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moment of inertiaPrashastiBest thread ever!!
neutrino oscillationRedbelly98Okay, I have approved the item (sorry about the delay in getting back to this).
pressureThomas JohnsonI always wondered isn`t dark matter similar h*c/λ = (6.626*10^-34)*(3.00*10^8)/(557*10^-9) = 3.57*10^-19 J The energy rate (power) is then (2.9*10^17)*(3.57*10^-19) W = 0.104 W (4 pi radius2)∞ So...
neutrino oscillationtiny-timHi Redbelly! Thanks for the comments. :smile: C is just a constant (and (m1.m2) is a row vector). I think it's obvious that λ1 and λ2 are constants, and I hoped the...
neutrino oscillationRedbelly98Looking good. I have a couple of comments. 1. In the expression for potential V, I think all the terms should be defined. What is C(m1,m2)? Simply a normalization factor, or...
Physics Forums MedalsadjacentYou fool,Ya fool
Physics Forums HistoryadjacentVery interesting. My "Ancient forum" Don't quote me.It's just my imaginary part. I like this forum.It's like a wonder.
frictionpratikpatilwhat is inertial frame of refrence
work doneAterioluwaI'm so confused guys. the work i know of is just force * distance
rollingtiny-timAdded "Rolling" in ships and aircraft to ext expl.
capacitortiny-timcorrected equation for energy stored in ext expl
Physics Forums HistoryDrakkithAn amazing place to learn real, mainstream science without having to deal with crackpots and trolls or worrying that the answers you're getting aren't correct. I love PF!
magnetic fieldsan.kcan we enhance a planet's magnetic field to attract and repel alpha particles like a particle accelerator in outer space to create a planet like the "death star" from star...
rotating framejhae2.718I wrote up a post on the kinematic transport theorem (, which is similar in scope to this article. I'm not sure if it should be a separate library article...
Metric TensorMandelbrothI can't edit it, but this page bothers me. I think the whole thing should be a subcategory for a metric tensor entry or a separate page, like "Metric Tensor...
simple Lie algebralpetrichWhat I describe is evident when one uses the "Cartan-Weyl basis": 10.Cartan-Weyl_basis.pdf (
magnetic fieldboisebratsit would seem that if this was so, that all other planets mars, mercury etc. would exhibit the same magnetic field with varying mathematical predictability,. . .
magnetic fieldVelikovskyIs it a possibility that the earth's magnetic field is a result of it's rotation within the electrical/plasmic field/flux given of by the sun? If the earth were to theoretically...
simple Lie algebraamos carine"The Cartan subalgebra can be used in a fashion analogous to the projected angular momentum in quantum mechanics, with the other elements being analogous to raising and lowering operators." Is there...
electric fieldDrmarshallSo electric fields, having energy, have inertia So they "distort space" - whatever "space " is - and "cause gravitational forces (whatever they are).