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  1. hilbert2

    A 2-electron system under compression

    I did some calculations for the ground state energy and wave function of a system of two electrons put in a finite-depth 2D potential well. Regardless of the shape of the potential well (square or circular), the expectation value of the electron-electron distance ##\langle r_{12}\rangle =...
  2. Sushmita

    Ground state energy of 5 identical spin 1/2 particle

    Homework Statement The ground state energy of 5 identical spin 1/2 particles which are subject to a one dimensional simple harkonic oscillator potential of frequency ω is (A) (15/2) ħω (B) (13/2) ħω (C) (1/2) ħω (D) 5ħω Homework Equations Energy of a simple harmonic oscillator potential is En...
  3. WeiShan Ng

    I Why drop the vibrational ground state energy

    This is from *Statistical Physics An Introductory Course* by *Daniel J.Amit* The text is calculating the energy of internal motions of a diatomic molecule. The internal energies of a diatomic molecule, i.e. the vibrational energy and the rotational energy is given by...
  4. S

    Change in ground state energy due to perturbation

    Homework Statement Consider a quantum particle of mass m in one dimension in an infinite potential well , i.e V(x) = 0 for -a/2 < x < a/2 , and V(x) =∞ for |x| ≥ a/2 . A small perturbation V'(x) =2ε|x|/a , is added. The change in the ground state energy to O(ε) is: Homework Equations The...
  5. E

    Ground-state energy of harmonic oscillator(operator method)

    I studied this from Griffith Chapter 2, with the algebraic (raising and lowering operator) method, we reached the ground state by setting a_Ψ0 = 0 , then we got what the ground state is, and then plugged it in the Schrodinger equation to know the energy, and it turned out to be 0.5 ħω. My...