What is Horizontal force: Definition and 104 Discussions

In astronomy, geography, and related sciences and contexts, a direction or plane passing by a given point is said to be vertical if it contains the local gravity direction at that point.

Conversely, a direction or plane is said to be horizontal if it is perpendicular to the vertical direction.
In general, something that is vertical can be drawn from up to down (or down to up), such as the y-axis in the Cartesian coordinate system.

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  1. M

    Horizontal force on a horizontal bar

    Tnet = 0 = Tcord-Twall-Tmass TLsinθ-2m(3/4L)-m(1/2)L TLsinθ= -(3/2)mL-(1/2)mL T=m/sinθ T= (1.52)/sin(39.7) = 2.38N
  2. I

    Horizontal force F applied so the relative postion stays constant

    g=9.81 m2g=m1a, a=(m2/m1)g=0.8g F=0.8g x (M+m1+m2)= 0.8g x (21+5+4)= 0.8g x 30= 235.44 N. The answer key however indicate that the answer is 392N. This made me think that the tilt of m2 has something to do with it, but I can't see how much it will make F larger than the above answer.
  3. H

    Horizontal force on glued surfaces

    I am conducting tensile test on a bigger scale. When the material breaks i have the maximum kilograms that can be a applied to the material. I pull horizontal in a rubber patches glued to a rubber sheet and i want to find the maximum tensile strength in the glue. How do i convert my 2000 kg pull...
  4. Shivam

    A smooth massless wedge is pushed by a horizontal Force P....

    Answers- 1,3,4 My attempt, the wedge being massless, there shoul not be any force acting on as it will then have infinite acceleration, so by that i really can't think of how force is applied on pully.
  5. Q

    Maximum Horizontal Force of Relativistic Point Charge

    Homework Statement A charge q1 is at rest at the origin, and a charge q2 moves with speed βc in the x-direction, along the line z = b. For what angle θ shown in the figure will the horizontal component of the force on q1 be maximum? What is θ in the β ≈ 1 and β ≈ 0 limits? (see image) Homework...
  6. P

    Flag pole finding horizontal force component at hinge.

    Homework Statement A flag pole consists of a 80 kg rod of length L = 2 m with a 10 kg point mass attached to the end. The pole is hinged at the bottom and is tied to a horizontal cable as shown. 1. What is the x-component of F (Fx) exerted by the wall on the flag pole at the hinged point A...
  7. R

    Finding the horizontal force that the road applies to the car

    Homework Statement Given weight car = 2500lb, acceleration = constant = 2 ft/s^2, radius of curvature at C = 1000 ft, distance between A and B = 1300 ft, distance between B and C = 900 ft Find horizontal force of road on car at B and C. Homework Equations F = ma in normal-tangential...
  8. N

    I Horizontal Force on a trapeze pivot

    -sorry if I got the prefix wrong. I'm working on calculating the forces on a trapeze bar, specifically, what tension I would need on guy wires to resists the horizontal forces on a swinging trapeze. If I could get the horizontal force generated by the the trapeze/pendulum I can do the rest...
  9. karush

    MHB Cp 3.6.11 A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded cart with a horizontal force of 10 N.

    $\tiny{cp 3.6.11}$ $\textsf{A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded cart with a horizontal force of 10 N.}$ $\textsf{If the cart has a mass of 30 kg,}$ $\textit{a. how far will it move in 3s starting from rest }$ \begin{align*}\displaystyle ma&=F \\ a&=\frac{F}{m} \\ &=\frac{10N}{30 \, kg}...
  10. K

    Side kick on a falling object, mechanical energy and work

    If an object with 1kg mass falls free (no air drag), from 100 meters high, and the gravitational acceleration is 9.81, then the mechanical energy will be: 1*9.81*100 = 981 joules. The work the gravitational force does on the object will be: 9.81N*100m = 981 joules. Another object with same...
  11. K

    Calculating Horizontal Forces in a Stream of Sand Impacting a Wall

    Homework Statement "A stream of sand moving at 4 m/s is directed horizontally eat against a wall at a rate of 120 kg per minute. If the sand falls vertically downward after impact, find the horizontal force exerted by the wall on the sand, and the horizontal force exerted by the sand on the...
  12. A

    What is the minimum horizontal force?

