electric drill motor turning at 100 rev/s is uniformly accelerated at 53.0 rev/s2 up to 210 rev/s. How many turns does it make in the process? 2. (Accel f - Accel) i x speed 3. I took 210 - 53 = 157 and multiplied that by 100 and that gave me 15,700 rev. This...
  48. T

    Small 4-stroke, cordless drill gearbox, flywheel

    I would like to know whether a gearbox (reducer) designed for an electric motor is suitable for the same powered 4-stroke engine. The most common, and therefore inexpensive, gearboxes are on drills, either cordless or wired. A small 4 stroke engine gives a maximum power of 750 watts...
  49. DaveC426913

    Mastercraft cordless drill batteries

    I've got a Mastercraft 15.6A drill. The batteries have died. They don't seem to make this one anymore; the nearest is 14.4A or 18A. Presuming the socket hasn't changed, anyone know what would happen if I used 14.4A or 18A batteries? I suppose I also have to worry about what might happen if I...
  50. W

    Help with Torque Calculation for High Speed Drill

    Hello, I have been stuck on what is probably a fairly easy physics question involving Torque. A high speed drill develops 0.500 HP at 1600 RPM. Wjat torque is applied to the drill bit? I have the formula as T=P/Omega P=.5 HP which I am unsure if I need to convert to another...