    Homework Statement What is the minimum horizontal force F needed to make the box start moving in (Figure 1) ? The coefficients of kinetic and static friction between the box and the floor are 0.25 and 0.46, respectively. Homework Equations Fs= mu * N The Attempt at a Solution So I know that...
  13. A

    How to find the minimum horizontal force?

    Homework Statement What is the minimum horizontal force F needed to make the box start moving in (Figure 1) ? The coefficients of kinetic and static friction between the box and the floor are 0.28 and 0.39, respectively. Homework Equations fk=mu N fs=mu N The Attempt at a Solution Im not...
  14. Vitani11

    What is the horizontal force exerted by the pivot on the rod

    Homework Statement A rod swings freely about a pivot. Is has mass M and length L. The average force and duration of hit are Fo and t respectively. A) What is the speed of the com of the rod just after It is hit? B) what is the horizontal component of the force exerted by the pivot on the rod...
  15. R

    B Finding Horizontal Force in a Crank at 10N

    I'm trying to establish the force in the horizontal direction of a crank when the force that is tangent to the crank is 10N. Zero degrees is on top of a circle. Clearly, when the crank is vertical which corresponds to it being at zero degrees, the force in the horizontal plane is normal to the...
  16. Kloud

    Minimum horizontal force needed so book does not fall?

    Homework Statement Part C of problem Please see attachment : What is the minimum horizontal force needed to keep the book from slipping. Note that P=515N, and P=normal force, Fs=131.32N, Us=.255, M=9.85kg Homework Equations Fn=(m*g)/Us The Attempt at a Solution My answer is 378.549N, which...
  17. C

    Horizontal Force in Bottom Member of a Truss

    Hello, I've been studying for the FE, and this question in the Statics section of the review I am going through has really tripped me up for some reason. I understand Statics, and how to determine forces in X and Y directions, determining X and Y components using trig, etc, etc.. Maybe I am...
  18. Parsifal1

    Horizontal force across a partition

    Homework Statement Find the horizontal force across the partition in a water tank with two compartments, one filled with water to x height and the other with water to y height. I've worked out the thrust acting on the partition as a result of density, height, gravity and average depth, so I...
  19. K

    How Much Force to Slide a Crate with Friction?

    Homework Statement A 15kg crate slides across the floor. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the floor is 0.28. How much horizontal force is needed to accelerate the crate at 3.0 m/s/s? Homework Equations F=ma? The Attempt at a Solution F=? m= 15 kg u= 0.28 a= 3.0...
  20. I

    Horizontal force on a bicycle dependent on center of mass?

    Hello! If I pedal a bicycle, where is the force that moves the bike forward horizontally applied? Is it the bottom of the back wheel or the center of the back wheel? When the force applied to that point is F, does all that force goes into horizontal acceleration, or does some of that force go...
  21. wein7145

    A horizontal force of 100 N is applied a block solve this

    Homework Statement 1) A block lies on a horizontal friction-less surface. A horizontal force of 100 N is applied to the block giving rise to an acceleration of 3m/s^2. (a) Determine the mass of the block. b)Calculate the distance the block will travel if the force is applied for 10s...
  22. J

    Book sandwiched between your hand and table

    Hi, I have been working on this problem for a while: You place a book flat on a table and press down on it with your right hand. The hand-to-book and table-to-book coefficients of kinetic friction are 0.48 and 0.43 respectively. The book's mass is 1.14 kg and your downward push on it is 9.70 N...
  23. D

    How do I know which direction the horizontal force acts

    Homework Statement I am to find the reactions of a 3 pin frame. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution So how do I know which direction to label the horizontal reactions? In the diagram HA and HF are in the same direction, I was under the impression that reactions are opposite to applied...
  24. IDespisePhysics

    Finding average horizontal force?

    Homework Statement A car is traveling at 60.0mph when it collides with a stonewall. The car comes to rest after the first foot of the car is crushed. What was the average horizontal force acting on a 150lb driver while the car came to rest? Homework Equations I'm not a hundred percent sure...
  25. R

    Constant horizontal force and friction

    Homework Statement A 50 kg is pushed across a floor by a constant horizontal force of 200 N. What is the force of friction? Homework Equations Ffr = coeff*Fn The Attempt at a Solution I'm not sure how to find it as I don't know the coefficient. The answer says the answer is 200 N, but I don't...
  26. I

    Finding horizontal force using mass and static friction?

    Homework Statement There is a box that has a mass of 30 kg. The coefficient of the static friction is 0.75. Find the horizontal force. Homework Equations Fs=muFn F=ma The Attempt at a Solution Fs=(.75)(.98)(.30)=.2205 N That is probably way off... I am very confused right now. Could someone...
  27. M

    Block held at rest against a vertical wall by a horizontal force

    Homework Statement A 5.00-kg block is held at rest against a vertical wall by a horizontal force of 100 N. (a) What is the frictional force exerted by the wall on the block? (b) What is the minimum horizontal force needed to prevent the block from falling if the static coefficient of friction...
  28. A

    How can I find work, horizontal force, and time contact?

    Homework Statement For a physics project, i need to answer a bunch of questions after conducting an experiment with projectile motion. I have answered most of them. The questions with the work shown are here: http://i.imgur.com/JmYPMC9.png I cannot answer number 10 and 11, because I don't...
  29. B

    Horizontal force outward inclined plan.

    Homework Statement A block of 5 kg is on plane that is inclined of 37°, an outward (It is not directed toward the plane but it drags the the block horizontally away) horizontal force of 50 N is applied on the . The friction coefficient of that plane is 0,30. What is the total force that is...
  30. D

    How can horizontal force affect power in scientific experiments?

    Hello, not looking for much help on the problem, rather I am seeking someone to try and solve this problem and tell me I'm not crazy that the so called "correct" answers above are wrong.
  31. S

    Linear Dynamics Help: friction and horizontal force

    Homework Statement I've been having some problems trying to do a few lab questions for my physics class, I'm not very good at it but I do try to make the best of it so anyone that's willing to help me give me any pointers would be awesome. I have two physics problem and I'm supposed to do them...
  32. S

    Horizontal force on a post in a Hammock

    Your friend of mass m sits in a hammock that is suspended between two vertical posts separated by a distance d. If the hammock dips a distance h below the height l at which the hammock is secured to the posts, what is the horizontal force on each post due to your friend? Use g for the...
  33. J

    Solving Physics on Own: Horizontal Force for Blocks

    Dear Forum Users, I am studying physics on my own, i am new to this forum, i am working every example in the book and i have a question. I hope that you are so kind to give me an explanation so that i can continue my chapter exercises. The question of the book is : What horizontal force must...
  34. N

    Horizontal force on a pendelum - what drives it upwards?

    Two questions: 1) If you have a horizontal force in the x direction on a pendelum supported by a wire, then it will go upwards and in the x-direction. What is the vertical component which drags it upwards? Is it the normal force which adjusts itself along the wire to match the horizontal...
  35. S

    Horizontal Force on a Gate Hinge?

    A door is attached to a frame by two hinges and is at equilibrium. All forces and torques are therefore balanced. The door has a mass of 10.5kg, a width of 1.1m, and the two hinges are 0.7m apart. Find the direction and magnitude of the horizontal force applied to the door by the top hinge? I...
  36. T

    Horizontal force exerted by an engine

    Homework Statement I am only confused about question 2. The Attempt at a Solution I decided to use bernoulli's equation to find velocity at point 1. With velocity at point 1 and point 2 I can use conservation of momentum to solve for the force exerted. In this case there would be Fx...
  37. F

    Constant, Horizontal Force on Swing

    1. Homework Statement This problem is connected to an example in the textbook. Here's some of the key info from the example, first of all: You are appointed to push your cousin Throckymorton in a swing. His weight is w, the length of the chains is R, and you push Throcky until the chains...
  38. P

    Maximum horizontal force F on ramp with friction?

    Homework Statement Assume the ramp and block make the following coefficients of friction: (μs=0.9 μk=0.3) and the 2 kg mass is placed at rest on the ramp and a horizontal force F is also applied. http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/4097/filepq.jpg What is the biggest magnitude force F...
  39. M

    Determining max horizontal force using friction coefficient

    Homework Statement A 0.5 kg wooden block is placed on top of a 1.0kg block. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.35. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the lower block and the level table is 0.2. What is the maximum horizontal force that can be applied to the...
  40. P

    Horizontal force on frictionless ramp

    A 100 N box is being pushed with a horizontal force F at 30 degrees on a frictionless ramp. Determine F and N (normal force). I got about 57.74 and about 115 for the second part (I don't know if it is right) Fcos(theta) -mgsin(theta)=0 for part A N-Fsin(theta)-mgcos(theta)=0 for...
  41. B

    Horizontal Force Required to move a box up a ramp

    Homework Statement A block with a mass of m is initially moving up the incline and is increasing speed with an acceleration of a. The applied force F is horizontal. The coefficients of friction between between the block and incline are μs=S and μk=K. The angle of the incline is θ. What is the...
  42. O

    Finding the force up an incline given horizontal force

    Homework Statement I need help with part of a problem. I am having problems understanding just how to find the force up an incline when a horizontal force ("headwind") is given. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution When drawing a triangle to figure it out I draw the...
  43. A

    Pivoted rod - impulse applied so no horizontal force on pivot

    Homework Statement There is a rod of length L pivoted on one end. It is originally at rest horizontally then released. When vertical, an impulse is applied to bring the rod to rest. Throughout the question I have worked out I = 1/3 mL^2 w= √(3g/L) at the vertical position and an...
  44. A

    Horizontal Force in Pipe Bending

    Homework Statement Water enters a pipe and goes through a bend with a contraction from 40mm to 25mm then into the atmosphere. What is the horizontal force required to hold the pipe in place? Homework Equations I have either been given the following or have calculated them using the standard...
  45. D

    Finding out the horizontal force required to make an object move.

    Homework Statement An ice fishing hut weighing 52 N sits on a dry, frozen lake. What is the magnitude of the initial horizontal force required to make the ice fishing hut start sliding across the surface of the frozen pond Homework Equations μk = Fk/Fn or μs = Fs/Fn The Attempt...
  46. M

    Calculating horizontal force from disc magnet

    Homework Statement I want a box shaped robot to move on the ceiling. The robot sticks to the ceiling using magnets. I am attaching a picture. The red is a magnet. How do I calculate how much force is needed to move the robot horizontally? I know very little physics and I need to figure out how...
  47. G

    Horizontal Force on a Ramp required to Accelerate a Mass

    Homework Statement A 5.57 kg box sits on a ramp that is inclined at 38.0^\circ above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is 0.28. What horizontal force is required to move the box up the incline with a constant acceleration of 4.30 m/s^2...
  48. F

    Horizontal force due to tension from vertical wieght

    Homework Statement Block C (m= 4 kg) sits on a frictionless horizontal surface. Block B of (m = 2kg) sits on top of block C, and is attached to a rope that runs over the massless pulley as shown in the figure. Block A (m=1 kg) hangs vertically from the rope. With what horizontal force F must...
  49. D

    Horizontal Force to Hold Pendulum Perpendicular

    Friends: Recently I got this problem: what sustained horizontal wind pressure/force is needed to make a pendulum swing up and stay at a certain angle? To solve this problem, I imagined applying a horizontal force FH to the bob (of mass "m"). I learned that the angle that the pendulum makes...
  50. A

    Law of Motion: Horizontal Force

    Physics: Newton Law of Motion Question? I am a bit confused about this elementary question. If anyone can guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Picture: http://tinypic.com/r/14w84g1/7" 2 boxes are placed next to 1 another on a horizontal surface. The box on the left has...